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21st December 2009

Such superlative work deserves recognition, I was blown away when I read your paper. I am not surprised others were pleased also. Sooo proud to be your Mom, hard work always pays off. Love ya lots. Mom XXXXXX .... and amazing pics,you're quite the photographer as well, talented all around.
20th December 2009

Feliz navidad...;-)
Enjoy your blogging, as always and I never fail to be struck by what an remarkable experience you're living. Enjoy, learn and have fun! Congratulations too on the publication! An excellent addition to you academic and professional CV. You go, Girl! Best, Sue
12th November 2009

Maybe hitting the hot springs on the wknd
If you wanna come just let me know and you can crash Oruro for the wknd!
18th October 2009

Cappucinos a la starbucks?
Even with their patchy schedules, the restaurants and bistros sound scrumptious! (Want us to send you some of the new "instant" Starbucks stuff? Im told its very good -- and at least as expensive as the "real" stuff. ;-) ) Your work and adventure sound wonderful; make sure you look both ways (twice!) when you cross at the lights and keep us posted as you have time - clearly Im living vicariously through the adventures of youth!!! have fun and stay in touch!! Sue
16th October 2009

since living in downtown Toronto?
Have you been living in Toronto all this time? You told us you were living in Oruro? ;>
16th October 2009

Keeping busy for cheap
Happy you are able to keep busy and find entertainment for cheap, learn all the sights so you can take me around when I visit. Have a great weekend, be safe, have fun... watch what you consume, smell first and go with gut instinct! Love you.XXXXXXXX Mom
16th October 2009

hot springs
let me know when you e heading to the hot springs, id absolutly love to go!
9th October 2009

More adventure than bargained for?
Glad all turned out okay. Next time call sooner, I knew something was wrong when you didn't return contact by Monday when I returned from work , being Tues. 1:30 am after working evenings. I was really worried. Bad judgement on your part Tootsie! Love ya anyways. I'll just have to kill Miss Ola, for siding with you. Have a great w-end.No Fringin' fish though, Marco's right stick to the basics. No bugs in alcohol!
9th October 2009

Well, *that* wasn't part of the plan!!! Glad to hear you recuperated quickly! Despite this little contretemps, sounds like a remarkable experience - post pics when you get a chance! Best, Sue and crew!
8th October 2009

Finally something
Finally something I can read without going on facebook. Now with better health, and a little bit of discipline, one could try to update the blog bi-weekly. Ciao Bella
21st September 2009

Hey, adventuress!
Glad to hear travel went well -- send more news when you have a chance. Enjoy the grand adventure! Best, Sue and crew
14th September 2009

Good start
Hi sweetie Glad to hear the start of your journey went very well. God speed and keep making it so. Ciao bella :))
14th September 2009

So relieved all went well
Hey Jenn, I'm so relieved your arrival went well, rest up today, then enjoy your wonderful adventure. Love, Mom xoxo

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