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26th March 2019

What to see!
Larry, you saw more than my wife did up there while visiting her father back in the 70's, but the place is probably a little more civilized now.
8th September 2018

Nicely Described Destination
Thanks for sharing detail information of destination. We would like to operate tours
29th August 2018
In All My Years of Saloons-Hopping Around this Great Country, I Cannot Remember Ever Seeing the Bar Rail Refrigerated to Keep the Brewski Ice Cold – Here’s to Iowa, Where the Corn Is Tall and the Hops Are Cold

Refrigerated bar rail
We were on a cruise ship that had an iced bar rail at the Martini Bar to keep them cold. It was pretty cool.
28th August 2018

loving it.
Larry , thanks for the great blogs. We've travelled in the States a couple of times, but unless we move there, there is absolutely no way I could visit all these wonderful places. So thanks for taking the time to share.
28th August 2018

Glad to share
Hi Sue, I'm glad you're enjoying my blogs. I first intended them to serve as "rocking chair" material in the future but have found that many enjoy the adventure as much as I. Thanks again. Larry
4th July 2018

travel blogs
thanks for sharing,it's excellent information.for more visit travel blogs
4th June 2018

Thoroughly enjoyed reading your adventures on the peninsula. I'm new to the area and have meant to visit some of those places written about but lost my motivation. You have inspired me. For the 2017 Kite Festival I was in SoCal so I'm looking forward to witness it this year (2018). I Thank You so very much for the insights to the places where I now live. I too am a retired firefighter, 26 years US NAVY.
17th June 2018

Long Beach WA area
Thanks for the comment. It's good to know that I'm not doing this exercise merely for my personal nostalgia down the road a few years. I genuinely enjoyed exploring your new home and hope you do as well.
4th April 2018

Utah's many secrets
For this traveler from Oz I am intrigued by the wonders and secrets of Utah. We discovered some of its wonders on our Utah/Arizona roadtrip during a polar vortex in 2015 but you have given so many reasons to return there. Who can resist dinosaur fossil areas, petroglyphs, striated landscapes, maybe running into the ghost of Butch Cassidy who appears to have returned from Bolivia? Great stuff..
16th April 2018

Intriguing Utah
Thanks for the comment. The national parks of Utah get some publicity, but there is much, much more. Utah is probably one of the most off the grid diamonds in the rough in America.
14th July 2017

Hello from an old Valley friend.
I had to read this recent one right away! Eye catching headline!
14th July 2017

Exciting adventure=exciting headline. Thanks my friend.
20th June 2017

Larry, I've really enjoyed following your adventures in 2016.. Ho9ping that 2017 is as interesting.
20th June 2017

My travels
I started the blog as a diary for my personal benefit in years hence; however, I have found others enjoy reading about my travels almost as much as I enjoy the journey itself.
4th April 2017
Elvis’ Favorite Car – A 1973 Stutz Blackhawk

Not Bearcat, it's a Stutz Blackhawk
10th November 2016

Fort Leonardwood,Mo.
In 1956 I joined the Army Reserve. We took a bus starting in Fort Dodge and picking up recruits along the way. Somewhere in eastern Missouri, I think Jefferson City, we stopped for a short bathroom break. I saw for the first time a separate drinking fountain and bathroom for the blacks and whites I just remember it made quite an impression on a 17 year old greenhorn from Central Iowa.
26th March 2016

Came across your blog today and enjoyed reading about your travels. Glad to hear you are doing good. Will look forward to more.
12th January 2016

Love it
Larry, please start writing these into manuscripts for a travel book!
6th August 2015

Columet to Silver City
A fine account of some fascinating history in Michigan. Columet provided more than one immigrant to Silver City, NM. They knew copper and hated the cold.
22nd May 2015
This Flag Was Carried By The 95th Illinois Infantry Regiment Consisting Of Volunteers From Boone And McHenry Counties

My GGG Grandfather was in the 95th ILL please see his photo and grave on my Facebook page
26th May 2015
This Flag Was Carried By The 95th Illinois Infantry Regiment Consisting Of Volunteers From Boone And McHenry Counties

GGG Grandfather's Picture
Hey Mike, Cool facebook page. That marker looks like it might have been at Gettysburg??? It's net you have traced your ancestry.
6th April 2015

Sorry about the terrible advice
I am from the Coeur d'Alene area. I have never been to the visitor's center and have no idea who runs or staffs it but you certainly were given terrible advice. If you ever get back, or if your readers end up 'stuck' in the area, there are many scenic drives and walking/hiking opportunities in the area. For short, nearby walks they should have recommended Tubbs Hill in downtown Coeur d'Alene and Mineral Ridge which is a short drive around the lake from town. Scenic drives are everywhere. From Orofino driving over Lolo Pass into Montana retraces Lewis & Clark's route and is breathtaking. There are short scenic walks along the side of the road that include an old-growth cedar forest. From Montana you can come back to Cd'A over Lookout Pass and drive through the area of the 1910 'Big Burn' forest fire. This drive takes you through the Silver Valley, a historic mining district with several opportunities to tour old mines. Just off I-90 east of Coeur d'Alene is the drive up the North Fork of the Coeur d'Alene River which is beautiful. There are hiking trails to waterfalls and another old-growth cedar grove on that drive. Longer hikes in the area include Chilco Peak to the north of Coeur d'Alene and the Bernard Peak trail which begins in Farragut State Park. The area is not big on covered bridges and waterfalls but there is plenty to satisfy those who like scenic drives and hikes. I am sorry that you were given such terrible advice.
6th April 2015

Thanks for the advice and your time
Thanks for the great advice. I realize how hard it is to get good volunteer help – been there, done that. Some folks volunteer merely to look at four walls of a different color while others add as much as possible to their country club resume. I’ve been to dozens of visitor centers, and my experience in Coeur d'Alene was not an isolated case. The gentleman was pleasant but probably had no introduction to the task at hand that would place him in a mindset to assimilate the questions of the visitor and then to develop suggestions to offer which would supplement the visitor’s list (i.e., this person like adventure, nature, shopping, history, amusement parks, water sports, etc.) and therefore enhance the visitors experience. Thank you for taking the time to provide that information to me and my readers. I have a good friend that lives in southeastern Idaho and probably will be back in the panhandle again. Larry

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