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19th March 2020

You might want to come home!
Hi Guys, interesting times - enjoying your blogs. Corona panic taking hold here. Schools closed indefinitely from tomorrow. Emergency bill planned to close all airports and ports being presented to Parliament in next few days. Realise may be difficult to change your plans, but otherwise you may become Ecuadorian nationals instead! All love and BW, stay safe. N & T xx
17th March 2020

Best place to stay during coronavirus epidemic
Well, the local supermarkets are "carnage", we're all in lock-down and advised not to visit bars/restaurants. Luckily we still have leeks and rhubarb in the garden and seed-sowing has gone into overdrive. You meanwhile are in a hostel with a helpful (illegal) restaurant next door, perfecting your Spanish and doing whatever it is that people in lock-down do. All sounds fun to me! Hope to see you back in the UK one day xx
15th March 2020

So now that you have the silly hat all you need is a quirky whistling fluty thing. We walked over a bridge made of bamboo with no handrail for a bit. You will remember how good I am with heights.
14th March 2020

Where are the updates?
Well, it's been a fortnight since the last entry, which really isn't good enough for those travelling vicariously via you two. We're all under lockdown here (well, not really, but it's being threatened) and need all the jollity and travel we can get. Friends are being chucked out of India today so hope you're all OK and your plans are going ahead. PS - the weather is getting better now so time to get on in the greenhouse. My tomatoes are flourishing in the kitchen
13th March 2020

Well I never
Smashed coccyxs, 5 feet from losing the bread maker, carnivals, concrete roly pollies... what intrepid explorers you both are! I think I am sticking with the Maldives and a sun lounger although a trip up a mountain with 2 geologists would get me off said lounger!
12th March 2020

Glad Jan is still with us!
Dear both, it has taken me awhile to twig I can communicate with you using the ‘submit comment’ box. I am enjoying your hilarious escapades very much. They are a million miles away from our humdrum lives involving new kitchen install delays and mismatched painted wall sagas. You are both very brave and adventurous, but rather you than me! You will be pleased to hear we have started a sequence ballroom dance class with a new teacher and are rapidly learning some new tricks. Teacher is very strict and we are having to practise in our hall each week before the next lesson in case we get told off. I have gone back from beginning of March to part time and am expecting to play a round of golf (first for 6 months) tomorrow assuming the hail and rain downpours and heavy gales hold off for a few hours. I expect to finish as a perm employee beg of June. Steve is still travelling miles every day to Newlyn (near Penzance - miles away west) to look after fish accounting, but is enjoying it. We are so glad Jan is still with us and look forward to your next instalment, in whatever order you wish to present them! Love Jackie xxx
9th March 2020

Welcome back!
I’m so happy about the return of this blog, which I’ve only just been made aware of! Always an utter hoot to read xx
4th March 2020

The Danish team following you
Hi Jan & Pete So good to be long distance followers of your journey. I enjoy your humorous style of writing! You are really challenging yourself and seem to succeed after all. It doesn't really matter to fall asleep over dinner considering the menu. Also funny to go back and read about the Bariloche days. Looking forward to hear more in May! Enjoy your trip! Ellen and Jens
1st March 2020

So Pete
90% about the nosh, 7% (AFTER the posh nosh, obviously - after all, ‘first things first’) about Jan being within inches of her life, then finishing with - nosh! I’m just not sure about Pete’s priorities here...x
29th February 2020

You are making so many (mad?!) memories Jan and Pete - hope you spotted/didn't frighten the vicunas? x
27th February 2020

What is the MATTER with you Lowes?
You two are climbing, inch by tortuous inch, a mountain that's the closest to the sun. Two of your children are running a half marathon this weekend, no doubt through snow and rain. One of your daughters (and her husband) insist on cycling to work through hail, wind and floods. Are we related? I'm just off to the Garden Centre for a nice cup of tea and a bun. So we can't POSSIBLY be. Maldives sound good though! x
26th February 2020

Brilliant blog
Am amazed how patient you (Jan!) continue to be. Love the detail, feels like a ski holiday with Pete - on steroids. Suggest the Maldives for your next holiday.
26th February 2020

Good idea...
About the Maldives Nick! Please take him away on another ski trip soon so I can have a rest! Xxx
23rd February 2020

Love that caldera
Hilarious re triangle toes! The caldera was formed about 600 years ago by as you say the volcano blowing it's top off - apparently pyroclastic flows (think Pompeii) reached the Pacific Ocean and spread an airborne deposit of volcanic ash throughout the northern Andes. If you feel a rumble and see lava put your socks back on in case your toes ignite!
23rd February 2020

Great effort
Well done Lowe's! Sounds like good mountaineering!
19th February 2020

Perseverance, maths and another use for vaseline
Well done to you both. Maths is awesome and it is always right. Sometimes Christmas arrives early. As for vaseline; I have had a right ( not left) ear problem for over 50 years. I went to see a nurse at the hospital and I now have to rub a small amount of cotton wool in vaseline and put it in both ears, every time i am going to wash my hair/have a shower.
19th February 2020

My toes are the SAME SHAPE!
Is it genetic? Do your children suffer from Digit Triangularis? And isn't vaseline a tad gooey? Mind you, I guess, as MY walk to work is on the extreme flat and done in wellies at the moment, the need to stop them tucking in where they don't need to tuck is slighly less than Jan's is. Are you on commission from Snickers? Or actually - on second thoughts you can't be - HALF a Snicker at a time?? Pete's influence again? (Never spend more money than you need when half a snicker will DO) FAB blog and even fabber pictures! That crater looks amazing! (Underneath your Blog post is a picture of Daniel Craig as James Bond...did you do that on purpose? Are you trying to tell us that neither of you is really as minging as you say, but actually looked as cool as James Bond as you tottered into Quilotoa?) Lots of love! Px
19th February 2020

Love reading the blog
5 hours uphill and then more walking, heroic! Good to see snickers are going strong xxx
16th February 2020

LOVE it Jan. You write so beautifully and I have been spluttering with laughter into my tea (delightful image). xx
15th February 2020

Is Pete going commando for 2 months?
... conspicuous absence of detail about Pete’s under garments...
11th February 2020

Well done Old Lowes, I can see Jan has her lifejacket on in the blog photo - are you expecting to be overboard? Perhaps it helped cushion the little Ecuadorian lady who you squashed on the ramp! Great scramble up at 13,000 feet or so. There’s a geomorphological equation for the limit of slope angle before it fails but I think I would have to defer to Chief Engineer Lowe! keep it coming! N&K x
11th February 2020

No leather and booklet? How disappointing
So where’s your sense of adventure then? Not even rice and leather? Now none of us will ever know. I bet you were really boring and went for potatoes avocado egg cheese. You really need to get out more and live a bit dangerously. Ah. You are. X
11th February 2020

Well done!
It all sounds great - agree that the slope is at least vertical!
11th February 2020

Thank goodness...
...there's someone else who is sensible out there! Hope you had a fab hols. Is it too early to sow those cucumbers?

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