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June 10th 2012
Published: June 12th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

Day 20-went to work, Loz came out of work unexpectedly to be greeted by the major peri Gomez and was interviewed for Bahamian news. Came home from work and got caught in the heaviest rain, thunder and lightening. The road turned into a river. That evening popped the news on to watch loz searching for her 100cc normal saline on tv.

Day 21-Went downtown nassau to get drinks in the supermarket, Nat found a shark postcard, knowing loz has a serious phobia of sharks she decides to chase her round the supermarket with the postcard and have her screaming. Went to see Nadine at the craft cottage and drank coconut water. Amelia drank watermelon juice and was told that it was a natural viagra. Later Nat got robbed outside senor frogs and cried. Went into senor frogs and the barman gave us free drinks and 10 free shots because he loves us. After went to the famous fish fry for some seafood on the beach. The waiter put us on a table next to a model shark on the wall. Loz cried and asked the waiter to move tables.

day 22-Went to cable beach for most of the day. Amelia got her saucy goggles out. Came home and realised how sunburnt we were. A million bites, getting through way too many bottles of bite antiseptic.

Day 23-Doctor Shepherd was on call all day and had her bleeper at the ready. All went on a run. Homesick again knowing we have 6 weeks left here. missing fam and friends.


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