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North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas October 15th 1996

Geo: 36.0846, -115.172Of course...Why did I come...You bet...I placed some returns...... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai September 15th 1994

Geo: 18.8, 98.98what else does Thailand has to offer... indeed a nice relaxing place to be in...It was. Generally, the 90's was the time to be there...Well...Guys been there in the 70's, 80's told me actually that was the time I should have been there... Judging from everything I have experienced, I simply believe such statement. Only one thing I can say today...2016...It's to late, don't bother any longer trying to find the true Indochina...It's not there anymore. Thailand is a bit like Majorca...Everyone goes there to party...not to mention the flights from Europe are almost as cheap as flying to Majorca... 99 EUR one-way from Berlin...Ok guys...My final very valid statement... I have absolute beautiful memories of my life in Bangkok in the 90's, but it's finish...I am done...I have left Thailand for good a ... read more
Inhaling Buddhist culture close up

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok September 1st 1994

Geo: 13.7308, 100.521in fact...this time around it really becoming my home base...I was still studying in Berlin, Germany and simply using my 3 months off during semesters to go back home...1995 would be my practice semester coming up and I had to make a decision...Shall I follow into the footsteps of every fellow student from my class and apply to numerous companies in Germany...A boring work at Siemens, why not BMW, Daimler Benz, 1, 2,3,... No, Asia is already taking hold of me and doesn't want o let me go ever again... Beautiful, friendly Thailand of the 90's is calling me to stay...One morning I woke up and decided to give in to the urge to stay...I went to the Germany Embassy and got a list of German companies who have themselves established in Bangkok...Instead ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Mindoro July 3rd 1994

Geo: 12.9778, 121.141the ride down from Manila to Batangas was already a very windy and rainy experience...Little did I know that it was being part of an incoming super typhoon with 600km in diameter.The ferry did not want to leave because of extreme high seas that afternoon, so I decided to take a night in Batangas...Next morning...suddenly calm seas...For whatever reason there was a pocket of calmness within the wild surroundings of a taiphoon. People have said that the main typhoon is still far over the Pacific, near Palau Islands coming in from Guam. However the winds and rains have already picked up being part of a tropical depression.Upon arrival in Puerto Galera at noon, the sky w... read more
The arrival Bay in the other direction
The other side of the island
Taiphoon is forming

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok March 1st 1994

Geo: 13.7308, 100.521Well, well...During my studies at a university in Berlin I had the chance to take 2 months of every semester...How else could it be...It took me to Bangkok once again...Yes, I was visiting a beautiful girl I met on my very first trip on New Year's eve 1993...She was just moving out of her home and into a small apartment on the edge of the city jungle Bangkok...Muang Thong Thani...She was indeed very lovely,beautiful, friendly etc...She was awaiting my arrival at Don Muang Airport (BKK), the main entry into the country...nowadays only serving domestic flights...BKK airport code has changed to Suvarnabhumi of the controversy 2 billion dollars throw outs of the outed prime minister Thaksin...The political picture in Thailand is a big laugh nowadays similar as back than...Let's not discuss this issue...Here I ... read more
Arrival Don Muang Airport...

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok December 1st 1993

Geo: 13.7308, 100.521Bangkok...Yep...Little did I know...indeed...little did I know how well that bitch of a city served an alpha male...I was in fact a "gamma male" that turned alpha. My life surrounding ancient temples...Buddhist life in a kingdom of old dynasties...Life still had ancient touches to it... Prior to the 2000's, girls in Thailand where generally not allowed to have boyfriends...Families had a watchful eye over them...Foreigners were out of their watch...How handy was that for a beautiful Thai girl in the 90's?... I tell you...Almost every girl out of a good, rich family wanted to be your girlfriend...No kidding...That's when I decided...Let's call it home...Indeed it become my home in paradise for years to come...I even through in a business I run in Bangkok successfully...Well, than came 2001...Things have changed to the bad...worse...worst...... read more

Asia » Singapore December 1st 1993

Geo: 1.28941, 103.85One cold morning in boring Germany...I went to a travel agency in clear destination in mind, I just knew...I had to jump off...For some reason the flight to Singapore with return from Bangkok with Royal Jordanian Airways was cheaper than any European destination... This trip has changed my life to the good pictures from the good old days...Than again...Singapore wasn't on my destination list on any longer...I simply arrived...stayed a few days and decided to leave such a boring place that is so artificially makes you sick...not to be continued...... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro » Copacabana December 1st 1985

Geo: -22.969, -43.1856Leaving the previously found shelter with my mother in Asuncion. On my unplanned way back to Germany...Luckily I was able to stopover in Rio de Janeiro and my onward flight to Frankfurt with Lufthansa was delayed by 48 hours. Lufthansa paid for each of the 180 passengers nothing less than the Copacabana Palace hotel...Still remembering...Just left Asuncion on a controversy issue with my mother...My mother intended me to stay and go to school there...The one and only time in life I remember my father actually made a decision to help me rather than himself...Bad was the only good decision he ever made...Nothing good followed...Ok, don't get me wrong...I loved Paraguay but way back than it was a hiding place of German criminals running away from the judging system of Germany...I am talking about ... read more
My GF in Rio...Me 17...She 15
My Palace for 48 hours...look of 1985!
yep...Copacapana 1985...I am there

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