The Blue Hole

Published: October 13th 2007
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I dived T H E B L U E H O L E in Belize!

It took two hours each way and we left at 5.30am and returned at 4.00pm. I'm sunburnt and exhausted but so happy I did it. We stopped the boat right in the centre of the Blue Hole! It was hard to picture where we were because it's so huge when you're actually in it.

It was a 40m dive, total dive time was 27 minutes and bottom time was 8 minutes. A short dive to say the least but worth every second. I always focus too much on my breathing when I'm going down on my first dive so I miss looking at my surroundings and I'm kicking myself for that this time. But I still saw some beautiful things. It's dark down there but light enough to swim single file between stalagmites and stalactites. We were circled by a dozen metre long reef sharks and big groppers but no hammerheads. Bummer.

When we surfaced, one of the other divers' nose was bleeding as it was his first dive to that depth and the pressure didn't agree with him. We were told to get out of the water quickly because of the amount of blood and the sharks below. A litte bit of drama makes for an exciting dive!

Our second dive was to Half Moon Caye and was a drift dive to 20m and was for 40 minutes. The reef around the island is beautiful and the water is different hues of blue and turquoise. You can easily see 80 feet in front of you.

The final dive was to a place called 'the aquarium' because of the range of fish. Lots of turtles, lobsters, crabs and eels.

A day I won't forget for a long time.


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