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18th February 2018

Sounds like that wonderful trip to Nepal...
...am I right? I am now just about to read Jan's version and CANNOT WAIT. I have to say it already sounds ghastly - gradients, paths like bucking broncos, a dejected Jan (I don't think I've EVER seen that) - the stoy of this one will be worth listening to when you get home! Good to know that being an older hitch-hiker has its benefits. And fancy having an armadillo check out your chocolate! On to Jan's version...
17th February 2018

Precipitous Pete, is it?
Some jagged mountains at last- well done! Loved the piccies of those big pointy peaks in the Torres del Paine park- very envious of you. At least you have had some decent enough weather to see them. We've just returned from the Cairngorms and some woolly weather but I think where you are pips it!
14th February 2018

Happy Valentine's Day!
Hi you guys! Must admit, this is my first read of your blog, what have I been doing! Very amusing, you sound to be having a blast. Jan, I hope Pete has found a dozen long stemmed red roses to give you, if not, why not? Xxx
12th February 2018
Lagos de Todos los Santos, with Argentina in the background

How come you've both got much shorter and far wider since you left the UK ..... - see photos xx
10th February 2018

Great blog
Love the blogs, so funny! Full of admiration at your hitch hiking (aka alternative transportation), general bus or lorry taking and adventurous spirit. We are sure there are some Chilean blogs somewhere saying, words to the effect of, "hey, we met some crazy inglese peeps today, the hombre he think he is penguin, no? Ha ha, nutty inglese no?"
9th February 2018

Bringing a whole new meaning to cattle class
You're probably among the cows by now - cannot WAIT to hear how THAT went. You'll probably eat a lot of beef. It might be like the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, where the cow presents itself and recommends the different bit of it before it's taken off to be - well, we'll draw a veil over that. For a blog that's not going to talk about what you ate, there seems to be an awful lot of talk about what you ate. Southern edge of Humboldt, northern edge of Magellanic penguins inDEED. Mr Mowbray would be proud of you, if somewhat astonished. Sounds like you're having a BLAST! Great blog! Pxxx
9th February 2018

When I hear 'penguin' I think chocolate biscuit.
4th February 2018

Love the pictures and Alejandro sounds like a legend, looking forward to next blog! I’ve thrown all your advice out the window now and am going to use everyone’s razors I can find
3rd February 2018
Our friend Alexandro

I think it's not the hitching that is a big no-no, but the imbibing of copious amounts of tinto that's a problem when travelling .....
2nd February 2018

More Mountain pictures please
All very well hearing about what you are eating and drinking. Can we have a request for more pictures of pointy mountains! Looking forward to seeing a picture of the penguins. Sounds like you are having a fab time Not at all envious of you, of course. Adios!
2nd February 2018

eat and meet
pressed a button and everything disappeared - who knows whither it went. Anyway - Curanto will no doubt be cooked in the garden of Rathmoy this summer. Do vegetables, apart from potato dumplings which hardly count, exist in Chile? Cannot BELIEVE you hitchhiked with a strange wine-reeking man who, oddly, looks a lot like Pete, and wears the same sort of hat. Surely that alone would have been enough to put you off. What sort of penguins? - my guess is Magellanic - looking forward to photos but NOT of you eating them. (Daren't hit return in case it all disappears again so it's a bit stream of consciousness) Px
1st February 2018

Not only hitch hiking but with a drunk driver! It'll be mopeds without helmets next! So glad you're having the best adventure xxx
1st February 2018

Old Chinese saying
A good traveller has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving. Looks like you are having a wonderful time. Nice.
1st February 2018
The campsite...We were in the bushes!

With all that walking and sea air I can imagine space restriction is not a handicap to sleep. Certainly not to deep sleep. I am not sure not hearing a tsunami alarm is a good thing. What is the opposite of ear plugs? More info on your diet may be interesting. GB
1st February 2018

If you swam due west from Cole Cole...
From one of your geography friends.... you were at 42.5 south latitude, so if you swam in a straight line along said latitude you would next touch land around Marlborough, south island New Zealand! Come and visit us - you might just make it if you set off now! Of course you would have a bit of a current, the odd shark or three and a bit of a chilly swim to contrnd with but there would be some nice wine at the end of your swim! Good luck, Neil!
31st January 2018
Still smiling...

What beautiful scenery, wonderful place for the perfect picnic wish "we were there".. Please keep posting those amazing pictures . Enjoy x
30th January 2018

.... thank goodness your marriage survived that! Fab photos - looks amazing - I note no comments on the boat trip....?? Hope the Spanish is improving xxx
28th January 2018

Coo what a picnic site
Gorgeous photo of the rolling Pacific breakers! I hope the picnic lived up to its view. The best news of all is that there is room after all in Tiny Tim for you, Big Berthas AND 2 glasses of wine - that was a major concern of us all. No-one cares diddly squat where boots or rucksacks would go, but alcohol - that's a different story. That pic of Pete 'smiling' - he looks like he's wearing Tiny Tim and that grin looks a but manic, I must say. And it's one thing for Pete to possibly and only ever once to have considered the benefits of having a only slightly smaller wife. QUITE another for you to have maybe had similar thoughts about the benefits of a slightly smaller husband...I just put it out there in case the ruminations about that philosophical tsunami question get a bit boring after a while. You'll no doubt be pleased to know that we also have plenty of water available here too, thanks to the fact that it's not stoppped raining since 2016, and also that a storm drain is pouring its entire contents hourly into my garage at the moment. And I don't have to walk 6 hours to get to it...X
28th January 2018

Nostalgic reading
Good to hear that the busses are still as luxurious as we remember. Those backpack carrying muscles will be honed in no time! Great photos, having been houseviewing yesterday we assume TinyTim would be described as 'cosy' or 'potential to extend'. Really enjoying the posts, keep them comin!
27th January 2018

Love reading your blogs, looks and sounds like you are enjoying such an amazing experience as only the Lowes could! Love the picture of the waves rolling in over the beach. So glad you didn't have to sleep with Pete's feet Jan !Keep smiling and continue the blogs x
27th January 2018

I don;t have a geography degree
And my 5 mins of googling has failed to uearth the exact location of Cole Cole - but travelling due west from Chiloe national park looks like it would bring you to the south island of New Zealand - worth a shot? I hear Heaven is pretty OK if you don't make it to NZ. :-)
26th January 2018

Oh I could dance so freely there, unconstrained by family restrictions. Enjoy.
26th January 2018

brass bands and cerviche
bet you wish you'd taken your clarinet and trombone now - that's the thing about travelling light, you never have the VERY thing you need with you. Can you take the 'moderation'thing off these comments - we all want to read what eveyone else is putting as they do it - you may think we're here because we want to read your blog (which we do, obvs) but actually it's the conversations among followers that's the REAL draw. Yes I know we can see them under comments but it's too removed in time and space. You're on holiday - chill! Pxx
From Blog: Fiesta!
26th January 2018

I am reading your blog whilst contemplating what to wear for freezing and damp tennis this morning (Friday) - quel contrast! How lovely it all sounds! Keep blogging and keep safe. x
From Blog: Fiesta!
26th January 2018

Great to hear your news!
Good to know you are safe and enjoying your travels. I am jealous of the street dancing, reminding me of our Kos evening and can picture you both out there whirling madly away. Did you teach them any special Lowe moves?! I have got a bad back at the moment (too much lifting and stooping) so can only dream of such frivolous activity. I do love reading about your adventure. Such a contrast to our wet, windy and plumbing centric life here! Lots of love x
From Blog: Fiesta!

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