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11th March 2014

Great photos!
Hey there, Great to see you are enjoying your travels. Thanks for the note from New Years. Take care, all the best - looking forward to following along on your new adventures as we continue to slave away up in Canada's far north. Kathie & Jordan
12th March 2014

Even when you are slaving away, you still have some great breaks - we can see the nomadic spirit is still there! Take care, and stay in touch.
8th March 2014

Wonderful text and photos
Tracey, really admire your style. You should have been a writer. You manage to evoke a wonderful picture of life in Sucre. Wherever you are, you find interesting costumes, special events and ordinary life to be really colourful.. I wonder whether you would be able to describe everyday life in Britain or NL in such colourful language. How is Jim coping with the language? I never had problems, but Elmer did. Why do you need to learn grammar? I just learned the language of whatever country I was in e.g. NL, Spain, Sweden without bothering about grammar. I also love your sense of humour. Too bad we could not get together.
8th March 2014

Heidi, I really thank you for your words. I am touched by what you say. Not least because I live my life believing there is beauty in everything, and it's nice to have someone recognise and acknowledge this. I will take up your challenge to write about 'everyday' life next year, when we will be in Holland for 3 months (Jan-March)! Jim finds the Spanish as difficult as I do. I wish we'd had your approach to the language and just talked - we have now learned the present tense, two past tenses, two future tenses, but I just had to ask our teacher how to ask someone if they could move their seat forward on the bus! Only one week to go and then we'll be loose in Bolivia, on our own. Maybe then our Spanish will improve! Hope you are both well. And hopefully see you at the end of this year, when we hope to be in England (maybe, briefly). Take care, xxx
8th March 2014

I've just discovered your blog under Newest blogs...
and am amazed by your writing talent. I also can sympathize with your lack of language learning talent. We are headed to Peru and Bolivia for the first two weeks of May, and are going with a tour for the first time in our lives due to not speaking Spanish. I understand knowing how to speak Spanish is almost a requirement for traveling on one's own in Central and South America. I look forward to reading your blogs, both past, present, and future.
8th March 2014

Dear Bob, Thanks so much for your remarks. Only one week of Spanish lessons to go, and then it will be make or break, do or die, out in Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador by ourselves! Maybe I now have this great untapped vat of knowledge in my head, that's waiting for a chance to erupt. (one can but hope!) I'm sure you will enjoy Bolivia - and Peru. Bolivia is a delight - full of colour and joy. I look forward to reading your blogs about it. Take care, Tracey.
15th February 2014

Wonderful to see what the local people are wearing. This little girl with the blue hat and dress really has style!
14th February 2014

Good to hear from you. Sorry we did not get to see you.
10th February 2014

Hi Trace, Seeing your pictures I remember the city. We didn\'t stay long. Beautiful kolonial-style houses. A sharp line between the wealthy and the not so wealthy (remember a quarter where such luxurious houses were built I was amazed, we stayed mostly in hotels or guest houses) Not sure, but think in Sucre we took the bus and walked with a dutch guide a very old trail the pre-inca\'s followed. It was not so \"famous\" mostly the locals knew. And maybe I walked to a very old cemetary, but could have been Potosi or La Paz too....It was probably in La Paz where we took the Takesi trail. Sucre is close to Uyuni right? The salt lake. So strage, not like anything else in the world. Are you feeling better already from the hight? The tea really helps! One time I bought a packet, because I wanted to know how it feels stuffing your mouth with it and chewing all the time. Felt like I had been in the dentist chair, tongue comfortly numb! It\'s such fun to be reminded of Bolivia, by your blog. Thank you! Looking forward for the next one.
10th February 2014

Your photos show some lovely squares and streets. Did you look for a language school, and ended up in Sucre or did you choose the city and then look for a school?
14th February 2014

I chose the city. It's the chocolate capital of Bolivia! But I just fell in love with it, from what I read about it. Lots of colonial buildings, culture, nice climate etc. And then I read that it's one of the best places to learn Spanish in South America - so it all just fitted together. We're not having lessons at a school, but with a private teacher - she's really good. Maybe we miss out a little on social contacts, but our Spanish gets lots of attention.
4th December 2012

just as
Just as interesting as India. Marocco. Egypt. Yet take a picture of your india travel and compare it to Wrest different! Atmosphere. Reminds me of feeling like a fish without water while walking the hights in Ladakh. Different atmospheres and how we adapt (or not)
25th November 2012

great story
Love it
From Blog: Mrs Smith.
13th November 2012

So interesting
Glad to see you are back to blogging Tracey as I really enjoy your writing...must get to see this place...I wonder if there are any Mary Watts tombstones there? I think there must be.
31st August 2012

let's go
let's go to A'dam and try some!
30th August 2012

A tasting weekend
I think this calls for a tasting weekend in Amsterdam to see if we agree with you!
26th July 2012

Driver Raj's contact info
Hi, I read your article about your travel with Raj driving you. I would be grateful if you can provide me his contact information. Thanks a lot for the detailed blog.
25th May 2012

great story
great story. and yes, sometimes we don't know what we've got...but others we do, and are happy to get rid of.... what is good for one, isn't for another. Are the donkeys eaten now or having a big celebration?? ;) and the women?..
From Blog: Siwa Oasis.
23rd May 2012

Thank you for sharing this contact.
I am just back home in Canada after spending 2 weeks with Raj and my daughter in India. I want to thank you again for sharing his contact information with me. Everything you mentioned about him in your blog, I found to be true. It was fun spending the time with Raj and getting to know India and him a little bit better. I will definitely recommend Raj to other people who might be interested in touring around India in great style. Comment received 22nd May 2012.
16th May 2012

No tourists?
I just read an article about Egypt on the National Geographic. They said that since the revolution there are almost no tourists at the temple sites i.e. 150 per day instead of 3000. This is a major loss of income. Did you find that? Also now there is less control, more theft and unrest. Be interested in your comments.
16th May 2012

Tourist numbers were definitely down. Everyone was complaining about it - although we heard varying estimates as to how much - about a third, seemed to be the general consensus. In some ways this was an advantage for us, less queuing, less crowded, but in others it was a disadvantage (lead to more hassling for 'baksheesh'). People also complained about 'relaxation of rules'. Nothing major - caleche drivers for instance waiting outside of hotels, (previously they had specially designated areas), kids washing car windows at traffic lights etc. In Siwa, more smuggling. We never felt threatened in any way in Egypt - I think social control is too strong, for people to make things difficult for foreigners, and I think they want to give tourists a positive impression, so they encourage more people to visit.
15th May 2012

Rural Luxor
We were amazed at the rural villages where animals and people lived and worked together could be found so close to one of the main tourist attractions in Egypt. You have a great aptitude for finding a guide that can introduce you to the homes and lives of ordinary people - really interesting.
4th May 2012

Temples and tombs
Isn't the Luxor museum fantastic? I never expected to see shoes, wooden items all preserved. Your descriptions brought it all back - waiting to hear the next installment.
4th May 2012
The Snow Goose.

lovely house boat and great food and service.
if you want to find paradise on earth this is it, this is it, this is it.
3rd May 2012

Me too
And that's just what I like Tracey

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