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Joe C

Europe » Italy » Apulia » Bari June 21st 2015

June 21, 7:24 AM -- Our Lady of Rosary Catholic Church, Bari, Italy The train ride was nice. Quiet--my partner never said a word--but nice. I'm running on quite a sleep deficit though. I've accumulated enough hours of unconsciousness, but it's all come in 30-60 minute spurts. No deep sleep. My goal for today is to stay awake until I'm on the overnight ferry to Patras . Then sleepytime. Bari is quiet at 6AM on a Sunday. I walked around the city some. Beautiful buildings with almost cliche grandmothers on tall balconies sweeping, cleaning linens, and making small talk with other grandmothers on similarly tall balconies. This can't be real. I need two things, besides sleep: (1) a Euro power converter since my phone and camera are about dead, and (2) a restroom. It's early on ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France June 20th 2015

June 20, 10:34 AM -- Gare de Lyon, Paris These trains are nice. The flight across the Atlantic was long and uneventful. The lady to the right of me was a 60-ish woman with a past. Tales of traipsing around Europe in her younger years, visiting Vegas, and being a Rod Stewart groupie. She lives in Qatar but was coming back from her son's high school in, you guessed it, San Antonio. Nice lady. Not terribly entertaining though. The man to my left was a taciturn businessman. I gathered he was French because he was reading the French section of his newspaper exclusively. The only time I talked to him was after landing to ask the best way to get from CDG to Gare de Lyon . The "RER" he said, then a transfer onto metro ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Bellevue June 19th 2015

June 19, 5:30 AM -- Bellevue Transit Center I originally planned this trip during the depths of the miserable 2014 Spring: cold, wet, cloudy, gray. Greece would be a nice respite. 2015 has brought an historically pleasant Summer and Spring though, which kind of bugs me. This morning is a good one to leave though: cold, wet, cloudy, gray. The bus driver is warning about unusual traffic, likely due to the US Open. Even now, golf finds a way to spite me. The bus is rolling, and it's only a matter of time until I'm in the airport wondering if it's okay to stop dieting. June 19, 7:45 AM -- Tarmac @ Seattle-Tacoma Intl Airport There was an issue checking in. I'll go to my grave never knowing what it was, and why I had to ... read more

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