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7th May 2012

I am one of your Followers and have missed hearing from you...
I'm pleased you realized how important it is to tell your stories. If you didn't blog, how would you remember so that you can tell the stories to the others gathered around the bar... or to your grandchildren if you chose that direction in that's a spontaneous event I would like to hear about!
6th May 2012

Great to have you back!
Though blogging does require effort, presenting thoughts and photos of travel experiences allows the writer to more easily remember those moments years after their occurrence. Sometimes when reading my earlier blogs I can see how my ideas and attitudes have shifted over time, so blogging also allows for future reflection if one so wishes. Look forward to reading your tales of spontaneous adventures.
6th May 2012

This blog is such as tease!
"in the last year, I have gate-crashed Hollywood celebrity parties... spent a month in the backwaters of an Australia no-wheres-ville town... rescued a damsel from a sea monster attack... went snowboarding in Death Valley." - I want to hear the stories! :)
7th May 2012

cheers Ali,
I didn't know what to write first so I thought I wouldn't write about any of it! When I sat down I thought that it had been a boring year and I hadn't done anything....but sitting down to write some stuff made me realise all the places I had been and what had happened to me. Gathering it all up and turning it into some story is good for the brain and the self i.d., so thanks Ali for the website! Also made me realise that I should start collecting airmiles....
11th April 2011

Nobody there believed there was anything there for tourists, but it was an interesting and inspiring place. I guess the difference is that you have to make the effort to discover what is great about a place... may thats the difference between tourists and travellers - a tourist expects a journey laid out before them, whereas a traveller creates their own journey... Deep.
27th March 2011

Sounds interesting from a touristic point of view :)
Are travellers and tourists mutual exclusive than? Aren't we all both? Anyway enjoyed the blog, and enjoy Sibu before the hordes discover it! Actually all your blogs are pretty good.
26th March 2011

Love reading your blogs, they are beautifully written and so poetic - and this entry is no exception.
23rd January 2011

now I am looking forward my trip
Hello Crashpacker, I came across your blog after getting annoyed at looking for cheap flights from London to Zanzibar (hoping to go in June to learn to dive). Whilst I found it funny I am so what sceard of travelling to Zanzibar alone. I have travelled to the America's and Asia alone but put off Africa as my parents told its not a place a girls should go alone. Although they also said that about me going to Vietnam! I best learn patience and how bribe if I am to survive. Can't wait to get there. Good luck with your travel,
14th October 2010
bet they haggled the price down too

That comment makes that image brilliant! love it
7th October 2010

this place is so Hisorical,,i want to come here
2nd June 2010

Coconut relief
Haha, you should have stayed by those palm trees for your hangover relief. Coconut water is a great hangover remedy. Whenever I have a hangover I have a pack of Vita Coco and i feel much better.
8th March 2010

On the trail of the snake hunter?!
Well, i had it at one of the nice restaurants in the middle of town. They bring a circular grill to the table and you do it yourselves. Its a bit of a traditional asian way of eating in a group. can't say it was the best meat i've ever had - ask around to eat it somewhere else. its river snake from the Tongle Sap lake so more like an eel really, and it may need to be in season. See if the 3d movie 'On the Trail of the Snake Hunters' is still playing at the back of the night market. Its much better than Avatar!
5th March 2010

where to eat the snake?
Hi there, Am off to Sien Reap and hoping to eat some weird and wonderful things. Can you tell me where you ate the snake exactly? Many thanks,
7th February 2010

thanks, penang was, indeed, incredible!
1st February 2010

Hotels in Phuket
Hmmm...nice post. Will keep those things in mind when traveling to Malaysia. -- Luxury Hotels Phuket
1st February 2010

Travel to China
I have never been to Malaysia. But, I'll make sure to visit Georgetown once I visit the country. For the time-being I'm preparing my China Tour ...
30th January 2010

Nice article
That picture took inside the airplane is very similar to the picture I took in my blog . Please also comment on my blog! Thx
31st December 2009

but keep your head screwed on as you do and be aware of the effect you are having as you pass through the world. tourism is commerce, travel is exchange. Exchange ideas and respond to new things that come your way, don't stay in the rut. Spread your dollars and share your ideas. Find things that aren't in the book.
29th December 2009

WOW....and I'll be there soon?!?!
Hmmm, just wondering if it's really somewhere I want to go now on my 4 month backpacking trip throughout SE Asia, which starts after the new year?!?
28th December 2009

bit sad really,
and a bit rushed. The situation is still going on, I'll post up anything I hear thanks for the responses
28th December 2009

same feelings
I'm with you 100% in this. When I started travelling in the 90s there were no low cost flights. There were simply two ways of moving around: either flying and paying the (right) price for the sort of (good) service you would get, or travel via bus or train, far cheaper options those days, and move overland. Either way it was a worhty experience. The introduction of lowcost flights simply barbarized the art of travelling. Though, I'm afraid, they are simply another expression of the sad times western world lives nowadays. And I'm afraid -again- that eliminating the idea of lowcost flights would not solve the problem. They are merely a symptom of something bigger. Marco
28th December 2009

Contratulations on your high blog viewings Crashpacker and Happy Christmas! :) If you have time, come and tell us the secret of your success on
28th December 2009

Woah... this is a crazy story. Thanks for sharing!
28th December 2009

best writing I have ever seen on here-- thanks!!

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