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9th December 2019

Love the photos. I will put it in my to do list as Im heading to Port again this week. Its a great spot and more than likely will end up living up there. Peace out, tom
13th January 2016
Canvas Oil Painting from Hoi An

Canvas oil painting from Hoi An
Hi, any chance you are able to see the artist name on the canvas painting? I was just in Hoi An and saw a similar painting... I am having some serious regret that I didn't buy it and I'm hoping I can contact the artist/gallery online if I can find the artist's name! Thanks :)
1st May 2012

You've given me ideas
With a sudden change of plans I googled Castle Hill and Myall Lakes only to find one of my neighbours had planned the trip for me. Thank you, this information has made it easier for me to map my route.
29th March 2011

G'day Folks Did you happen acros anyone or any reference who (or which) provided the detail as to who named Chili Beach and when and why? Cheers John
19th March 2011
World's tallest termite mound?

how tall is it
I want to know how tall the tallest termite tower is and where is it if you know
15th August 2010

Great effort guys!
Great effort into your holiday blog! We did Cape York in May / June this year and we are surprised to see that the sign at the tip is different, as we thought the one we saw was brand new! Maybe it got stolen or damaged? Anyway, watched the Nolans Brook crossing, we crossed that via the middle. We heard that people are going thru it on the side now. When we crossed it, a car behind us got stuck so bad that he almost drowned his car. The car was full of water and all their belonging got water-logged. We helped them out which took about an hour! We had an exciting adventure as it looks like you are too! We are back in Melbourne now, were it's cold and rainy!
6th August 2010
Crossing the Jardine River

That's Me!!
Looks like your family had a great trip. I love this pic cause that's me on the right. We had a ball on the bikes carrying all our gear with no support vehicles. Wouldn't do it any other way.
2nd August 2010

Glad you had a great trip and got home safely. Kind regards Jamie Bramwell Junction
27th July 2010

could you provide more details on directions and travel times to campsite from normanton--keen to have a look in mid august
20th July 2010

Auto woes
That trailer does not look very healthy at all. It must be a Toyota trailer, I guess. If you'd gone Mitsubishi all the way, thre would have been no issues at all! ;-) But seriously, there are some pretty serious roads and creeks to be crossed up there - its got me a bit worried, even knowing I'll have a reliable Pajero to travel in!
4th June 2010
Middle Lagoon campground

Middle Lagoon -Cape leveque
We are planning a trip from Shepparton Victoria to the Kimberleys and are wanting to spend the last week at Broome/Cape Leveque and are wondering whether we can bring our Off road jayco camper into Cape leveque or are we better to stay at Middle Lagoon. We seem to be getting mixed messages about the road into Cape Leveque and Middle Lagoon. We are happy to stay at Middle Lagoon in our van and do a day trip to Cape Leveque but don't want to ruin our van or trip so need to be prepared. Look forward to your response. Joe Maloney - Shepparton Victoria
21st June 2009

great trip and some great photos - I enjoyed following your exploits around Australia, and it's good to see you safely home.
21st June 2009

welcome home
Hi there, I enjoyed reading your travel memories during the last few months! Now you have to re-read the stories yourself and remember the great things you've done during the last year travelling your wonderful country. For now enjoy the nice surroundings of your own home. Sincerely, Suzanne (Haarlem, the Netherlands)
7th March 2009

kangaroo valley and jervis bay
Hi guys - glad to hear you loved that area Michael and I spent 5 years in Nowra (posted to Albatross and i worked out at Creswell) so know the area well and love the Berry markets !!!
4th January 2009

Happy New Year!
Hi There, You don't know me. I'm Suzanne from the Netherlands and i stumbled upon your travelblog. Since then i follow your trip around australia! Very nice trip you're making!!! I would like to wish you a very happy new year and enjoy your wonderful journey! Greatings, Suzanne
5th November 2008

Catching up
Hi guys, I finally got time to get on and have a look at your blog. It looks like you are having an excellent time and are really motoring now. I think I would struggle with the day light saving times as well. I still ring my WA students at 6.30 in the morning! It looks very dry on the Nullabour but some great scenery. I look forward to the next entry. Bye, Miss Jess

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