Backpacker, low-key, hotel or hostel it doesn't matter, have been to many countries, seen many archaeological sites, met great locals, next adventure is Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Sept 2011. Looking for travel companions. We have a group of 8 currently and looking for 2 more. We are Canadian.

Happy Travels 😊

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Africa » Tanzania » North » Mount Kilimanjaro July 26th 2014

This was written a while ago if you were interested in how the trip went. *** So it's been one week since I've been back from Tanzania. All that training, all that hard work and now I'm sitting back home and trying to remember the feeling while I was there. I told some people to really live in the moment while we were there because I knew how it would feel when I returned, been there done that. Kilimanjaro was an unexplainable accomplishment that you can only understand if you have done it. We met the last of our group in Amsterdam and had a great time searching for Hywel! Everyone targeted single men walking around--too funny. Luckily, I knew what Hywel looked like :) The climate in Tanzania was surprisingly mild in September, not humid. ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » East July 10th 2011

We are still at 8 climbers and we have 7 weeks to go! We have decided to arrive early and spend one night at KIA Lodge when we arrive and then the next morning we are off to Kambi ya Tembo for an elephant expedition. After that, one night at Springland and the next morning our trek begins : ) Very excited. We are still looking for two more people, but if we don't get to ten it's fine. We have all our shots, accomodations booked, flights and gear. Just waiting for departure : ) Working out continues.... read more

Africa » Tanzania April 24th 2011

Last week I went out with the High Park Hiking Club to Dundas to hike a part of the Bruce Trail where we saw seven (plus some small ones) waterfalls. It was great to get out with people who enjoy the outdoors and are up for a little excercise. Five and a half hours later and it was a great day....minus the rain, snow, sunshine (in that order) over the course of the day. Meh, I took that as a realistic look at what Kilimanjaro might have in store for me. I will try and make this a regular thing. I went out yesterday to Niagra Glen with my son and walked some trails for a couple of hours. It was a bit of a pain getting through traffic with Easter long weekend, but the end ... read more

Africa » Tanzania January 30th 2011

So I think I attempted a blog a long time ago and I have no idea what the site was. I'm going to try and stick with this site. I'll be blogging about the before, during and after aspects of trekking Kilimanjaro via the Machame route. When I was younger I created a "to do list" and Everest was on that list. Since climbing Everest is pretty scary with the spikey shoes (as I called them before I knew they were called crampons) and walking on ladders over crevaces, I thought I should aim for a smaller mountain and see if I even like it. Enter Kilimanjaro. I've been researching Kili since February 2010. Normally, the amount of research that goes into where I travel consists of a Lonley Planet guidebook and locating the archaeological sites ... read more

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