Laura Nash


Laura Nash

I am an East Asian Studies and Studio Art major at Lewis & Clark College, studying abroad in Chengdu, China during the Fall 2010 semester.

Asia » China » Shanghai December 13th 2010

The bus ride from the airport to the hotel was an hour long, and our guide talked almost the whole time. She warned us not to walk around the streets late at night. Shanghai is safe, but you are not familiar with the area, but it is safe, but you still shouldn't walk around at night, but Shanghai IS safe. She also warned us about men who would try to take us into secret rooms to sell us fake brand name purses and wallets. They won't show you the way out unless you buy something!! And she warned us about Uighurs, a nationality originating in Xinjiang, to the north of Tibet. They are dangerous thieves!! Audrey and I gave each other a look when she said this. And most of us groaned. She also told us ... read more
Best Buy
pedestrian overpass

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu December 11th 2010

Saturday, December 4th: Maria, Audrey, and I took the bus to Chunxi Lu. When we got there, three little kids in school uniforms with Young Pioneer red scarves hailed us down. They were selling newspapers to raise money for poor children. Audrey and Maria each bought one, and then we took a picture with them. So, of course, everyone else on the street jumped in to take a picture of us as well. We went to a panda store and the women's market so that Maria could buy the last of her gifts, then we went to the Donut Stop to eat and be merry and study for our Chinese finals on Monday. Maria and I practiced the speaking part of our test. Questions included: What do find the most interesting about China and why? Describe ... read more
chrysanthemum tea
Haagen-Daaz at Chunxi Lu

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu December 4th 2010

It is 12:55 am tomorrow morning. I swallowed too many peppers this evening. They are still warming my stomach. My hotpot had pig brain and intestines in it. I'm sorry, but that is too much. This year I will have taken 15 flights. That is a lot. Portland to Phoenix. Phoenix to Portland. Portland to Sacramento. Sacramento to Portland. Sea-Tac to Irvine. Irvine to Sea-Tac. Sea-Tac to Albuquerque. Albuquerque to Sea-Tac. Sea-Tac to Beijing. Beijing to Xi'an. Chengdu to Lhasa. Lhasa to Chengdu. Chengdu to Shanghai. Shanghai to Beijing. Beijing to Sea-Tac. I have also taken a lot of trains, and a lot of buses, and a lot of taxis. This has been a year of transportation. I think that instead of sleeping now, I am going to work on my essay for Sino-American Relations. Then, ... read more

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu December 4th 2010

Tuesday afternoon I was sitting on my ass feeling a bit lost. I felt lazy, for one. For the last couple of days I had been sitting in my room, meaning to be productive, watching Sex in the City instead. I realized that I am in China, and my Chinese did not seem to be getting any better, I wasn't out in China. I wasn't even studying. Bleh! Around one or so, I skyped my mom, which was good. At five I was getting antsy. The four of us had plans for dinner, to go to mian man, but I had not heard anything from anybody. So I got ready and went upstairs to rally the troops. I ran into Maria who was on her way down to find me. "Do you know what happened to ... read more

Asia » China » Tibet November 30th 2010

We have each been assigned two chapters in a textbook about Tibet for next year's students. These are the drafts for my two chapters. All of the sources are cited in footnotes in my word documents! They just don't show up when I copy and paste them. Apologies for that. Part V, Chapter 2 “Who Writes History When No One has Won? Serfs and Imperialists: History Education in and About Tibet” Laura Nash ( Throughout its history, many nations have been involved with Tibet in various capacities, and for many different reasons ranging from trade, exploitation of natural resources, its use as a buffer state, pure land lust, and more. Besides China, Mongolia, Nepal, Britain, and Manchuria (when Manchuria was experiencing one last heave of “statehood” as Manchukuo in the 1930s) have all had their hand ... read more

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu November 27th 2010

I've had a cold all week, but it hasn't stopped me from being out and about and having fun. On Monday, Clare, Audrey, Maria and I went to the hostel to do homework, homework, homework. First we ate lunch at noodle man, which was delicious as always. I will definitely miss his food when I go back to America. At the hostel, I borrowed Maria's computer to research for my Tibet textbook chapters. She has a VPN and I do not. While Audrey was researching on her own computer, which does not have a VPN, her internet shut down. She tried to fix it by typing things like "i love china" and "hu jintao is a great leader we can all look up to" into the search bar, but to no avail. She used the hostel ... read more

Asia » China » Sichuan » Emei Shan November 23rd 2010

This weekend, on Saturday at 9:30 in the morning, our usual PLU mishmash group got on a bus to Leshan and E'mei Shan. First we visited the Leshan Buddha. It was a lot more crowded and touristy than I remembered. After we took pictures of Buddha's head, we had to wait in line for a long time. The whole while I kept hearing "laowai, laowai, waiguoren..." and cameras snapping. (foreigner, foreigner) We pushed and shoved our way to the railing to take pictures all the way down. Then, when we got to the bottom, we had to climb back up. But we didn't have to wait in line for that. And it wasn't as tall as I remembered either. We walked around the temple at the top, recently remodeled. The next day they were choosing a ... read more
a specialty dish
western style
a tea farm we stopped at

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu November 19th 2010

Last Monday, Clare, Audrey, Maria and I planned to go to the Chengdu Modern Art Museum. But after a bit of Googling, we realized that the museum was pretty far outside the city... possibly not even there. Anyway, we couldn't figure it out, so we decided to go to a movie instead. No particular movie. Just a movie. Once we got to the theater, we asked for tickets to the next movie that was playing: Gongfu Wingchun. We bought snacks and climbed up the stairs to the third floor. Our tickets came with free sodas, so they drew those for us. Then we tried to sit in our theater, but the attendants wouldn't let us. They had us sit in the lounge and rest for a little bit. Five minutes to movie time, we realized our ... read more
Hermione and Ron
The Bad Guys
Clare and Audrey

Asia » China » Shaanxi » Xi'an November 16th 2010

On Thursday evening, Clare, Audrey, Maria, Scott and I boarded a train to Xi'an. We packed Subway sandwiches, a pimelo, mandarin oranges, and choco pies for the ride. Other than that, we tried to pack as lightly as possible, as we were only planning to be in Xi'an for one night. We traveled hard sleeper. These cars have bunk beds stacked three high, with partitions between every other stack. So there are six beds in each compartment, but they are still open to the hall/aisle that runs through the whole train. Each compartment has a small table and fold out chairs across from it. We had purchased three middle berths and two upper berths, so one person would have to sleep on the other side of a partition, which wasn't such a big deal. Clare volunteered. ... read more
in the dining car
Clare fanning her jiao
Audrey fanning her jiao

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu November 11th 2010

On Monday night, Clare, Audrey, Maria and I made dinner for our friend Snow White and her friend from home(I think her name is Guo Wen, but I may be wrong). We made 意大利面(spaghetti), garlic toast, and chocolate dipped bananas, potato chips, and chocolate chip cookies. All by wok and pot on freestanding gas burners. We made the chocolate dipped desserts by putting dove chocolate in a bunt cake pan in a wok of boiling water. The six of us sat around Clare and Audrey's coffee table and ate and watched television. Snow White told us that our spaghetti was a lot like a kind of noodle that she eats in her hometown. She was probably just being nice. But she did eat seconds. After dinner and dessert we played Uno. It was a lot of ... read more
close up of a picture
a cricket
a woman

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