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Ahhh . . . the pre-COVID travel days. I’m so happy that I was able to sneak this one in. I took the opportunity to get away during our spring break from March 10-15th. Any later and I wouldn’t have gotten any international travel in for 2020. In fact, as we were sitting on the runway to return on the 15th there was talk of cancelled flights. I didn’t know his name at the time but the guy sitting next to me on the plane happened to be David Dembroski, president of the company that runs the Property Brothers TV show. When there was a delay while we were sitting on the tarmac, we just sort of looked at each other and said ‘well, if ever there was a good place to get stranded . . ... read more
Governor's Harbor, Eleuthera
Flying In

During my 2014 trip to Eleuthera, I traveled from Harbour Island in the North to Cape Eleuthera in the South.... read more
Governor's Harbour
Fishermen in Governor's Harbour
Sunrise off Double Bay Beach

Geo: 25.3502, -76.4942Hatchett Bay calls itself the Bahamas' most protected harbour.... Well isn't that kind of ironic?!?Mother Nature took out her frustrations on the only other boat in the harbour. Protected from wind and waves...yes. From lightning? Nope.Since the lighting strike, we've become "good neighbours" with Mike. He's been doing a ton of work to his boat to recover from the strike (and fire) and move on. Yesterday after he spent the day in his engine well, we had him over for a big spaghetti dinner. Today, Tony hoisted him up his mast so that he could check for any damage - which thankfully he thinks is very minimal. Since the strike took out his auto helm, he gave Tony all of his spare parts for it (since it's the same one we have). We are ... read more
Front Porch, very pretty, good view. But too $$$
The fairgrounds / Playing field

Nous avons passé la dernière semaine à remonter tranquillement l’île d’Eleuthera du sud au nord dans l’attente d’une fenêtre météo qui nous permettra de traverser l’océan sur le sud des Abacos afin de rejoindre Marsh Harbor pour accueillir mon frérot Joslyn et ma filleule Pénélope qui seront avec nous du 28 février au 7 mars prochain. Il est fort possible que nous soyons en mesure de traverser lundi qui vient, soit le 22 février fort probablement en compagnie du catamaran Gulliver et du monocoque Liberty VI. Dimanche le 13 février : Rock Sound, Eleuthera. Nuageux, un peu frisquet (oups ! pardon pour les amis du Québec), disons pour les Bahamas. Vents du nord entre 15 et 20 nœuds. Nous sommes bien protégés dans la baie de Rock Sound. Un catamaran du Québec a jeté l’ancre près ... read more
Y'a ti l'air en vacance le capitaine !
Promenade sur la plage par une belle journée
Y vas-tu finir par le sortir celui là

On the sea again...or my boat is packed and I'm ready to go. By the time this is posted we will be letting go of the mooring in the morning. We have had good meals and said our good-byes to both the people and favorite places. We have been witnessing a mass exodus over the last week or so, and now it is our turn. We decided against leaving with a veritable herd of other boats a few days ago. There were several reasons for this, one was a short weather window, too short for our comfort, another was we were not quite ready. We needed to go up the mast to unstick a halyard, better here in calm than elsewhere in the upcoming frontal passage. Yes folks another front with a low embedded in it. ... read more

This is just an excuse to post some photos from various places we have been during our time in the Bahamas, as well as during our travels here. Shell collections, wild-life and perhaps a few plants we thought were interesting. We have managed a few shots of the mail/delivery boat as it sits on the pier being unloaded and as it is leaving. We have seen numerous interesting vessels during our travels and perhaps will use this opportunity to post some of those photos as well. People are getting ready for Easter, extra things are being brought in on the mail boat, decorations are going up on buildings, including the school. ... read more
ocean hole

It's turned out to be a busy couple of weeks, with lots going on. Various dinner invitations extended and exchanged. This has meant lots of good food and even better company. I hitched to Governors Harbour the other day, intending to do a few errands and visit a new friend, all of which I did. A rather pleasant surprise occurred in my day. I was taken to the site of the new nature preserve on Eleuthera. This is one the BNT (Bahamas National Trust) parks and as of yet is not open to the public. They have 25 acres to prepare, with only four people working, still they have made great headway. It was a great pleasure to get a tour of newly made paths, and see the spots for the education centres. The aim is ... read more

It has been another interesting week here. Various boats have come and gone, indicating that Hatchet Bay is gaining in popularity. We have met some very nice people, who are not on boats, including an author from the UK. We have been very lucky to able to share in her company, and will miss her when we all move on, as we must all do at some point. March 20 there was a pig roast to attend. What a great way to celebrate the official beginning of spring. The weather obliged us all and my only regret is that I did not have the foresight to bring along my swimsuit. Golding Cay is absolutely lovely, with it's shades of turqoise waters, long white sand beach and large casuarina trees providing shade. This was a well attended ... read more
pig roast
 golding cay

After the fun of the schools multicultural fair, we expected to settle back into our quiet enjoyable existence here on the mooring. Friday evening (March 12) saw all the boaters gather together for *happy hour *, which could have been more properly called a pot-luck. It was a nice evening and a great opportunity to share conversation, terrific food and of course the usual libations. There were enough nibbles, no-one needed to return to their boats and cook dinner. This is my kind of Happy Hour indeed. We were pleased to realize one of the fellows knew our boat and it's previous owner as well as another Colvin designed vessel and owner that we also are friends with. Very pleasurable indeed to meet up with these people and catch each other up on news about mutual ... read more
Pelee Flyer
happy hour

It's been a great week here on Eleuthera. We have had several days with no frontal passages, nice sunny days, warm clear evenings, and lovely early mornings. What could be better? We have applied zinc to the required spots as well as some other boat chores. It's been a pleasure to be invited to people's homes for dinner and company. Various boats have come and gone...some we have met before, others just tucking in for the night before moving on. The school had it's multicultural fair on Wednesday March 10. This was a much planned for and awaited event. They did a great job. Yesterday the children were obviously excited about the upcoming event, and the teachers were looking slightly frazzled. They choose 7 countries to for each class. The classes in this school range ... read more

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