day 17, 18 and 19

Published: June 6th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

day 17- Tried conch for the first time, as all the bahamians havn't shut up about it. Not much to comment on it. Excessive sweating at work today. dived in the sea when we finished. Nat came home and slept like a baby. Amelia and loz watched Miss America and slagged all the girls off for their fake smiles and tacky outfits.

day 18-Woke up a million times in the night being bitten alive. Went to work, got a lift off tyrone on the way home. Tyrone being the 'relationship expert' gave us the big talk....think we all had our disagreements with him about men. Loz went for a run. All feeling pretty homesick that evening, sarcy pants Loz tries to cheer to girls up with watching the most exciting man on the planet sir james mccartney.
.Came across many Akon lookalikes that day which inspired us so much to listen to his music that night. Exhausted Nat went to bed at 8pm again.

day 19-Today was broody day. Came home from work and had a blocked drain. Didnt have a plunger and at that moment we saw one of our neighbours going past the window. Loz went out and asked him for a plunger, the man was foreign and said he didnt understand what that was. Loz then does abit of sign language and describes what a plunger does. The man 'understands' and brings back a pogo stick from his apartment. From our awareness..pogo sticks are for kids...not a 30 year old man from Deutchland. So intrigued Nat asks him if that was his form of transport. No...he didnt understand!!!


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