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15th September 2010

Congrats on the Pamplin scholarship, and time to get a mosquito net!
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15th September 2010

I know how to spell impressive, I was just testing you in my previous comment. You failed! ;)
From Blog: Life is Awesome!
15th September 2010

For shame!
Flaunting your drinking in your poor mother's face like this!
12th September 2010

Thank you!
Tell Maddie I miss her too! But she probably wouldn't like China too much. She would have to eat chicken feet instead of chicken strips.
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11th September 2010

Laura, congratulation on being a Pamplin SCholar--that is awesome and impresive. It is also another thing for me to tell Maddie and Rayna about--glad they have so many female cousins who are doing so well in school that they can look up to. Maddie says she misses you and really really wants to see you. Love you, Heather
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6th September 2010

Should I tell you?
hardcore Chinese alcohol
6th September 2010

mmmm, 白酒. What's that?
3rd September 2010

Silly Americans, wanting to use a toilet instead of chancing dribble down your legs!
3rd September 2010

Duck burritos sound good!
29th August 2010

That's awesome! Thank you so much for your interest.
29th August 2010

I loved seeing Maddie and Rayna! Don't worry about it. They aren't on the trip with me. Maybe I will see them at the school though.
29th August 2010

I am positive I asked for a fan. She understood me and sent someone over with a fan when he showed up.
29th August 2010

: )
I am enjoying reading your blog. Are you sure you asked for a fan? What is a minority show? Love you lots!
27th August 2010

Laura, I'm loving your blogs already. I feel like I am there with you and wish I could see and do all the things you are doing. So envious. Your classmates and profs sound like a lot of fun.
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26th August 2010

How is your trip going? Update your blog!!!
24th August 2010

you rebel
I certainly hope you didn't buck the system and bring MORE THAN FOUR PAIRS of undies! Do you know if my friend Maree's nieces are on the same trip? Their names are Kia and Chanel Jackson. They are identical twins. Hope all is going well and you aren't too overwhelmed. Glad we got to see you before you left. Sorry Maddie was(and still is) such a crab. I hope it's just a stage. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!
18th August 2010

Good Luck Laura
Hi Laura, your mom posted a link to your blog in Facebook. I know your mom from an online book club we formed many years ago. I enjoyed your mom's travel blog from your previous trip to China and look forward to reading yours as well. I'm sending a link to my daughter so she can keep read about your experiences too. She starts college next year and hopes to do a semester abroad. I'm sure this will be an amazing experience for you. Stacy
17th August 2010

In "Americans Abroad" last semester, we put the following advice on our end-of-semester "travel tips": "You don't need to know what you want to accomplish before you go. Don't expect anything in particular." I would add that not expecting anything in particular gives you the freedom to expect everything, and to welcome all that comes your way. I wish you the best for the daily and year-long journeys--some extreme, some not-so-extreme--headed your way!
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