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25th June 2011

Ho Chi Minh City blog
Great blog, enjoyed reading it and really helped with planning my trip. Many thanks, Paul
From Blog: Ho Chi Minh City
14th March 2011

All your Blog
I love your blog Barb; I have been looking forward to each entry. You have found so many interesting places to visit and do, as in the case of the farm. Was the accommodation as good as you hoped? See you soon to get further news......Someday soon i hope you will find half an hour on a Fri. pm to show the seniors'computer group how to start their own blog. It's a great way to communicate and keep your own journaling too. God bless, Lesley
13th March 2011

Thank You
Hi, Barb and the Gang of Eight, Well done, all of you. What an amazing trip you've had. I feel that I've been able to relive my own journey as well as learn more from your detailed account and photos . Thank you, and have a safe journey home.
From Blog: Ho Chi Minh City
10th March 2011
Hoi An, Vietnam

International Women Workers of the World Unite! What a perfect photo for IWW! You're having way too much fun. Best wishes to you all.
4th March 2011

Looks Good to Me
Hi, Barb and gang, You all look like you're having fun. I'm enjoying your blog very much, and glad to see your Halong Bay trip went well. What great photos. You may be interested to know that while Margaret, my sister, was visiting from Dawson Creek last week, we had a foot and a half of snow. Since she left we've had power outages all over the island due to hurricane force gales, knocking down trees and power lines, and cancelling ferry sailings for a while yesterday. Although the heavy rains from the southwest storm washed away most of the snow, unveiling our green lawns, it snowed again last night, just a trace, starting our day with icy streets too slippery to walk on, even though Poncho thought it was a great idea. Please pass along greetings to all. The sun is shining, it's 3 degrees C, so we'll try that walk again. Have a spring roll for me. Oh, yes, in case you missed it: Christy Clark won the Liberal race, the federal Conservatives are being investigated for stealing money under the table during the last election campaign, and the New Westminster hospital is so overcrowded that patients are being stowed in the Tim Horton's at night. Double, double anyone? Take care, and enjoy every day. They say that Vietnam has 88 shades of green. Can you find them? Jackie
3rd March 2011
Halong Bay

Parking lot
I don't think I'd want to try to park in there.....
From Blog: Halong Bay
2nd March 2011

Wow sounds you are having a wonderful experince,,, Great photos and comments of your trip...i would not of gone on that boat ha ha
28th February 2011

Hi Mom, Sounds like you guys are already having a good time. Its funny hearing that your American bill got rejected! We were at the casino last night and won some nice, new, crisp, "coloured" Canadian dollars. Happy Ironing!! Mike and Lindsey
26th February 2011

Amazing! cant wait to see more pictures and more stories
26th February 2011
Phnom Penh Hotel

Hotel looks wonderful. And you certainly don't look like you have been travelling for 15+ hours! You all seem so happy. Have a wonderful time. I will be watching your trip from afar. Patricia
23rd February 2011

Hi Barb, glad you got there safely and are now 'lighting up' the town! Hey we got the deal done with J.O. Holy Bullsh*t Batman.
22nd February 2011

30 c above there 30 c below here
Just read your latest post - glad to hear all is going smoothly, when I read about shopping & shoes I could see Mary & Lin pulling out those crisp & clean greenbacks. Happy travels
22nd February 2011

hey Mare, trust your trip is going well....just ckecking out the link! take care p
21st February 2011

cold kitimat
Hi Looks cold there. Hope you find sunshine and heat in the future of your travels. Have fun and keep me in the loop. Thanks Pat
13th February 2011

Great Blog!
Hi Barb, This looks great! The pictures are wonderful, but too much snow! You'll be happy to leave it behind for a few weeks! Lov ya Talk to you later. Mika

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