Mina Lee


Mina Lee

Under a lot of pressure from friends and family, I decided to create this blog for them. I am backpacking around the world (minus Africa) for 8 -12 months, this blog will keep everyone up to date of my whereabouts. I will do my best to recount my memories from the beginning of the trip.

South America » Brazil » Distrito Federal » Brasília September 15th 2012

Flavia´s sister wedding day, Carol’s wedding was the most beautiful wedding I have ever attended. The family, the atmosphere, the decorations, the dress, the cake, and the alcohol everything was perfect that even someone against marriage like my best friend Winnie would change her mind after attended this wedding. The wedding took place at the Brasilia Cathedral. The Cathedral was quite peculiar in my opinion; it looks more modern than any other cathedral I have seen. The roof and walls are covered in mosaic, very colourful mosaic. The wedding aisle was decorated with fresh white Lily (my favourite flowers), everyone in the cathedral looked so happy and couldn´t stop smiling to each other. What a beautiful wedding. The church service lasted two hours then it was party time yaaaaaaaaay. The reception venue was something that you ... read more
The gift
The desert

South America » Brazil » São Paulo » São Paulo September 13th 2012

Welcome to Brazil I flew out of New York last night at 7:40pm, it was a long flight to Brazil. I flew with TAM Brazil airline. The airline was pretty good, I´m not sure whether it was a budget airline or not. The seat was quite big and the recliner chair went back so far that my head was on my neighbors’ lap. The food was good and the alcohol was rolling in non-stop, I started to like Brazil already :-) The flight landed at 6:15am at Guarulhos International airport Sao Paulo, my connected flight to Brasilia was at 10:40am. What would I do for four and a half hour spare? Sao Paulo airport was crazy, busy and didn´t have a lot of signage for directions for first traveler like myself. Generally, when I get to ... read more

North America » United States » New York September 8th 2012

Saturday My flight landed at 12:30pm at JFK airport Terminal 4, I was so tired from previous sleepless night but also was full of excitement for New York City. The queue at the custom went very quickly, I went to collect my bag and tried to find my way out of the airport. JFK airport wasn't as big as I expected, there were an Express Bus to NYC counter and a few rental car agents, accomondation reservation and a customer service desk. Having said that I flew with Virgin Atlantic, I may have landed at the budget terminal. I went to the Express Bus counter to check if they go past my hostel in Queens, unfortunately the bus doesn't go there. The guy told me it was better of for me to get a taxi which ... read more
New Year's Eve Ball

Middle East » Qatar » Doha June 21st 2012

I said farewell to my family and friends in Darwin and caught my fly to Doha, Qatar via Singapore. I left at 6pm, the trip started off great as I got into Singapore airport without any tear. The transit time was only 4 hours so it was enough time for me to get from budget terminal 1 to international terminal 3. I arrived in Doha at 5am, stepped outside the airport and I almost past out from the heat. The weather in Doha was unbearable, it feels like I was in the oven. The heat sucked all your strength and left you with a dried jerky body. I found a taxi, went to my hotel and asked the air con on immediately. I was so keen to see the city so after I checked in, I ... read more
Special dyed chicken
The Tornado Tower

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