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Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo July 28th 2009

Here are some more pics from our last night in Bosnia & Hercegovina....... read more
That's me trying to change a tire
The cemetery...
Another shot

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo July 28th 2009

Ok...this is blog #3. This blog will include our pics from our ferry rides from the island of Korcula and then the nights in Mostar and the day trip to Sarajevo. Our trip to Sarajevo was great. It was long...and somewhat of a hassle do to road construction. I am in desparate need of a co pilot since my dad's sense of direction is...let's say...a bit OFF. Our day started with getting pulled over by the Mostar police and getting ticketed for not having our lights on at 10 am. Then when we got to Sarajevo...which was really worth it, but a LONG day...having to change a flat as dad and I with the kids...were looking for Lions field (the cemetery built during the war for those killed who could not be buried anywhere else) and ... read more
Waiting for the ferry in Trpanj
Off to Ploce

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Korcula July 26th 2009

This is my blog from the town of Korcula. On Saturday, we left Dubrovnik and had lunch in Ston. As usual, it was difficult leaving Dubrovnik. Lunch in Ston was great. I had some mussels and then walked to the tower on the walls of Ston with Ayden & Abbey. It was quite a challenge and the heights made me a little more nervous than the kids. On our first day in Korcula, we checked into our apartments and then walked the old town and had supper. Today, the 2nd day, we went to Vela Luka...not much a parking ticket...looked for the Vlasic family and could not find them...Dad met a new friend and then got another visit to the Church can see the pics with the blog. We had dinner tonight after church ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik July 23rd 2009

During our 2nd day in Dubrovnik, we went to Banje Beach and then did the usual. Dad said that we had to walk the walls in our wet swim suits...but he stayed behind...and needless to say, I was feeling a bit like Paul from the 2003 trip. I needed Mike to watch my back in case I had to use some lube. Fortunately, it didn't get to that point. I have attached some pictures. These pics are from the 2 full days in Dubrovnik. Not just the first full day. We did talk Dad into getting back to Banje today. is what we did so far... Day 1 Arrived & went to the Old Town Walked the Stradun and ate in the old harbor at the Poklisar...the same place we ate in 2006. Day 2 ... read more
Dad & Ayden at MSP
Arrival at Cilipi
Dad and the kids near Pile.

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