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30th November 2013

Nice story..
Hi Peter, I will be in your neighborhood during 설날. I hope to catch up while I am there. Talk soon, Rick
30th November 2013

See you at 설날
I'll be back in Bangkok in late January, so I look forward to catching up with you then. Cheers, Peter.
7th January 2012
The appropriately named "Bliss"

My dream was always to see water that blue.
From Blog: Sailing in Tonga
19th December 2011

You are a 2011 TravelBlog favourite blogger!
Check this out, and feel free to add some 2011 TravelBlog favourite anythings of your own. :)
26th December 2011

Favorite blogger
Thanks Mell, for both the vote and the message! Cheers, and a happy Christmas and new year to you :)
27th November 2011

about flood
Thank you for the information about the flood in Bangkok. They say that it may last at least till mid - december? I hope all of the people there are tough and strong enough to overcome this difficulty. My boss will go to Bangkok in January. I may go there too and I hope everything will be settled and people redeem their normal life.
22nd November 2011

Hi Peter I'm currently in Thailand a great place to be but getting a diving job here is a beatch Alexander, Iqbal drop me a line if you hear any thing about work on this side of the world any help would be greatly appreciated.
28th October 2011

Another engrossing read
Peter, I really appreciate your effort to photograph and write this blog considering what is going on around you. The pictures of Thais trying to carry life on as normal is a real testament to their tenacity and spirit. My thoughts are with everyone in the flooded areas this weekend when the waters are expected to reach their peak.
1st November 2011

Thanks Shane. Yes, Thais really are tenacious and manage to maintain their spirits despite the ineptitude of those in charge. The servicemen and police helping out with transport in particular are making a huge contribution to maintaining morale and ensuring the people and the country survive. These guys are working 12-18 hours a day and are amazingly cheerful about it. The smiles in the photos were there before I pointed the camera at them. As for the "peak" that we've been told is coming, that's merely a tidal movement that affects only the Chao Phraya River. Other areas are likely to see floodwaters continue to rise because, having stopped them at the outskirts of Bangkok, the water continues to flow in from surrounding provinces and build up. My refugees living here, who were originally reluctant to come because their house was dry, told me today that the water is 2 feet deep inside their house and still rising. I'd say the worst (in Bangkok) is still a week or two away.
27th October 2011

Great blog and pics
Fantastic blog, just discovered it. And a really good look at the floods. Thais are so resilient and I love the pic of the girls enjoying a meal amongst the water. Never let a flood get in way of food!! Do hope that you will all be OK. Our guys at our office in Sukhumvit moved upcountry yesterday. Thoughts are with you all.
27th October 2011

Thanks for this blog
Hi Peter, around Ekamai everything still seems to be completely dry. What I still find bizarre is that no foreign government have made evacuation warnings. No embassies have evacuated their staffs...weird...
27th October 2011

Still no sign of water or political leadership
Hi Pierre. Yup, upper Sukhumvit is still dry. At soi 12 here. The odd numbers will probably flood first. I think the embassies have left evacuation orders until the last minute because they believed the politicians. King Solomon would have been a useful bloke to have around at this time. Also, no sign of panic here, so I guess the embassies didn't feel the need to panic either. The Thais were smiling yesterday during the flood, and I'm sure they'll be smiling next week as well.
26th October 2011

Thanks for your blogs, Pete!
What a calamity! There's little one can say of course ... your final comment about the drinking water shortage highlights the challenge. Is the Army bringing supplies of that into distribution points? My thoughts are very much with you - just as they were on September 18 when I didn't get around to sending a birthday wish for you!! Love, Marg
23rd October 2011

Hang in there!
Hope you are okay - we've been thinking about you while watching the news. Hard to believe a city like Bangkok could be hit so badly.
23rd October 2011

Be prepare
To combat over these natural disasters, ,mentally prepare yourself. Nice post...
22nd October 2011

Stay dry!
I went through a similar experience in Brisbane earlier this year during our floods. Supermarkets sold out of essentials (bottled water, bread, eggs), and when the waters rose, they did so incredibly fast. The worst part is after the floods; for when the waters subside, a disgusting thick mud remains. Look forward to reading further updates.
22nd October 2011

Staying Safe...
I know you are a survivor. Thank you for the update!
1st December 2010
Dancing Monkey

i like the monkey
this monkey is supper cute i want one
24th November 2010
Firefighters walk past the smouldering ruins of Central World

great photo
was there in april/may and just left bkk before this actual happened.amazing how fast they rebuild it
21st October 2010

Commercial Diver
looks like you got suckered...but I highly doubt that you make 1000$USD an hour maybe 1300$ a day or 2275$(north sea rate) ...I guess this is a case of takes one to know one mate.
27th September 2010

Have just read through all your articles on Myanmar, we have just returned last month from a visit thre, you could almost be describing our trip and the photos are remarkably similar. I imagine not much has changed since you were there in 2006. Very few tourists to be seen anywhere. Loved it, also notice from your blogs that we have visited lots of the same places. Happy travels
24th September 2010

Nice shot
Hi Peter, I like your: Please don't take my photo, shot. Some shots can do that.... trigger an emotion instantly! glad you took the hint, so more nice photos await us!! Cheers! Lien
21st July 2010

nice pics
nice pics bro...pls visit malaysia again :)

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