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8th April 2012

We love the Cotswolds!
Lesley, Jeff, Lesley's Mom and I had a wonderful time in the Cotswolds some years ago. The little towns and country roads / hills were definitely some of the most memorable places we visited. We stayed near Chippen Camden in a wonderful inn. Our bedroom dated from the 15th century.
4th April 2012

Hello Jim, Shirley, and Chrissy, You are doing such a good job with your blog. Binsey and The Thames look so inviting! Jane
4th April 2012

Oxford postcard
Thank you for the lovely 4 season postcard from Oxford! It arrived yesterday! What fantastic mail service the Brits and we have! Thanks so much! Jane and Sean
3rd April 2012

This is great traveling with you
Thanks so much for the wonderful pictures, Looks like you are well fed and enjoying your trip with your family. Your son and daughter in law are lovely. I appreciate following along, keep me updated.
2nd April 2012

Roman challanged
I'll get to work on those numbers. Thanks for the pictures. Do you get these messages?
3rd April 2012

Yes we do get your comments
Yes, we do get your comments and we very much appreciate them. We are praying for your brother and your family. Shirley
1st April 2012

Meadow walk
Looks like a great time. I'm surprised the weather is so cool. Are you able to bring back fish and chips for a souvenir?
1st April 2012

Thanks for sharing!!!
It looks like such a pleasant trip and visit. Have you seen a " Jaeger " clothing store yet??? :)
30th March 2012

amazing history there
It is amazing to see places that have been around for so long. Only in America do we think buildings are disposable. I enjoy seeing your pictures and the skies looks so blue in a few of your pictures. Enjoy your time and log in those steps!
30th March 2012

It looks like you're having a great time! Love the pictures, keep having fun.
30th March 2012

It is so beautiful, would love to go there some day. Looks like you are having a wonderful trip. Am so happy for all of you! What a wonderful experience for Glenn & Nooni.
28th March 2012

great pictures Tell Glenn I said hi
28th March 2012

the Force
Was that Yoda watching the street musician? Looks like you have started well.
27th March 2012

How much fun..
to get to see Glenn & Nooni in such a wonderful place! and such a great time of year. Enjoy, enjoy!
18th December 2010

Jim, Shirley and Chrissy, I'm glad you enjoyed your trip. You three look great. I've missed the time we've not been able to share. I'm doing great. I bought a new home for the family. I'll be finishing school up next year along with Kim. You'll be receiving a graduation invitation from Kim and myself. You should google Kim Perry; she is all over the internet for her volleyball accomplishments. She has several schools looking at her to play for them unfortunately she hasn't decided which one at this point. She is going to school to receive her PHD in Physical Therapy. This has been what she has wanted to do since my accident. Josh is 6'2" now and leads his team in point and rebounds. They are both in track, cross country. Kim also plays basketball wear she is their best defensive weapon. Lou is still working as Billing Manager for EMT where she has been with for 9 years. I'm involved in a few different areas to make a few dollars hear and there. I'm still very much involved in my church and the local food bank. I also find myself helping others in need which I enjoy. I would like to get together with you three on a weekend. We will be in Columbus several times in the next few months for volleyball tournaments. I will forward the dates and locations as soon as I get them. I would enjoy getting together with you on at least one of those weekends. I look forward to hearing from you. God Bless! Sincerely, Chris
18th October 2009

Love the blog, good writing, hope to live there some day
3rd March 2007

WOW! How wonderful of you guys! I am excited to hear from your next blog and interested to hear about your observations! Do me a favor... find how many "Chins" are listed in the phone book for me?? (thats a good one for Jim!" : )
7th September 2006

enjoy the local menu
Bring back some great Hungarian receipes to try. Have a wonderful time and take special care. Love, Susan
7th September 2006

So Exciting!
WOW!! That is fabulous! We are sooo excited for you all and hopefully the pain meds are just as good in Budapest for Jim as they are here! j/k! Have a safe and wonderful trip! Can't wait to hear more! (p.s. Lauren starts kindergarten on 9/7!) love and hugs to you! Amy and family
13th November 2005

I'll talk to Sean...
and begin working on the extradition papers.... jon...hoping the food is good in NZ jails.

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