Fun Day at Sea

Published: June 6th 2017
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Justin peeked his head over the railing today and asked me if I wanted to go swim with them. So Justin, Bethany, Abby and Olivia and I went up to swim at about 7:15. We were able to ride the AquaDuck when it first opened before we made arrangements for the girls for the rest of the morning and the adults went off to Palo for brunch.

After brunch Nikki and I met up with the girls for a little shopping. Then the girls went off to get lunch before going to watch Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides. Nikki and I played cards before getting ready to go to High Tea in Palo.

After Tea we had a little break and then went to dinner in Animators Palate. Nikki and I were still stuffed from Tea and Brunch so we didn't each much.

After dinner we all headed up to Shutters to look at photos. Then Nikki and took our nightly walk before meeting everyone for the Golden Mickey's show. After the show we all went up to the room, I went to bed, Nikki and Kelsie went to see Pirates and Regan went to the late show of Alfred and Seymore.

Regan wants everyone to know that Nikki locked her out of the room.


19th June 2011

I heard Alfred and Seymore were on the Dream, aren't they funny?

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