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1st February 2011

You certainly have a flair for writing. Beautiful photos as well.
From Blog: The Geeky God!
31st January 2011

Mr Wu
What a great story!
From Blog: The Geeky God!
27th January 2011

kukki tuneyeh rock painting baani kaha se sikhi ....madarchod
11th January 2011

I'm getting hungry.
11th January 2011

Let Them Eat Cake!
Dear karine, Sorry I won't be in Dali to benefit from the inspiration you receive on your trip! Enjoy. I'll keep checking your blog for news of the bakery and the new items. Take care, Tracey.
11th January 2011

Dear Tracey, well done, that post is great. Pics are wonderful. I'm in Guangzhou now, looking for new ideas and have a little rest, food is not bad either. Wish you both a good time, was really great to meet you and have a chat. Come back to Dali one time.
10th January 2011

What a great experience! Love your descriptions.
10th January 2011

Wow. thank you Jim for the addresses.
7th January 2011

We read your interesting blogs with great admiration of the research which must go into finding the right areas and people to visit. Jim, could you please send me Linda's address in England.
1st January 2011

Hello Trace and Jim, a very happy new year
24th December 2010

We love your imaginative writing. You should be an author. \it's great that you are both enjoyinmg your travels. Do you have a home address? Will you be back in Holland or England soon? We would love to see you.
29th November 2010

hi there, loved your post and am looking for a driver, any chance of his details please best jan
22nd November 2010

Thanks for reconnecting us
Hi Tracey and Jim, Thank you for reconnecting us. Are you now in Africa? Thought you were in India. Please let us know what you have been doing the past year.
17th November 2010

Yes, Mr.Kukki is incredible as India :) I also had possibility to meet him :)
6th September 2010

Lovely experience
I met Kukki sometime in April 2009 when I realized he was an authority in pre-historic paintings and the local demography of the region. Since it has rained well in Rajasthan I began promoting this wonderful place. I was lucky to tour with Citibank group and heartiest thanks to Kukki who made this possible...Hats off to this enthusiastic and energetic man called KUKKI :)
8th August 2010

wow!! keep it on
am very impressed to know that mr KUKKI discovered prehistoric paintings(rock paintings).thanks to respected KUKKI sir.we are waiting more of your discoveries .
4th August 2010

What a journey
Thanks for sharing this! I love the photos... It must have been incredible.
13th July 2010

car driver Raj
Dear Sir or Madam, I am planning to go this August on India and I am looking for a car driver for two weeks. I've read tyour comments about Raj and I would like to know if it is possible to get his contact information Thanks a lot Joan
14th May 2010
Raj and the Ambassador.

I want to buy your car. please,
4th May 2010

Spell Check
S H I K A R A not shakira !!!!
17th April 2010

prachtige foto's
Trace, je had wel gelijk, wat een kleurrijke mensen en wat een mooie tempel, nog mooier dan de Taj-Mahal. gr
13th April 2010

lovely photos
Trace - stunning photos. And very nice comments! Sarah xxxx
6th April 2010

Thanks for your thoughts Guay. I appreciate hearing what you think of Bandipur. You may be right, I may be a bit cynical, but these were just thoughts that occured to me while there. It's not that I don't appreciate progress, or that I want to keep third world countries in a kind of idyllic backward state, but I wonder if tourism alone can be responsible for 'saving' a place - and if it should be? I certainly felt that much good work had been done, and that some people were genuine in their desire to provide education and better facilities in the village, but I also felt that some were benefitting more than others from tourism, and wondered if this was why others (guesthouse owners, restaurant owners etc). seemed uninterested in providing good service. It's not my intention to put people off visiting the place - I would just like to encourage open discussion and hear what others think of the place.
30th March 2010

Different Opinion~
As a volunteer and frequent visitor to Bandipur, I feel your assessment and portrayal of Bandipur is a bit cynical and does not reflect or respect the the hard work and culture of this town. It is easy to visit for a day, take photos, and make our "professional" assessment of a place. But if you really want to know and understand fully, a bit more time and experience are necessary. Learning about how "things were" and how they are now is all relative, but maybe if you actually lived there you would feel a bit different. Personally, I find Bandipur to be a lovely village filled with hardworking children and adults who do the best they can with what they have been given. Did you take the time to see the village before the "Tourism Committee" started working to improve Bandipur? You may be quite shocked. I think it is easy for us (visitors/tourists) to be a bit harsh in our assessment of "keeping the natural charm" third world countries, but when your livelihood is linked to it, you may feel a bit different. Understanding the culture in which you are assessing is critical before making any judgments. I wonder if you actually got to see the most beautiful parts of Bandipur because I do not see them reflected in your photos. I am a bit sad that your experience was negative and this is reflected here so maybe others will not really understand just how beautiful and wonderful Banidpur really is; I find it to be one of the most spectacular places on earth.
27th March 2010

I liked the photo of the "Keep Bandipur tidy" sign. The streets look very clean in the other pictures so that sign must have worked.

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