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25th November 2023

Miss you!
Miss you Uncle Larry! Looks like you are having an amazing time! Love you!
30th May 2023

Unfortunately I had to have back surgery on May 3, so while I am virtually on my back for a bit, I thought it would be fun to interesting to catch up on what you’ve been up to these past years.
12th September 2023

Glad you found my blog
I've had a pretty interesting life since my 2008 divorce, including spending at least one week in all 50 states between 2010 and 2020 when I sold the RV (no point in going anywhere if everything would be closed when I arrive). Then I broadened my horizons and am having a ball for as long as the body alows!
27th March 2023

It is always something.
Sounds like you had a good cruse. Our trip is delay for month, because of wife family med. Glad you had someone to watch after your place. Until later, John
29th March 2023

Getting together
Hey John, Thanks for all the feedback on my blog. YOU have a great trip as well. I have an obligation in IL in June but give me a call after our dust settles a bit so we can get together sometime in May. Thanks again. Larry
13th March 2023

solar gate lights
Thats so interesting. Thanku so much for sharing
16th February 2023

What an observation that took that nano second too.
At what point all around Antarctica isn't its north side? We all got a good laugh out of that one.
4th February 2023

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10th February 2023

Thank you for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoy my posts.
26th January 2023
Ship-to-Shore Pictures of Isla Robinson Crusoe, Chile from MS Volendam

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25th January 2023
Maritime Activities as Seen from MS Volendam

I miss my Navy days at sea.
These pictures brought back memories, though I was usually at work below decks during the movement in or out of port and never got to see them. I often did my time on deck in the night, cold wind and with wild sea waves between two parallel ships.
21st January 2023

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21st January 2023

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20th January 2023

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14th January 2023
Misc. Pictures of Holland America’s MS Volendam

My trip.
We are going to the Philippines in April this year. I also live San Antonio, Texas now. I real enjoy your trips. Have fun
13th January 2023

On the way again.
Great you are on your way. Me and my girlfriend are going to the Philippines in April. Have fun.
13th January 2023

Have fun.
If you wait until 2024, I'll go with you. Let me know when you're back. We can do breakfast.
12th January 2023

Looks great.
Looks great. I almost watch you in every single chapter. Please go ahead, you're doing very well. Netflix series could be a future option. Talk soon. Bye for now.
13th January 2023

Thanks Nevio.
It's nice to know somebody is enjoying the blogs. Thanks again for showing me Venice by night, and give my best to Delia.
2nd September 2022

You got to see Venice at night and from the water, that must of been beautiful. Venice fascinated me. We will have to talk when you get home.
Whoops - sorry.
4th August 2022

During WWII my father trained in Wales
His unit the 99th Infantry Battalion (the Norwegians) was attached to the 1st Army. I should have looked up info about them there and sent it on to you ahead of time to see if your paths crossed 80 years apart. He recalls the girls there were great dancers.
3rd July 2022

Hi Larry, enjoy France. We will be in Paris this Saturday. Happy Travels.
30th June 2022

Hi Larry Just found your blog so Road in to say howdy and hope you’re having a great time. Francis somewhere I have never wanted to go also but then I watched some thing that made me change my mind. However every trip I’ve looked at it has such a huge single supplement charge that it’s put me off. Well hope everything goes well in the future and I’ll keep up with your blog

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