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What the devil? Carnival in Oruro.

April 2nd 2014
Carnival in Sucre was a blast. Carnival in Oruro was completely over the top. For most of the year Oruro is a grim mining town with nothing much to recommend it, but a week before Lent it explodes into a frenetic fiesta of colour and music. It's the most raucous and outrageous party of all. Aida urged us to go, telling us it was 'different'. She though, was content to watch it on the ... read more
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Bolivian Flag Bolivia, named after independence fighter Simon BOLIVAR, broke away from Spanish rule in 1825; much of its subsequent history has consisted of a series of nearly 200 coups and counter-coups. Comparatively democratic civilian rule was established in 1... ... read more
6th April 2014

Fab Photos!
These are costumes usually seen only in museums--good for you for going! I'm in La Paz and wasn't up for the crowds, prices, water balloons, but I'm so glad you went and posted these amazing photos! Any chance you may be coming to La Paz in the next month or so?
6th April 2014

Hi Tara, How nice to get a comment from you. I've read all your South American blogs - love them. Great inspiration for me in planning this trip. Hopefully we'll be coming to La Paz. We're in Tarija at the moment, trying to get a visa to stay for another 30 days. Tomorrow we go back to the immigration office with all the stuff we've had to collect - and on Tuesday we'll either be heading to Santa Cruz (preparation for the Jesuit Mission Circuit) or to Argentina. Fingers crossed it's Santa Cruz - we're not ready to leave yet. Take care, Tracey.

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