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Sara Haskell

Europe » Iceland » South » Vík December 14th 2013

"Why on earth would you go to Iceland in the middle of winter?", was usually the first thing out of anyone's mouth when I told them of our travel plans. Well, for one thing, it's about halfway between Europe and the US, so it makes a logical meeting point for Guillaume and I. Also, I've always wanted to go to Iceland, does the time of year really matter? Seeing the northern lights has always been on my bucket list, and there's no way to see them with summer's midnight sun, so why not see what 10 days in winter arctic conditions is really like? I landed in Reykjavic at about 7am local time, though it felt like midnight. The sun wouldn't be up for another three and a half hours. Snow was blowing in chilling gale-force ... read more
Days of Gray

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris October 6th 2011

Once again, time flies and October has suddenly snuck up on me. September was beautiful beyond expectation, but today I look out on grey skies and rain once again. The air is blustery and it smells like changing seasons, wet with a slight bite full of possibilities. I took advantage of the lovely days by walking around areas I don't often frequent, camera by my side. Here are some of my favorite shots so you may take a moment to wander this magnificent city before getting back to work or whatever else you're supposed to be doing on the computer.... read more
Statues and Birds
Pont Alexandre III

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Pantin September 27th 2011

After getting the call that I am indeed going to be in a movie, it's time for the stylists to create the look! The film takes place in the 1950's, so this means poofed-up, flipped-out hair and dramatic, yet classic, make-up. For me, this means so much fun! I showed up to Eurocostumes at noon, and Patricia, the make-up artist working on me, was happy to welcome me. We chatted a bit while waiting for the hair team to get back from lunch, as they had first dibs on me today. As soon as they came in, Eric ushered me to his station. The people are all professionals, and sitting there while Eric teased and frizzed and attached extra hair pieces I had the feeling of being a canvass or piece of marble upon which the ... read more
The Star!

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris September 15th 2011

What to write? It feels as though not much has been happening, but of course, life marches on. The apartment is set up and almost all organized, and at least Guillaume and I aren't sleeping on the couch anymore! He is working too much and I'm not working enough, but hopefully with time things will even out. So what have I been up to? Well... Moving! We left our old apartment in Issy-les-Moulineaux for our new place here in the 15th. It's 2 rooms, on the 5th floor, no elevator, so we asked for as much help with the move as we could get. Luckily Guillaume has a lot of strong guy friends and we were able to get it all done in a weekend. It took another week for us to put everything back together, ... read more
Boxing up
Look at those guys go!

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris August 31st 2011

Paris is a city of light and dreams. Artists and authors, great minds and the people who followed them have all made this city their home. And yet there is only, and will always only ever be, room for 2 million of these minds to live here at any one time. Because of the history, there is rarely new construction, and because of the city walls, there cannot be any expansion. All of this means that finding a piece of it to call home is very, very difficult. Like San Francisco or Manhattan, Paris real estate is highly prized and priced accordingly. Last time I lived here I was lucky to find my wonderful little room for next to nothing (9 hours of babysitting a week in exchange for 9 square meters). This time around, things ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris August 11th 2011

It is summer in Paris, despite the weather. The entire month of July passed with maybe 2 sunny days. As a California girl, this is not acceptable. Summer took a long time coming to Chico this year, so I really only got about 2 weeks of it before flying off to Paris where the clouds and rain were a little too happy to see me. How California spoils me, I had forgotten how in Europe, when you have a sunny day, you must take advantage of it because you can't be sure that it will be followed by others. There was a week or two in the beginning when I would head out to get bread and then stay in and write, sketch, nap, what-have-you, while waiting for the sun to come out. But there comes ... read more
Ice Cream!
La belle Paris
La Defense

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Issy-les-Moulineaux July 18th 2011

I was surprised by how quickly I adjusted upon returning to Paris. Not so much to the time change, jet lag still takes its tole no matter how often I launch myself from one time zone to another, but to France and Paris. After over a year and a half of not speaking French, I was afraid that I had lost it and would be thrown back into the confusing, exhausting process of re-learning a language. In fact, Guillaume and I started speaking in French upon seeing each other at the airport and my first weekend was spent among his family, speaking only French, at the farm in St.-Michel-sur-Loire (See my blog "La France Profonde" for a description of the area). The language came back with unexpected ease, though I still feel the different texture of ... read more
Hello Neighbors!

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai July 15th 2010

Every country has it’s own rules of the road, and so you almost have to re-learn how to drive with each new place. For me here in Thailand, this was especially true as the main mode of transportation is motorbike. My first weekend here was spent renting my little 150cc automatic bike from the friendly people at Mr. Mechanic and then learning how to drive it. This was made more complicated by the fact that they drive on the left and that the traffic is constant. I found the principle to be the same as in Europe, the “you watch my back, I watch yours”, as opposed to the “be aware of everyone” driving ideal in the states. If someone goes in front of you, that is your problem, because they don’t really look first. Don’t ... read more
Bikes bikes everywhere...

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai July 4th 2010

Happy Day, America! Here I am, in a new, yet-to-be-explored region of the world, excited for all of the new and different experiences, and already the program for tonight involves bar-b-que and red-white-and-blue. That’s alright though. Actually, it is one of the reasons I bought my tickets here so soon and impulsively. This will be the third continent Karissa and I have celebrated fourth-of-July on in the last four years. Four years ago, during the last World Cup, we ate watermelon and sang patriotic songs on a beach in Costa Rica. Last year we cheered to America on a beach in Greece, sipping wine coolers, watching the blue water crash on the white sand while turning red in the sun. And so here it is again, a day for a country I find myself spending less ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai July 3rd 2010

The first thing that hit me was the heat. Or perhaps the humidity. Or probably just the crushing blow of the two combined. Either way, stepping off of my plane, first in Bangkok and then again in Chiang Mai, felt like walking into a wall of sticky, all-encompassing heat. Luckily every interior is furnished with remote-controlled air conditioning, so you can hop from one refreshing island of coolness to the next. Karissa met me at the Chiang Mai international airport (I guess since there are flights to Laos and Malaysia, this tiny 2 gate airport can call itself international) Saturday afternoon after my overnight stay in Bangkok. She had been waiting for me at the other arrival gate, but luckily I had her number and we soon found each other, excitedly running towards one another and ... read more
SKK Mansion
Tuk tuk
Tuk tuk, interior

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