Kelvyn Chapman


Kelvyn Chapman

spending some time in France 2009

Europe » France » Centre » Azay-Le-Rideau February 14th 2009

just a few more old photos posted 15 feb 09... read more
France2001 Aug-1 IMGA0002
France2001 Aug-1 IMGA0004
France2001 Aug-1 IMGA0005

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Arcachon February 14th 2009

a collection of old and new pix... read more
arles 2
arles 3
Azay -la-R Oak chest 5

Europe » France » Burgundy » Auxerre February 13th 2009

Europe » France » Burgundy » Auxerre February 13th 2009

Today it is Joan's turn to write the blog.... read more
closed right now
Don't kick the door!
Cuvée des Dame

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Bradford February 12th 2009

We have been invited to look after a house for a couple of weeks in Burgundy whilst the owners are away in the south of France. Now I can hear you saying, Burgundy. Joan and Kelvyn. Now come on, how can you trust them not to drink the cellar dry. Well, I can only say that we have so many projects planned to keep me busy that we will have very little time to get round to drinking more than just the odd apéritif a la week-end. These are a few photos of the village of Coulanges la Vineuse. The first four were taken during the celebration of the feast of Saint Vincent, the patron saint of vine growers. The event always takes place in January. So it can be very cold as we parade around ... read more
Saint Vincent Celebration 2003
Saint Vincent Celebration 2003
Miss Angleterre

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Bradford February 11th 2009

It's 5pm on Sunday 8th Feb 2009 and there is more snow forecast within the next hour. Well the snow did arrive but less than was expected so I guess it is work tomorrow. It has been many a year since we had such cold weather for so long, these last few years, if it has snowed it has not lasted more than a few hours. This year (February 2009) everyone over a certain age is comparing it to years like 1966 (which I can't remember) or 1952 (which I can remember). Even though it is still very cold it has not stopped the birds in the garden starting to look for nesting sites. I watched a couple of blue tits inspecting an old nesting box in a neighbour's garden and thought I ought to get ... read more
Bingley February 2009
Five rise locks

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