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10th March 2017

another choice, Hanoi free local tours and hanoikids are the best free tour clubs in Hanoi. Everything are free. If you book a motorbike tours. You only pay for their ticket entrance museum and lunch and petrol for their motorbike
10th July 2015

Hi Smitten, I'm a 29 year old solo traveller. Currently in cambodia and plan on heading to Vietnam in 2 weeks.I was thinking of taking a bus to cross the border to Hoi Minh City and than taking a overnight train to hanoi .would u say this
is the safest , efficient method of travelling? Also regarding leaving your luggage with the hotel. We're u concern or had any bad experience with something gone missing? Thank you
19th April 2015

Thank you for sharing your experiences. It is very helpful.
From Blog: Down and Under
15th June 2014

Hello, this blog is super helpful, I will be flying to Hanoi from Laos and I have quite a big suitcase with me and I was just wondering when you booked your hotel in Hanoi did you book your hotel during the days you were on the cruise? or s
hould I just book for one night? because I will be staying in the cruise for the other two days. Also, how early should I book the cruise? Thanks!!
15th June 2014

Hi Wili, I booked the hotel directly, I did the research of the cruise myself and then the hotel arranged it. It has been a little time since I went for the trip so do the research on the cruise which is suitable for you. Go for good cruise
which has better junks. Have a grt holiday.
15th June 2014

Hi Alan, I did not book the hotel for the days, I was on the cruise but the hotels will look after your luggage till you come back from the cruise. I took a backpack for the cruise and left the suitcase with the hotel, most hotels offer thi
s service of looking after the luggage for both trips for the cruises or for sapa.Have a lovely time.
10th June 2014

Hello Sir, I was excited after reading your review about your choice of cruise junks for Ha Long Bay Cruise Tour. Would you mind to share some info about what travel agents/cruise you used including their contacts (email/phone/address)? If
you could share their packages price and any tips before booking also, I would very appreciate it. Thank you very much for your concern. With best regardsWili
8th June 2014

Hi Joanna, I just took normal Nike trainers but I wore two socks, one was thick lined and I was fine but it was very cold so do bring very warm cloths and comfortable shoes. I wore layers which helped a lot, also hat and scarf. Of course if
you do have fur lined shoes then it will be better as I saw Estonian wearing them. I hope you will have wonderful time. cheers
8th June 2014

P.S it was -14 C when I was there but snow made it very Christmassy.
4th June 2014

Hi...this is a bit weird but I came across your blog while searching for Tallinn info :) I'm headed there at the same time this year and I have a really dumb Australian question- what sort of shoes do i need? Would normal leather boots be f
ine or do i need to invest in waterproof ones? My cousin seems to think slush can be an issue in December. What about fur lining?
29th May 2014

Hi Smittee, Your blog is excellent. My wife and two children (12 and 10) will be flying into Hanoi in May 2015 as part of a rtw trip. We will head south, through Cambodia to Thailand. I am soaking in your experience and advice. I initia
lly had Halong Bay on our itin but had read many of the boats are now unsafe and dangerous. Would you recommend this experience with kids? Thanks
29th May 2014

Hi Owen, I do not know about the boat situation at the moment as I went few years back. Also children might get bit bored being stuck in a boat for long so maybe you are right to be cautious. I hope you and your family will all have lovely
holidays. Good luck S
4th March 2014

Hi Terry. Sorry for late reply, I am in New Zealand on holiday. I travelled independently and booked hotel directly. I arranged to book the cruise to Ha long Bay with hotel though I did my own research on cruise. Happy planning
23rd February 2014

Hi Smittee, Can you please tell me where you booked the trip? through hotel or travel agency? Thanks a lot. Terry
17th February 2013

Hi, it is really obliging to know that you had wonderful stay in India. No doubt south India was a very good option to start with. But I would like to mention that you missed a lot many other must visit spots. Taj Mahal was something that w
ould have been the most memorable part of your visit. Also the beauty of leh and Ladakh is worthwhile. I have been to New Zealand and Ladakh as well and I can say that it was comparable. Gujarat's moonland is a place where moon comes down to earth. Rajasthan is full of colors and the beauty of thar desert takes one mind to another world. There are many ancient as well as modern sites that one can visit in India. And one trip is not enough to see the whole India. You must return and seek all the beauties of our beautiful country. After all its, incredible India:)
18th August 2012

Hi Diva Glad you liked the Angkor Pearl. We have also chosen that hotel for our trip in October 2012.
5th August 2012

Thank you for sharing your trip, tips and travel photos.
26th February 2012

1st February 2012

@ Smittee: We loved Vietnam, it's a hidden gem. Nha Trang turned out to be a gift; beaches, diving, food and not so crowded, we're planning to go back there again. Phoenix Cruise from Hanoi to Halong + the 2 day cruise, Kayaking, visit to
caves, climb to the watch tower, sunrise on the deck, food + activities on the boat were all exciting. Want to thank you again, your blog pushed us to do Halong, we're so happy we did, one of the best cruises ever for us. Peace.
31st January 2012

Hi, thanks for your blog.We are going to Ha Long in 3 months.How big was your cruise junk? How many cabins on it?You were lucky to have only 11 fellow passengers. Was it because the junk was small? Or because there were many unoccupied cabi
ns?Thank you
26th November 2011

I was wondering why your hotel, Golden Sun, was always booked when I assume you already had a booking with them? Is double booking a common problem in Hanoi?
15th November 2011

Enjoying your blog since plans for Vietnam and Cambodia starting with Hanoi. We're you pleased with your hotel golden sun and it's location? Will keep reading!
22nd September 2011

Thank you, I hope it helps visitors to enjoy Magical India ..
5th September 2011

Have a lovely time on your holidays ..
31st August 2011

Thank you for the information! We are going this weekend to Beijing and can't wait..

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