Natasha Spencer


Natasha Spencer

Hi, Im a small town girl breaking loose and escaping her little paradise aka Vancouver Island. Im going on an around the world travel experience and attempting this adventure on my own. My game plan is to do europe: Germany-France-Amsterdam-London-Ireland-Italy-Greece. Then from there spending an unknown amount of time in south-east Asia starting in Bangkok Thailand. Then when I feel I am ready to move on (and if I still have $$) I will try to find work in Australia. This is the game plan, we will see what actually happens.

Europe » Germany » Brandenburg » Frankfurt October 10th 2010

I started my trip by flying into Frankfurt, Germany where I used a european underground for the first time and managed to find my hostel which ws situated in the redlight district. I was quite nervous about this because I had no idea what I was getting into, however, it really wasnt so act I would say vancouver is way more sketchy. The only difference is that dildoes are advertised thru glass windows and prostitution is legal!... read more

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