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22nd March 2011

Awesome. Love the pics of the family motorcycle too!
From Blog: puerto lopez
16th March 2011

Looks awesome. You know you're gonna have to ditch those hats after you leave though, right? Cute in Ecuador... Keep the pictures coming. WATCH OUT FOR THE VOLCANO!
16th March 2011

Las Vegas
I thought you would have learned from someone who carried a 6 pack of cola around . The pic's look great . Looking forward to seeing more . See you later . Curt & Dar
14th March 2011
omg the pies!

Holy mother of god. I can't decide if I really want to go to Ecuador or if I CAN NEVER GO TO ECUADOR.
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13th March 2011

Awesome pictures!
thanks for sharing. Looks like there's lots to see and do! Can't wait to do the same with the boys some day. While trying to look at these pictures, I was interrupted to change Charlie's diaper, then get him some milk, then put on his diaper when he took it off, then the same thing again. That's where we're at. Someday: beyond the living room!
From Blog: ecuador 2011
19th December 2009

I salute your bravery - not something I would ever try! This looks like a perfect spot - love the fine sand on the beach.
From Blog: Mancora, Peru
19th December 2009

Miami is on our list - we did Ft Lauderdale -great for sun and sand(if you don't mind the two guys next to you making out) and we did Key West briefly, very French Quarter like. But my sister says South Beach and Miami are great.
From Blog: On our way.
13th December 2009

Thanks for the good review
I was debating on a day or two in Samara. Your comments are making me think I'll go.
From Blog: playa samara
8th December 2009

Those roads look fine, you big baby. Looks like you're having a great time! is that a giant cookie Harry's eating?

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