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27th November 2016

Nice post!
The story about the German guy, very impressive! I can't wait to see Bolivia, thinking of adding it to my trip... best of luck and enjoy Ecuador!
4th October 2016

Greetings from Sony
Hi Ted, Have been reading your latest blog and enjoying it. Have fun and smile more. :) regards from all of us including Cecilia!
27th September 2016

Two comments
Hi Ted: I'm enjoying your travels. One question - the Steelers game you watched. Was it the one where they were absolutely trounced by the Eagles? LOL. Your comments about drinking the water from the glacier reminded of when I was hiking in Torres del Paine in Pategonia. I was with a small group and when I drank some of the water running off the glacier, the guide said I couldn't be an American because Americans never did that. Glad I disabused him. Looking forward to your next installment. David
From Blog: New Zealand
27th September 2016

Hi David - no, it was the second game of the season. The Eagles game was actually on the TV at the Sheraton in Spanish. The water was actually coming off the mountain, not the glacier. Maybe I should have clarified that. Hope all is well.
From Blog: New Zealand
9th September 2016

Hi Ted!
I am folloing you now. It was nice to meet you in Japan. I hope you enjoy SA a lot and can't wait to see your post on NZ. It is still on my list of countries to visit. Another tip for US travelers is to get an account with Charles Schwab, they don't charge any fees from any ATM anywhere and they reimburse all fees charged by foreign banks. It has worked really well for me. See you in LA someday...
27th September 2016

Same here Catalina - I'm following your travels as well. Can't wait to catch up back in LA.
8th September 2016

Excited for you! I will pray for you and safe travels in the next few months... Looking forward to hearing more about your trip/adventures!
27th November 2012

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22nd November 2012

What a wonderful roadtrip with your Dad...
and that you aren't done traveling. We just had a few days in Sydney in mid October so must go back some'll love Australia! You stated that you've visited 62 need to update your My Travels map.
19th November 2012

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this is amazing
19th November 2012

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19th November 2012

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14th October 2012

Smart Children!
Funny you posted the little girl who "knows her capitals". I met a little girl at one of the temples who could recite the alphabet in about 4-5 different languages! I was so impressed! Amazing trip you took - thanks for sharing. Michelle
26th August 2012

You are either going to become a priest...
or return to Lido and Nicki...if I can be so presumptuous.
26th August 2012

Hey Bob - no, heading back to the US on the 31st actually. Decided to come back a little early. Still will be traveling across the US. Hope all is well. - Ted
19th July 2012

Passport pictures...
Linda had to renew her passport while in London. The guard ask for the passport as ID to get into the Embassy. He looked at her picture and declared that it wasn't a picture of her. Linda was shocked. He then said "You are much prettier than this picture!" Ukranian Immigration...we were flying from Paris to Bangkok in 1974 transiting through Moscow on Aeroflot. The flight made a stop in Kiev where it became a domestic flight. We did not have a visa to enter the country. but immigration waved us right through. The problem arose in Moscow when they discovered their mistake...we were escorted off the plane by the police and taken to the terminal where they watched over us until the flight left for Bangkok. This was the height of the Cold War. Anyway, we continue to enjoy your blogs.
21st July 2012

Wow - sounds exciting. The funny thing was that I talked to another guy who went through the same things. The difference was that his picture looked exactly like Ted
19th July 2012

Impressive Trip
Great Journey! Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Travel safe.
12th June 2012
The Burj Khalifa 2

Dubai is a really fabulous and exciting city. during my visit there i met a lot of people from different cultures and backgrounds. i also explored their culture and heritage which was more exciting as i was able to communicate with the locals in their Language which is Arabic. The Phrasebooks from Eton institute helped me a great deal in learning such words.
28th April 2012

Glad I made it into your blog! Hope you are enjoying the rest of your travels. P.S. Haven't sold any of your stuff......yet. :)
28th April 2012

Hey Jennie, Thanks for holding onto everything. I had a great time. Mike W. is here now. We're in Guilin. He's heading back tomorrow and I'm going to Dali. Hope your quarter is going well. Will try to call sometime when I have proper internet access. Ted
25th April 2012

Best Wishes from Southern California!
May God bless you in your adventures!
22nd April 2012

O'Leary. I'm the one who lives in Dana Point. We went 10 years ago and decided we needed to revisit.
From Blog: Indonesia - Bali

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