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11th December 2008

The photo with you and Barbara Striesand's star - priceless. Awesome.
10th December 2008

Wiping away tears......of laughter!
We truly are sympathetic with your misadventures but must admit we howled with laughter as we read this blog entry and photo captions! You are making enough memories to last a lifetime; good for you. Three months on the road already - enjoy the next three!
10th December 2008

Man, sounds like you're not loving the OC life style, to bad, haha. The cheap hockey sounds good, I sure hope you packed your Oilers jerseys just so you could wear them that one time! By the way you look happy (also crazy), so have some more fun and get to Mexico already, k!
24th November 2008

Keep on Truckin'!!
Hi Sharon & Cousin Mike! I am continually amazed by your adventures (and a whole ton of 'jealous' too!). Not to put a damper on the trip, but how much is this actually costing you?! ¡Viva México!
19th November 2008

What a fantastic adventure you two have created! I am envious of your fortitide and free-spiritedness...your blogs are so well written that I have no doubt you could publish them as a book! Stay safe and well...many more exciting things await! Love from us all!
18th November 2008

Cal. dreaming
Hi, you two, So happy to read that you are enjoying such a varied 'gourmet like' sampling of favourite things . You deserve the warmth,excitement and fun of San. Fran. after all the hard knocks and the rain. Hope your ride continues on the up (quality -not gradient). Love from Vancouver Island . (No frost yet)
8th November 2008

Happy Trails
Enjoy reading about all your adventures. Perhaps Obama will make you two his Ministers of the Environment; you seem to be close buddies! Happy trails; stay safe!
1st November 2008

Computer class
Hi Sharon, I am taking a computer class and just noticed your update to your blog. I am always excited to hear about your trip. It is pouring rain here in Vancouver for Halloween. My teacher rides his bike from Kits to here at Brittannia School every day. He thinks you should have a good bike with tires to do that trip. Hope all is well. Love A. Pam
29th October 2008

Hey guys!!! Amazing stories! and pictures!! Ha, as I worry about biking to a location 40 minutes away, your reality is quite different. Love you guys and thinkin' about your sweet souls! Paz y amor, Laura
18th October 2008

About flat tires...
Sharon, perhaps you could comment about this the next time you make a post. Essentially, why is it that Mike is always the one getting a flat tire? Do you just not report it when you get one? Or is the Mike-flat-tires to Sharon-flat-tires ratio actually 20:1?
17th October 2008

Your trip sounds amazing
Your trip sounds absolutely amazing. I am blown away at how far you two have made it so far! Also, your stories about the generosity of ramdom people is quite uplifting. I guess you are giving people what they don't get very often, a chance to be nice! I love Portland as well, I've heard it is the Greenest city in the states. Too bad about the Canadian election, I am using your stories about Americians to give me hope for November 14th. For your next leg of the trip, do the crossing of the Oragon - California border early. The weather in the mountains can be brutial. I had snow in May when I did it this year. But the leg will be worth it when you get to the Redwood's. One of the most beauiful places on Earth. I can't imagine how amazing it will be to bike through it. I can't wait to read more. Dan
17th October 2008

...glad to hear all is well. Happy Belated Thanksgiving! Slurge and buy yourselves some good sleeping pads, your bodies will thank you for it.
9th October 2008

hey mike and sharon...sounds like a blast. first i have to say is that i am sorry i jinxd you on your flat tires if you can remember me telling you that..lol...with all those goodies you find in the ditch,they could come in handy some time"one mans junk is another mans treasure"...but stay away from those apple juice filled bottles..haha..i've had an experience with that, but i found a 4 litre milk jug FULL...agh!..but anyways now that i know where to look for your journey updates i will keep posted...jen and leah are doing great...but i will talk to you soon ..i hope..haha...later guys tyrone,jen and leah
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8th October 2008

Good on you guys - not my cup of tea - but hope you have a great time!
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6th October 2008

What an adventure!
I am really enjoying following your journey. Amazing that you haven't even left Canada yet, and already such an adventure! Keep enjoying your trip and each other's company. I look forward to many more entries.
From Blog: bloggin' duo
4th October 2008

The best things in life
"The best things in life are nearest: breath in your nostrils, light in your eyes, flowers at your feet, duties at your hand, the path of right just before you. Then do not grasp at the stars; but do life's plain, common work as it comes, certain that daily duties and daily bread are the sweetest things in life." Robert Louis Stevenson
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2nd October 2008

Hey, met you all on the Island Hwy Oct 1
We met on the hill top after that fantastic long descent! Hope you found a good place for last night and that the coming rain will be a bit forgiving. More importantly I am jealous that you have a south bound adventure. You will be able to look back on this trip forever! Like I said I have read many accounts of cycling Mexico and only one was a bad experience. I have read a bit about the unfortunates and other types who steal from the hiker/biker campsites, this problem seems to be closer to the larger California cities. Don't get me wrong, all the cycling journals I read come across as fun and a life experience. Common sense is used, you don't have to be paranoid. The tires I mentioned are Schwalb Marathon Plus and the tire liners are Mr.Tuffys. There are other good brands out there too. So go for it, eat the beans!
30th September 2008

Tribunes in the wild?
Hey guys, I just found your blog, and so far, this sounds absolutely amazing. I can't wait to hear about more of the insights you're getting into how this world works, urine bottles and everything else included. Best of luck, hopefully Mike's rear tire starts holding up for a change!
29th September 2008

I can't believe you guys have made it! Incredible! You two are truly my heros...
28th September 2008

Looking Good!
You two are looking well in these photos - but as a parent, I need to check your health and happiness out in person. Hope to see you before next summer. The scenery is fantastic; what an experience.
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27th September 2008

you left DIE board for this?
Amazing! Do you have much of your itinerary planned? If you happen to swing by the eastern seaboard, let me know!
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24th September 2008

way to go you two! life is better seen behind a set of handlebars, keep up the good work!
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24th September 2008

Keep It A Mystery!
Way to go Sharon and Mike...what an adventure! My suggestion on the mystery liquid in the bottle...keep it a mystery! I look forward to hearing more, until then, happy cycling
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20th September 2008

Redneck Albertans that love oil, gas, diesel and diamonds.
What are you saying that you want it to jump to $2 a litre. Not all of us are hardcore recylers that can bike to work (or go a whole year without working....:) I'm glad you two are having fun although I miss talking to my little cynical brother once and a while. All the wedding plans are going good. I think we have decided to do a reverse wedding (the newest craze they tell me) where the women wear tuxes and the men wear dresses. Don't laugh I'm serious. Okay maybe not but it would be pretty funny. I have an interview for a job on Thursday so wish me luck from wherever you are when you get this. Can't believe you are going so far away :(( :( Have fun and be safe. P.S. Sharon how could you stand being next to Mike if he hadn't showered in 10 days. Next time you are on a bridge going over a river just give him a shove over the edge. Instantly clean Love you
15th September 2008

Enjoy the ride
Hi Sharon and Mike. Sounds like you are having a wonderful experience. I am hoping I will get to see you when you get to Vancouver. Take care and I will think of you often. Love Auntie Pam
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