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Africa » Madagascar February 3rd 2016

Geo: -18.5667, 43.8833... read more

Africa » Madagascar January 30th 2016

Geo: -23.3549, 43.6761... read more

Africa » Madagascar December 19th 2015

Geo: -23.9, 43.6667... read more

Africa » Madagascar December 5th 2015

Geo: -18.5667, 43.8833Once again...Google Maps is way off...Great...How did you pinpoint the location in the middle of the ocean?...I can certainly swim but not in such deep waters...May I get back on land please...Here is the correct location of Mangily...23°07'39.4"S 43°36'29.6" videos's one of the only far and between tourist places...I don' like to meet tourist...I don't take videos either...I came here to stay at my favorite bungalow at my friend's place, he is the swiss owner of this bungalow coumpound...Very relaxing...I stayed in fact 10 days here and simply enjoyed the ocean and cooking good food and have interesting conversations with my friend...After servicing my motorbike in Toliaria I went on into the adventures that Madagascar has to offer...catch you at the next thread...... read more

Africa » Madagascar December 5th 2015

Geo: -23.15,'s only a 5 km walk along the beach from Mangily to Ifaty but an entirely different world indeed...No stupid tourist being encountered here...If you meet foreigners they are either employed by an NGO or simply real travellers...In other words...this 5km difference is taking a world apart...I encountered very friendly local fishermen and their families...Truly nice people...They are remembering you very well if you are nice to them...How do I know...well...a month and a half later I came back there and they were all very happy to see me again... ... read more

Africa » Madagascar December 1st 2015

Geo: -21.7, 43.9...seems like I am not having any videos of this location...How come? Wasn't it interesting enough? Not sure...I remember the eventless day and night in this town...I basically just stopped because the sun around noon was to intense, I can't stand it...I decided to leave the next morning at 3AM very relaxed and make it all the way to Ifaty/Mangily ... read more

Africa » Madagascar November 30th 2015

Geo: -21.4333, 44.3333One day...I ventured onto the sandy track towards Manja...The track never assured you were on the right track towards Manja...Basically I just decided to follow to wherever this sandy track will lead me...I wasn't sure, I didn't care either...The track was nicely packed sand...It was worth to keep venturing rather than trying to find another better track...I did pass numerous, truly wasn't sure where to go...Thanks God it was still only the beginning of the wet season...I have passed 2 rivers, during raining season impassable...but problem at all...Holy crap...Is that Manja on the horizon? Truly wild western town...There is only one hotel in town or better said one bungalow compound of extremely low quality...One thing I also learned in my 30+ years of venturing...The lowest quality bed always has an extremely unfair elevated ... read more

Africa » Madagascar November 28th 2015

Geo: -21.2833, 43.7333Well...a bit of it's original location on the map...Never mind...Google sometimes gets it wrong...Andranopasy is located at -21.278072, 43.740914, probably about 20 km to the north on a beautiful beach photos here...Somehow I did not manage to make any videos...Did I mention that basically all my photos an the entire blog are usually screenshots out of a video...I don't like taking photos. First of all videos are of higher quality and you can select the appropriate scene out oof it for a photo, so much more convenient...Just shoot a video and care about the editing later, that's the true way of capturing a scene... Why the hell did I arrive in the middle of nowhere...other will call it Andranopasy? Well...The only, let me correct...sandy track out of the middle of nowhere is ... read more

Africa » Madagascar November 24th 2015

Geo: -20.7401, 44.0081...Well...It was clear to me right on arrival on the outskirts of Morondava...haha, outskirts, sounds like I am approaching a big, but I remember from 2009 that around 40km before Morondava, people where walking the streets and carried along anything they could carry in order to sale it in Morondava on the market.What become clear immediately on arrival in Morondava itself...Hell, the entire road has been paved all the way down to the beach...Gone are the good days...From now on people's mind will get manipulated by the bad city people...A paved road into a village, be it any village in the world, will change the mindset of the locals to the bad...Indeed it already happened in Morondava...I basically decided to leave that town almost right away...Well, I was very tired from my 500km ... read more
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Africa » Madagascar » Toliara » Morondava November 21st 2015

Geo: -20.29, 44.27what's good for motorbiking, it's bad for the charisma of a place...a paved road...Travelling for many, many years...I have learned that a paved road leading to a town will change their personalities away from strangers forever...What did I see here?...The road has been paved all the way to Morondava...To bad, it was time to arrive and leave at the same time...Staying in Morondava for 2 nights to service my bike a bit as I will have one of the most difficult rides in front of me...Morondava simply upholds that statement I have made...The paved road has changed them to the bad forever...No reason to keep lingering...I got ready to leave...Leaving this time had it's difficulties...The raining season started and submerged certain areas I was intended to drive under deep's adventurous place is ... read more

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