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Asia » China » Beijing September 23rd 2005

Well we returned to the travel agency this morning again by taxi.The driver missed the location by a few blocks but we felt we could make it on foot and were reasonably sure that we were in fact near the place so we walked the last little bit.Sure enough there it was!! An omen. The travel plan has come together and our tickets arrive here at Bob's place tomorrow.We leave Sunday night by night soft sleeper? train to Xi'an to see Terra Cotta warriors. I don't have all the details here at this writing so will update you later. Ann is off biking and checking out the fit of the jacket she had made. FLASH! she is back and the jacket is a great success and price about 13 dollars canadian.. Tonight we go to see ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing September 22nd 2005

We have been out all day and just got back from a night at the opera.Peking opera is an amazing experience.Google it and get a taste but seeing and listening to it is really a treat and of course when in Peking how could you not go to the opera.The day started with an excursion to a travel agent that speaks english,or so the book says.The process here is interesting as you can go down to the reception desk in Bob's building and show them where you want to go.They in turn write it out on a card in Chinese that you give to the taxi driver and after a few nods and some exchange of knowing looks and grunts you are off with fingers crossed. It all worked as planned and we wound up at ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing September 21st 2005

So where were we? oh yes the tailor experience appears to have been a success with ann returning unscathed by her foray into the wonderful world of cycling in Beijing.Bob was particularly pleased as it was his expensive and prized bike she was riding.The finished garments will be ready tomorrow or saturday,not sure which. We decided to take our hosts out for supper last night and went to a large restaurant near their home. The place had a line up but that meant sitting on small stools outside with bowls of sunflower seeds and glasses of green tea to pass the time.I was given a card with a number when we approached and that was our place in the line.A good sysyem for those who speak Mandarin but a challenge for those of us who do ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing September 21st 2005

Sunshine greeted us today hot, and a cloudless blue sky.I am a bit hung over from an evening of Tsing tao beer and a couple of bottles of wine with supper and friends. We decide to walk today and head to the Lamasery of Harmony and Peace. Beijing is as clean as a city could get I think, streets are spotless,sidewalks also swept clean.There is no where I have ever been that is as clean.Construction cranes everywhere,literally forests of them building more and more highrises and who knows what.The Olympics in 2008 must be a factor but there definately is a boom on here.Chairman Mao must be rolling over in his mausoleum. We arrive at the Lamasery which was originally the first mansion of the Prince Yong built in 1694 but now is a Buddist shrine. ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing September 20th 2005

Morning bloggers.The sun is shining on the Chinese and we are off to the Hutongs(traditional neighbourhoods) fast disappearing due to the urban rebuilding/beautification for the upcoming 2008 Olympics. The plan is a rickshaw ride,have pity on the poor driver who gets us. Then the Lama temple which is apparently a walk away. Talk to you soon. ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing September 20th 2005

Well bloggers we are here and on the move.After breakfast and the sad task of wishing Bob a good day at work as we headed off on the adventure. The Beijing subway is a modern system and pretty user friendly with signage and maps.Hold up two fingers and money and voila! tickets appear from the ticket window.Ironically the forst people we met were from Ottawa.A couple with children came up to us in the subway and struck up a conversation.Actually she was from Toronto but had a sister in Orleans.The subway was packed and I bumped my head on the hand rail as I entered the car. Clearly not made for 6'3" Canadians! We transfered and got out at Tianamen square east. The forbidden city,home of the Emperors built in 1400 at one end of the ... read more
Peoples people mover
ann and mao
alone amongst 1.3 Billion people

Asia » China » Beijing September 19th 2005

It is 8 am and another grey day here in beijing.We went for a bit of an orientation walk last night to understand the way to the subway for this mornings adventures. Pleasant weather and lots of people on the streets.Bicycles and taxis everywhere though not as mad as India or other huge cities we have been in. We were drawn to the sounds of drums and cymbals and wandered over to some sort of ritual.Not really sure what it was but about a dozen women were dancing /marching in a sort of asian conga line with fans in their hands all to this Hari Krishna like beat. Absolutely no idea what it was but it was clear that we are not in Kansas any more Toto. First impressions are thios city is very clean.orderly and ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing September 19th 2005

Well greetings from the mysterious east.Air Canada (The peoples Airline) has served us well. Many thanks to Ian for driving us to the 7am flight and a HUGE!! tip of the hat to the air canada ticket agent in Ottawa who got us exit row seats!!!! My legs and knees thank you. Uneventful flights for the most part,movies we had not seen and airline food. Flight plan was Ottawa Toronto,Toronto Vancouver and Vancouver Beijing. Arrival in Vancouver coincided with a security breach of unknown description.It meant we sat on the runway for a half hour without explanation.The good news was as we weer grounded so were the departing flights so no fear of missing the all important transfer. The exit row was a blessing on this leg with an 11 hour flight to look forward to.Unusual ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa September 17th 2005

Good evening to cyber voyeurs,this is a test .I repeat this is a test. Bags are packed and tickets at the ready.7am will be here soon and Ians generous offer to drive us to the airport. Thanks. See you all soon.... read more

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