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21st April 2012

Enjoying ...
Hey Ted, This is Erin's friend Tracy, she sent me the link to your travel blog. Just wanted to let you know I'm really enjoying it. I started at the beginning and this is where I'm leaving off, for now. I have to go clean :( and prepare for a trip of our own ... NoLa for JazzFest! Stay safe, T
From Blog: Indonesia - Bali
16th April 2012

Nee How!
Eat any fish stomach or donkey coins yet? And how about the rice - notice any difference in the various countries that you have been too? See ya soon. Regards.
16th April 2012

Hey Dave, How are you? No, I haven't had anything like that. I did have some starfish in my rice yesterday and it tasted like it was loaded with salt. I was in Shanghai for a few days, now in Beijing. I'm heading to the Great Wall today. After this I'm heading south to Xi'an, Chengdu, LaShan, Daxi, and Shangra-la. I'm going to attempt to go to Tibet too. Then Nepal. I really hope Matt can meet me in Europe this summer! Hope all is well back in Oil City! Ted
10th April 2012

Very Nice Posting
10th April 2012

Thanks for your information
7th April 2012

Great to hear that you are extending this from two weeks to two months to an RTW...
and look forward to reading your blogs.
2nd April 2012

Sadness - I would have liked to have shown you how much that country rocks. I'm biased of course. PS - "Filipinos"
14th March 2012

Green With Envy
It sounds incredible Ted. I never expanded as far east as Laos. Did you get to see the Nam Khan River? I understand it has aggressive waterfalls and elegant confluences. Good job on the synopsis, I'll be watching. Safe travels man!!
10th March 2012

Great to meet you
Hey Ted, It was great to bump into you on your travels through Vietnam, that was one memorable night in HCM with Linh and the rest of the crowd! Excellent blog, love your writing style - hope the rest of the trip went / is going well. I am back in the UK now so if ever you are passing through London do give me a shout. P
9th March 2012

Awesome blog. Meet up with my friend Alan Lee (check my connections of FB) who teaches English in Taiwan. He grew up with See-Pong as well.
8th March 2012

Pho for breakfast... hangover cure. Ever. Yum, yum!! Happy trails :)
21st February 2012

To be technical about it, there is no capital of England...
only of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. So that was a trick question! As for eight year olds knowing capitals, I would be surprised it they knew their own capital; especially here in the US. Anyway, thanks for the detailed blog. That's great the tourist authorities recognize the rip offs at the border and are trying to do something about it. You mentioned the road to Siem Reap...has it been paved so there are no longer all the pot holes? Most people who visit Angkor Wat go into great detail about the temples, but you mostly talked about you encounter with the children. You seem to have a way with kids. Have you thought of volunteering for a month or so at an orphanage?
22nd February 2012

Re: Cambodia - Siem Reap (Angkor Wat), Phnom Penh
Thanks for the email. I figure anyone can google the sites if you want to see them. The real story is the people and what they've been through. In Cambodia there are so many street vendors who are kids. I think there's a big story behind that (education, poverty, ect.), and it needs a human face. -Ted
21st February 2012

Tuol Sleng
Hi Ted: So glad you got to see Tuol Sleng. Absolutely horrifying. On another unrelated topic, when I was in Cambodia in 2009, while you could get Cambodian money, the ATMs gave you US dollars, so I never used anything but US$. BTW - I knew all the capitols. But I've never played Angry Birds! David
21st February 2012

The same girl
Tree years to go I was in Siem Riep and I met the same girl.She was 5 yers old ,could speak quite a lot english selling wooden bracelets that time.She knew even Helsinki ,where I am from.So I did buy some.Later she asked me to buy more but I had no more money with me.So she said: borrow your friends.They start very early the busineseducation in Kambodia.But she was sharming.I could regonnice her and the place backround from your picture.
21st February 2012

Cambodian Girl
Hi Risto, Thanks for the comment. I was totally blown away by this girls' ability to speak really good English, and know those capitals. Shamefully, I got Australia wrong. Oh well, it's just Australia....haha. Ted
16th February 2012

I like your statement - This place is more American than America. Hahaha. How true! Do you feel the same about China?
From Blog: Singapore
16th February 2012

More American than America
Haven't been to China yet, but will tell.
From Blog: Singapore
6th February 2012

Living Vicariously Through You
I like the updates. Enjoy Phuket!
6th February 2012

New look
I realized just now U have a new hair look! Are U flying with low cost companies so U have to lose weight?? ;-) Enjoy!
28th January 2012

new look
Wow Bear! I must say your haircut is very "neat." Probably feels good since it is hot and muggy there. Enjoy!!
From Blog: Singapore
27th January 2012

Day by day
Keep me up to date on where you are.. I'll see if I can meet up with you.L somewhere along the way

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