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26th July 2019

checkin in
Hi there, Wish I could have seen the elephants with you. We just watched "The Lion King," and I imagine you've been seeing all of those animals in real life. Love and miss you. Has it been hot?
20th July 2019

The play fighting Elephants remind me of Andre and Julian.
19th July 2019

Loving all the stories, and photos, keep them coming!
19th July 2019

What an adventure!
I have looked forward to and enjoyed every day of your trip. Hard to say what day I am most envious of!
13th July 2019

Looking forward to your travels!
16th June 2017

Bay of Pigs and Mojitos
My love to the travelers. I will live vicariously through you, as you muddle mojitos and snorkel in the Bay of Pigs. It sounds fantastic. :)
11th June 2017

Glad to be able to get your posts! The Hemingway tour sounds intriguing. How fun! Give your Mom a hug for me. Cousin Sarah
1st September 2015

A little behind in my reading. So you saw donkeys that had set up tents too? That must have been incredible! :)
13th August 2015

What an awesome trip!! The pics were like a postcard. I felt like I was there with you. Oh the memories you are making. Safe travels....????????
8th August 2015

Love reading this, each day is an adventure!!!! Jeannette is a true romantic wanting to get pictures of the bride!!! The food you describe makes me hungry, think I'll have a pop tart (ugh)! Happy travels!!!!
8th August 2015

Jake can't you control Jeanette? Sounds like you having a great time! Look forward to tomorrow's post.
8th August 2015

I LOL-ed reading about Jeannette getting "riced".
7th August 2015

I feel like I'm right there with you! What an adventure!!!!
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5th August 2015

Sounds like your off to a good start! Cheers!!!!
5th August 2015

Glad you made it safely and are having fun already!
6th August 2013

So sorry about this bad part of the trip for you. But focus on the good! Mom, I LOVE your sundress and the photo of you feeding the pigeons. Mary Poppins?
1st August 2013

First time I've had all week to see what adventures you've been up too! Sounds like more of a relaxing trip than the last one, maybe that's because I seem to be noticing a tad bit more mentioning of drinking. Could this be true? Just had
to ask! Make sure you kill all germs before your Christmas vacation, don't want to hear about anymore guaranties. LOL Jeannette have a wonderful birthday on Saturday. I plan on starting my Christmas shopping. Gotta keep my mind busy. Love you guys, happy travels, Keep the notes and pics coming..... Blessings to all
29th July 2013

Does Barb's family speak English? Also, how is your stomach after the bacon gravy?
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29th July 2013

Jeanette, you look right at home.
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29th July 2013

Yes, surprisingly, the Soviets did allow a limited number of churches to operate under communism, not just in the republics but Orthodox ones in Russia too. This "permission" was given in exchange for the price of the priests being informan
ts to the government.
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29th July 2013

Sounds like a great birthday, Mom! Can't wait to hear more.
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12th August 2011

Thanks for the wonderful commentaries. It made me fell like I was along for the ride! Safe trip home!
12th August 2011

Thank you so much for taking us along on this journey. It was a great experience for all of us. Thanks again. I really enjoyed it!
10th August 2011

I am jubilant and grateful for your experience. Thanks for blogging!! Jake, you did a wonderful job of telling your tales. I'm going to miss my history lessons and beautiful pics. Welcome home Pilgrims, welcome home! Now it's time for
some well deserved rest. Blessings to you all....Read more:
10th August 2011

Im ready for you to come home but not ready for the blogs to stop. I feel as if I have been with you. Izzy and Sam say hurry....

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