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21st January 2018

Fantastic Blog!
Hi, really enjoyed reading this! made me laugh a lot, I could imagine Pete bravely trying the conversation starter about the closed window. Incredibly frustrating to be with loads of people and not able to communicate with them... but by now you are no doubt fluent!
18th January 2018

Muy bien!
Hola! Sounds like you're having a ball, despite the Spanish classes. We're off to France tomorrow where, praise be, no Spanish will be necessary. Keep on writing the blog and make sure we get updates on life in the tent xxx
18th January 2018

Hasty loo go! So soon into your adventure! Though I bet you use it just as an excuse to get out of lessons, which sound huge fun. I feel for your teacher - she much be wondering what she did wrong in a former life for Lowes to form 2/3rds of her class. Supper arrangements sound very jolly and I'm sure, deep down, they were all actually fascinated by Pete's thoughts on the window. Bravo, Pete! How are you getting on with discussing Brexit in Spanish? - I simply won't believe you if you tell me no-one was interested in that EITHER. Lovely photos of pontes and I bet you're right, Jan - you are currently in the foothills of bridges. The bridge equivalent of scree slopes, summits and heart-in-mouth moments are still to come. Please pass my condolences to your teachers. Px
17th January 2018
Today's choice of headgear is......

I assume dangerous headgear in case you topple over cos your brain is so enlarged with Espanol?
15th January 2018

Eagerly awaiting the next instalment
So how's it going then? xx
13th January 2018

I cannot WAIT...
...for a picture of the 2 of you in Vango Banshee (sounds like the name of a world-weary, seen-it-all-before but brilliant DI) with Big Agnes (obviously his boss) (or dog). Assume you are there by now? And either deep into the lingo (complete with old Philadephia pot full of phrases, so sad you couldn't afford to buy a new tin), or living a very silent life. Cuidado con los insectos voladores! Px
13th January 2018

Good luck
Have a fantastic adventure you two and stay safe ⛺️
9th January 2018

Are you taking musical instruments? Must be some music written for a clarinet trombone duo? You could strike up lively tune and endear yourselves to the natives.
9th January 2018

Have a great time!
Looking forward to hearing more. NB how heavy is a pair of socks then?

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