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13th September 2012

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2nd September 2012

Suzanne..... a million thanks for a great and accurate description of Lisa & Rikard's wedding. It describes it all in a wonderful way - both text and pictures - and is a very nice documentation for the future reviews with friends and family. You are a great writer!
22nd August 2012

Fin blogg, tack for det!
Love hearing the details of the wedding. A fine way to mark your 200th blog. Congratulations.
19th August 2012

A fitting Bicentenial. keep up your writing. Fun to read and enjoy. I hope the kids DO write a blog.
19th August 2012

Hi Suzanne I still have you as a followed blog, and when doing some housekeeping on mine I realized you were posting again. Great to see - you left off pretty suddenly last time. Sounds like you are having a wonderful trip, and making lots of new memories to treasure. Well done, and continued safe travels to you. Sharon in Canada
19th August 2012

I am glad to have stories of adventure to tell again! thanks for your nice comments.
16th August 2012

Rest of blogs?
Hi, I finally got caught up with the rest of the blogs that were so wonderful, but realized they stopped with Aug. 7 and there were none from Sweden and the wedding. You know I always love reading them and sharing your travels! Did I just not get the rest?
19th August 2012

more coming
I'm working on the rest. stay tuned!
8th August 2012

lol Suzanne. we just came home from a vacay sans eletronics so am starting to read your blogs from the bottom up? Oy! well glad you are having a blast!! Hugs and hello to all "'^..^"" Geeze
8th August 2012

høy anseelse!
Which means \"kudos\" in Danish...(I looked this up.) You Slavens did Tivoli Gardens, Elsinore Castle and Legoland with only one taxi? No wonder you all slept for a couple hours on the plane without knowing it couldn\'t take off.
7th August 2012

I love the blog
Hi I did send a comment about your Paris entries. I loved them. Greg and I were in Copenhagen on our honeymoon. It seems like yesterday and I do not think much has changed..Elsinore Castle is wonderful as is Tivoli gardens. I thought the children there were beautiful!! Have fun Thanks for the blog. Peg
6th August 2012

Comment feature
When you did the blog from China, I think the comment section for readers was immediately below the blog entry, now you have to scroll down a bit. So that may explain why you are not seeing many. Emily is right! Tell your loyal readers you like comments. Today, I saw the email announcing the Copenhagen blog. Yay!i saved it like a piece of candy until I was home and could enjoy it. Keep 'em coming.
6th August 2012

Love all the posts!
I always enjoy reading about Slaven adventures! Thanks for blogging!
6th August 2012

Lovin' It
Keep up the travel blogs. I followed your China adventures religiously and I'm enjoying Europe (almost) as much.
6th August 2012

Hi Suze, I don\'t know how you find the time to do the blog but we really appreciate it and look forward to it every day. It looks like you are all having a fabulous trip, something you will remember for a long time. Thanks so much for including us in your adventures. Love, Pat and Mary Ann
5th August 2012

I louvre this entry!!
It is so much fun to see your family enjoying life! Good for all of you. Thanks for sharing the good times. Peg
4th August 2012

Go, Emily!
Even before I read the third paragraph, I knew Emily would take on Paris. I believe she could fit in anywhere. Nice going on the escargot, the Ferris wheel, and the trend-spotter spotting, Emily!
5th August 2012

Thanks to my loyal follower!
Being back at blogging is also fun because I love getting feedback.
31st July 2012

She's back! blogging about the Slaven travels, that is. Je content de vous revoir.
10th March 2012

Taking 2 kids to Huangshan too! Need advice
Thanks very much for the stories. Really helpful! I am taking my 2 kids (10 and 6yrs old) there in early April. Any advice on which routes we should take. Should we book a hotel one night on top of the mountain? Right now, we only plan a day trip but I can see that we probably need to rush back to the cable just like you did. Many thanks in advance.
26th February 2012

It is a small world...we were in Yangshou during Qing Ming Festival 2010!
25th February 2012

I saw this bread/ice cream combo at the restaurant we ate at on Thursday here in Hangzhou. I gotta try it at least once before we leave China.
25th February 2012

I find more people wear them out in the winter as they have these big fluffy, warm looking PJ's on so they keep warm wherever they go.
25th February 2012

China Banks
This is one of my LEAST favorite things about China. Every bank says "english services" but those signs should be taken down as MOST locations don't have a single person who speaks English and their forms have some English and no English. Rule of thumb I ALWAYS take a Chinese person with me if I need to go inside the bank (non ATM transactions)
25th February 2012

I lost over 45 lbs with WW and LOVE it. I actually worked for WW while we were back in the US for 9 months due to a family medical emergency. I plan on working for WW when we return to Portland Summer 2012. Small world.

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