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Asia » Cambodia » South » Phnom Penh December 27th 2007

Chris here (for a change of writing) . The first part of Christmas day was spent on a bus between Kampot and Phnom Penh rattling along - local bus taking 5 hours. Unfortunately on arrival at our hotel I found my card holder and phone, which didn't work anyway, had gone missing and so the rest of the day was spent on the internet phone which is so unbelievably bad, trying to cancel credit cards. Lots of being put on hold and whats and pardons and I cant hear yous. Steve & Carol were also trying to get the mobliles working which also resulted in lots of tearing out of hair andrepeated dropped out calls. Can you imagine talking to an Indian call centre via Cambodian internet phone? It was one of the most frustrating things ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Bokor Hill Station December 24th 2007

Where do I start, what a fantastic day out. We left our guesthouse in the back of a pick up truck at 8.30 to head up to Bokor Hill Station and National Park. Our group of 8 were fantastic, including Malaysian girl with Dutch guy, another dutch couple and an English girl. The road to the station is very steep and like a very bad Aussie Outback road that has been washed away. The driver was excellent - although not sure how he managed to drive so fast in the conditions without going over the edge (only joking, he did drive fast at times but slowed when it was really bumpy). Trees and bushed overhung the road and we were warned to duck, and particularly try and avoid a Tiger Nail plant. I don't think I ... read more
Bokor 1
Bokor 2

Asia » Vietnam December 22nd 2007

Left Phu Quoc on early plane bound for Rach Gia. Grabbed a taxi (so new it still smelt of plastic) and off we went to Ha Tien. 100km and 2 hours later we arrive. Not much English is spoken in Vietnam in general but in Ha Tien no-one speaks any!!!!!! Luckily in first hotel we tried to get a room at, after some funny/exhasperating attempts at conversation a Vietnamese woman on holiday from Sydney interrupted her lunch to come to our aid. So we got accommodation. Next to try and see some sights - 3 motos, no English but we did manage to go to the Cave Pagoda and also the local beach. Supposed to be lovely but is black sand and stones, not very appealing but the most beautiful countryside to get there. (And the ... read more
Snorkelling trip
Cambodian countryside

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Kien Giang » Phu Quoc Island December 20th 2007

Island great value, our accommodation on the beach is $20 per night for room with ensuite. Lovely place, beautiful beacn. Weirdest thing is the English guy running it comes from Berko (for our Aussie friends who don't know that is our home town in the UK). Weirder still is the fact that the year we left he moved into a house 3 doors down from where we were living when we left. Fantastic fresh fruit juices here and great food. Took a boat out snorkelling a couple of days ago, crew managed to ground the boat - hilarious watching them try and get it off the sand bar. great people but no-one speaks english which makes for interesting times. Floating fish markets are amazing and just to see how many little huts they can fit on ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Pulau Tioman September 29th 2007

September trip 2007 to Malaysia Trip built on frequent flyers so the flights are a little long winded but still - cheap too. Left Adelaide Thursday 20th September at 8.30 am. Flight to Perth, then 2.5 hours till flight to Singapore. Arrived at 4.30 and got a taxi to city as with 2 people same as getting bus/train. Got dropped in Little India and wandered a bit to find accommodation, surprisingly many places full. Shower, drink in backpackers and off to eat - Indian. Singapore has changed dramatically since we were here last in 1992. There is less and less old stuff and more and more high rises. Found it very expensive too, many things not so different to Australia, although some electrical is cheaper. We were told to head to Lavender St bus station to ... read more
juara beach

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Innamincka October 10th 2006

As we were a little short of our planned first stop at Lyndhurst we left early, to go up the Strezlecki track, aim to get to Innaminka for the second night and get back on track. Unfortunately we are obviously supposed to be learning something we have missed and 180km up the track we slowed down to help a broken down road train (after he tried to stop a previous 4x4 with no success!!!!!). We had at the same time noticed an odd noise and were also stopping to investigate. Trucky had blown a water hose - no probs as we are carrying a spare 50litres (unlike another car which stopped and only had 5 between two - hope they don’t have a problem). We got trucky back on road, he and Steve worked out the ... read more
Strezlecki track 2
Strezlecki track 3

Oceania » Australia October 9th 2006

Redundancy - a blessing in disguise. In May this year I was made redundant so decided to make our hobby of property renovating and subdividing into a full time income. Scary. Still we got a couple of properties done and decided to take a break. After all why not we now had no boss to tell us we couldn't. We decided to go bush and beach for 7 lovely weeks. Especially for some friends of ours who have not travelled we decided to write about our experiences. BPart 1/B Left a little late due to being completely un-organised. Driving up through the Adelaide suburbs in our new (to us) old HJ61 Landcruiser, we stopped to fill the fridge with groceries as we planned to spend quite a few days away from it all. This was our ... read more

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