You know you love me...XOXO Katie Girl


You know you love me...XOXO Katie Girl

My name is Katie and recently i've quit my job and have decided to travel the world...well not quite the world only a small portion as I don't have unlimited time on my hands. I'm going without any expectations and with that I should have a few pleasant suprises along my journey.
Talk to you soon
XOXO Katie Girl

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton April 29th 2012

I have finally arrived in Canada...yes I travelled for something like 30+ hours all in the same day April 28th. Leaving Perth at 00:25am (April 28) for the first flight to Melbourne was difficult as i'm a homebody and i'm leaving my fur babies for 3 months. In Melbourne I had a quick 3 hr layover before I jumped on the mother of all flights to LA. So time to stock up on magazines and well that was it. Did some downward facing dog in that airport and I was set. The flight to LA was suprisingly good. I rode in cattle class of the A380 although I was a little nervous considering all the engine problems in the past and the bad publicity about Quantas etc. So everytime we hit turbulance I thought I was ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth City April 16th 2012

Hello Friends and Family of well ME! Well i've booked my tickets and i'm coming to a town near you. Now this isn't going to be like last Christmas where we really didn't get time to relax and be a tourist. So you my friends are the people that I will be making an effort to see or have come to me. I'm talented and as much as i'd like to go see everyone in their home...i don't have the powers of Superman and or the funds of Rockefeller which would enable me to undertake that option. However the bonus is that i'm spending the majority of my time between Calgary - Red Deer - Edmonton. I will be arriving in 'the true north strong and free' on April 28 at night. I'm going to be ... read more

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