It's official- spring has sprung

Published: March 23rd 2010
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Glass BridgeGlass BridgeGlass Bridge

brave or?
It has been another interesting week here. Various boats have come and gone, indicating that Hatchet Bay is gaining in popularity.
We have met some very nice people, who are not on boats, including an author from the UK. We have been very lucky to able to share in her company, and will miss her when we all move on, as we must all do at some point.
March 20 there was a pig roast to attend. What a great way to celebrate the official beginning of spring. The weather obliged us all and my only regret is that I did not have the foresight to bring along my swimsuit. Golding Cay is absolutely lovely, with it's shades of turqoise waters, long white sand beach and large casuarina trees providing shade.
This was a well attended event with a large sound system providing great music. Everyone brought something to share, be it food, alcohol, water or ice. Children and adults alike enjoyed the water. I witnessed people with a something like a giant rubber band in the water. What on earth I thought! It turns out, you pull it back, get on your boogie board or surf board
pig roastpig roastpig roast

Our host
and catapult yourself forward. Looked like a great lot of fun to me.
The tables were groaning with food of all sorts, including some lovely looking desserts ( somehow I ended up not having any sweets) and of course there was the pork that had been cooking for hours. The best of all, as always was the good company. No tiny affair this...there was I estimate a couple of hundred people there, and from what I observed everyone had a great time. Thanks to Frank at the Watersedge Cafe for putting this on and inviting us all yo share in this annual event.
We were also treated to a ride up to the Glass Window. This is a reinforced natural bridge at the narrowest spot on Eleuthera Island you can view the dark blue Atlantic and the turqoise waters of the sound easily from any spot on the bridge. If one was brave on a calm day, you could perhaps take a very small boat and view from the water through the hole. This has been described as a kalaidascope. I must tell that at some point during the 90's some very large waves ( not from a
 golding cay golding cay golding cay

fun in the water
hurricane) pushed the original bridge over 7 feet! While we were visiting, Brad a boater who also comes from the Kingston area, climber over the railing and walked along one of the crumbling supports from the old bridge. I am not certain if he is brave or foolhardy, but all is well that ends well. By leaning over we could clearly see the natural arch that was carved out of the stone, by I assume the waves. This was indeed a perfect day, with it's summer weather, good food and good company.
Oddly enough there was no ferry either Friday or Sunday this week. We are told the ferry is in the dry dock, getting it's spring cleaning in preparation for Easter. This must cause some inconvenience, since people work in Nassau and arrive home for the weekend via the ferry. Visitors and residents who counted on things being send on the ferry will have to wait another week. People could always fly out if they had too, but it is a more expensive proposition.
Take care everyone...I wonder what this week will bring us..I am sure it will be terrific.

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