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North America » United States » Oklahoma » Oklahoma City March 12th 2013

Tomorrow we board the Heartland Flyer for our first train-treck to Fort Worth! We are looking forward to the ride and visiting the Stockyards area! We will only be able to stay one night, then back to OKC! Watch for updates tomorrow with pictures! Kenny... read more

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Reydon March 7th 2013

For years I had heard about the Black Kettle Battleground near Cheyenne, OK. As I understood, this was a critical battle in the control of the Native Peoples as white men forced their way to the west. What I found is that I had not heard the full (real) story of the Battle of the Washita. After breakfast at the Noble House in Watonga, we headed west toward Cheyenne. The drive over was great - there was still snow piled in the ditches - the remnants of over 12 inches this area received last week. We were told that there were drifts of 6-9 feet! After pulling in to Cheyenne around 1 p.m., we quickly found the National Park Service's visitor center for the Washita National Battleground and the Black Kettle National Grasslands. The park ranger ... read more
Native Peoples Prayer Cloths
Slaughter of the Ponies
Antelope Hills

North America » United States » Oklahoma » El Reno March 6th 2013

Well, we ended up liking Roman Nose State Park so well, we decided to stay another night. We started the day on Tuesday with yummy omelettes at the Lodge restuarant, then on to Watonga to see what we could find. Visited a wonderful antique store downtown Watonga called Country Home Antiques and had a great visit with the proprietor, Rhonda, and her kitty cat. Lots of unusual antiques and gift items. Make sure you go by if you are an antique buff and in the area. After hitting a couple of other stores and, ofcourse, stocking up on Watonga cheese ( including our favorite cheese curds- Kenny calls them cheese turds), we decided to check out the town of Canton. As we entered the first store, Kenny reminded me about OKC taking the water recently from ... read more
My Geese Friends
Enjoying the Campfire
K & C Enjoy the Campfire

North America » United States » Oklahoma » El Reno March 5th 2013

Here we are on the road again. This trip is somewhat of a "forced journey" The reason - Storm's all inclusive warranty (think of it as health insurance for a motor home) will expire on March 15th. This is cricital why???? With all the different systems on a coach, there is always something to act a little goofy, or just outright break-down! Thus our current trip! We left OKC yesterday afternoon and headed west. Our first stop, as on all western trips, was the Cherokee Trading Post just west of El Reno on I-40. Most of us Oklahomans typically pass on by these "touristy" stops, but this one is really fun to walk around. They have some very impressive Native American works, as well as some really lame wares that were made somewhere overseas. Our overnight ... read more
Love By the Light of the Fire
Really Gnarly Trees
Lake View

Well, we got so relaxed and lazy while we were in Jamaica we never finisbed our blog! Our last excursion in Jamaica turned out to be the best! We went to Mystic Mountain where we rode a chair lift through the jungle to the top of the mountain. The views of the tropical plants, the seaside villages below and the Sea were gorgeous. When we reached the peak of the mountain, we rode the Jamaican Bob Sled down ( no motorization, just pure gravity) which was more thrilling than most any of the roller coasters we've ridden. Then back up the mountain to get ready for the Zip Line. I think this had to be my favorite activity of all! There were 5 Zip Lines in all, some short, some long and one straight down! When ... read more
Up Through the Rain Forest
Jamaican Roller Coaster
All Geared Up

Just kicking back while Cynde catches a nap. Yesterday evening we took a sunset cruise and snorkle trip. While the snorkeling is pretty amazing, it does not quite compare to Mexico. The water however is georgeous! Yesterday, while climbing on the rocks on the beach outside our room, I smashed my water camera! The timing could not have been worse since we had scheduled snorkeling! At least we have the memories. We saw lots of brightly colored fish, coral, and other sea life. Unfortunately, the rum flowed freely, again! It was a great trip! Tomorrow is our last day in Jamaica and we have a great trip planned. We will blog it tomorrow evening. It will be a mountain jungle trip with bobsledding, zip lines, and a water slide!!! Sounds intriguing! Later Mon K... read more

We finally found a trip where we could escape the cold of Oklahoma and find consistent sun! After arriving in Montego Bay on Monday, we located our arranged transportation with some trepidation. A mid-sized bus was awaiting us - large enough for some 20 or so weary travelers. We were somewhat surprised, and skeptical, that this was our transportation. As it turned out, it was great! Our driver was a great orintational tour guide - full of information relating to the local landscape, culture, and people. This is where we were first introduced to the most important phrase one could utter - - - Irie Mon, meaning relaxed and happy! Add that to "No Worries", and you can almost pass for a local. Almost! Our resort is great. Nestled between the mountain forests and the aqua-blue ... read more
Village Plaza
Rafting on the River
River Portrait

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Oklahoma City January 27th 2013

We left Orlando early on Thursday headed back to OKC. Had a great afternoon and evening at Camp Gulf spending time on the white sand beach in Destin and enjoying the heated indoor pool and hot tub. Dinner was outside at the Whale's Tail, not known for it's seafood, but for the best view of the sunset around. Absolutely beautiful. We visited a Bonsai tree farm on the way to Destin, amazing! The oldest tiny tree was 103 years old. I had to buy a small one to try my luck. Friday on to Shreveport, LA to spend the night. We visited a National Park in Vicksburg, Mississippi ( spelled it out just to show you I could-ha), one of the largest battlegrounds of the Civil War. We arrived home late Saturday. Our neice, Kenda, and ... read more
Cynde Buys A Bonsai
Sunset in Destin

North America » United States » Florida » Destin January 25th 2013

We wrapped up four great nights and days in Orlando! This morning at 5:30 I rolled Cynde out of bed and we hit the road toward Oklahoma. After we hooked up the FJ for towing, Cynde quickly returned to the warm snuggly bed for additional sleep. Our destination was back to Destin where we had made reservations at the RV Camp that is located directly on the beach! The temps in Destin were set to hit the 70's! Last week when we were there, the high was in the 50's. We were looking forward to some sun and surf. We pulled in around 2:15, set up camp, and took our newly purchased beach chairs down to the place where the beautiful white sand meets the georgous blue-green water. Although the water was still a little cool, ... read more
More Photos of Us
Glorious Sunset

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando January 23rd 2013

Had a great last day at Disney today with a laid back visit to Hollywood Studios. Beautiful sunny weather and our favorite rides and attractions. We even experienced our favorite attraction, Tower of Terror, twice ! Thought I'd also attach a pic of me coming back from the " Comfort Station" at the Fort Wilderness RV Camp site where we are staying. Kind of reminds me of church/girl scout camp going down the road to shower, etc. I'll use the shower in Stormy in a pinch, but the campsite bathrooms are usually roomier! We take off for our return trip home in the morning and will stay the night at "Camp Gulf" in Destin tomorrow night. Can't wait- a heated indoor pool and hot tub awaits us! Bye for now, Mickey.... read more
Great Pic of the Tower of Terror
Tower of Terror !
Kenny is Terrorized

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