June Evans


June Evans

Oceania » Australia July 10th 2011

Blog Eight - Daintree Rainforest & Dive the Great Barrier Reef The final chapter ---- Our last phase took us up to the World Heritage Site of the Daintree Rainforest. We spent one night in Kuranda, visiting Margie's brother and sister-in-law, on their tropical property. Late into the evening we went wallabie spotting, and caught a glimpse two Bandicoots. Travelling up to the very north of Queensland we spent our last couple of nights camping at Cape Tribulation, deep within the Daintree Rainforest, where the rainforest meets the reef. Most of the time we hiked through "the oldest primary rainforest on earth". The hikes rambled through the rainforest and out onto the foreshore. Absolute beauty in gorgeous weather!!! Our one "tourist" thing we did was to take a river cruise, searching for crocodiles. ... read more
Cape Tribulation
Cape Trib
forest walk

Oceania » Australia July 2nd 2011

Blog Seven: Queensland & Cruising the Whitsundays We rolled into Byron Bay just in time for Michael to jump in the water and surf for the afternoon, giving June time to walk the endless beach. Byron Bay, a super long point break, was not epic, but still breaking at around 4-5 ft., a bit crowded, but able to enjoy several rides, one being from (the pass) and extending all the way to the inside of the bay - one of the longest rides Michael has experienced - maybe even a bit longer than Scorpion Bay (sorry Ricardo). With the swell dropping, and knowing that the Gold Coast and Brisbane were to our north, we turned inland from the coast (that's west here) to the Hinterland. We were surprised to be back in the forest within only ... read more
Hinterland 048- Circuit Hike in Springbrook (34)
Rainbow Beach

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Lennox Head June 14th 2011

Blog Six - New South Wales Exiting the Tasmania ferry, at 6:30 am., we found ourselves once again driving through Melbourne, only this time we didn't get lost!!! We were unaware of what awaited us South of Sydney and were more than pleasantly surprised at the beauty of the Sapphire Coast. Once again we came upon one secluded white sand beach abutted with dense forest after another. We were able to take time out to stop, walk, and enjoy this coastline. After four days of secluded campsites, we arrived in Sydney where we decided to urban camp on the outskirsts of the city and use the trains, buses, ferries, and our feet to get around. We were surprised at how easy it was once we learned how. Sydney boasts being the most beautiful city in the ... read more
Mystery Bay
Hyams Beach-Jervis Bay
Booderee National Park - Jervis Bay

Oceania » Australia » Victoria May 31st 2011

Blog Five: Victoria and Tasmania We're screaming with news from home, so we'll begin with it...after ten years of dating, Megan and Matt are ENGAGED!!!! Now back to Australia (and beyond). Back down along the Great Ocean Road, in the opposite direction that we rode it on the motorcycle, we were able to see this exquisite piece of Australia with more flexibility in our campervan. Our slower pace enabled us to explore and enjoy isolated beaches, beautiful bush walks, and surprisingly empty campsites. One morning we awoke to the sound of the ocean, turned sideways in bed, opened the window and had a whitewater view! Not fully awake, we slid out of the campervan and found ourselves right on the "Great South West Walk". June got Michael to grab his hiking boots and off we set ... read more
St. Columba Waterfall
Emerald Isle
giant tree ferns

Oceania » Australia » South Australia May 16th 2011

Blog Four: South Australia (the state) For a day and a half we drove through the vast countryside and long lonely roads from Melbourne in Victoria to North of Adelaide in South Australia. We were heading for the Barossa Valley Wine Region, a colorful patchwork of picturebook villages, historic churches, stone buildings, and cottages beckoning us to explore when we happened upon Suffield's Winery in the Eden Valley. Long story short....our arrival corresponded with harverst time. We found ourselves out in the vineyards, witnessing and being a part of the eleventh-hour harvest. It was so interesting to see, up close, how the harvester shook the vines to extract the grapes. Later into the evening, we helped (mainly by drinking their "reserve" Shiraz) with the crushing process. A young Swede actually did the shovelling of the grapes ... read more
ready for crushing
harvest complete
getting barrelled

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne May 1st 2011

Blog Three - Melbourne and The Great Ocean Road on a Harley G'day mates! First, Melbourne....besides everyone in black; from boots, to tights, to skirts, to leather jackets, and even black hair - Melbourne is a city filled with vibrant energy!-- Upon checking into our hotel, we found ourselves in the midst of the Melbourne comedy festival. We quickly booked a show and laughed our way through our first night. While walking, at least 5 hours a day, we encountered.... a *bustling city atmosphere *culture: we walked to Paliament, Federation Square, theatres, and churches, The Victorian Market (the biggest of its kind in the southern hemisphere), The Yarra River District, and pas... read more
first night of laughs
Yarra River cityscape
Anzac Day Parade

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » West New Britain » Kimbe April 24th 2011

Blog Two...Diving The FeBrina Fantabulous!!! Where to begin - above or below water? We've done 26 dives and as the days progressed we asked ourselves..."how can this get any better?" And it kept surpassing the previous day's wonderment. First of all, The FeBrina is the only boat out in the PNG waters here. The serenity and solitude contributes to this magical experience. Rimmed in the distance is a trio of volcanoes that enhances the sunrises. In the evenings the lightning brightens the horizon. Mesmerized by the sunlight on the water, the deep blue abuts the turquoise-green pateches of coral reef. On the boat, we are two of only twelve divers - a group of six from Sacramento, a professional underwater photographer from the Cannary islands (some of the attached pictures are his-bet you can tell which ... read more
Blue SeaStar
Blue Ribbon Eel
Cowry Shell

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » New Ireland » Kavieng April 13th 2011

Just finished 9 days at Rubio's Plantation Retreat. What a great start to our vacation! Michael says, "it far surpassed his expectations". Shane, an American who grew up in Hawaii, runs the retreat with his native wife, Annette, and his mom and dad. He is like "a god" here. Our ride along the 4 hour drive from the airport to Rubio's was like being in a parade. Everyone was waving and calling out to him - with genuine smiles and endearments. He has done so much for the people of this island: New Ireland...ten dollars of every hundred he makes, goes to the towns and their schools. He has created a surf team consisting of local guys who just placed first, second, and third in all divisions of the recent PNG finals in Madang. These guys ... read more
Our Bungalow at sunset
Shane and Kalani
Rubio's-out front

North America » United States » California » Encinitas March 29th 2011

Hi all. The last blog we published didn't seem to make it to many of you, so we're trying again after fixing the subscriber list. If you didn't get our last one, you can click "previous entry" to view our first post with our itinerary and other trip details. We leave Friday night and are finishing up the last of the packing. We're very excited, but will miss you all! See you in July. June and Michael ... read more

North America » United States » California » Encinitas March 28th 2011

We're leaving this Friday! We're hoping you'll follow us along the way. Many of you have asked what we'll be doing, so......Here's our itinerary: Friday night, we'll be flying from SD to LA, into Brisbane and onto Cairns - arriving there mid-day on April 3rd... The very next day we're onto Papua New Guinea. There we hook up to go onward from Port Moresby to an island called New Ireland and to a surf camp called Rubios. That's April 4th until April 13th. On April 13 we hope to leave, and we say "hope", because as of now our flights have been switched, suspended, and overlapped, so we no longer have the connection we booked to another PNG island - New Britain. We'll either spend a night at the Walindi Resort or get there in ... read more

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