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North America » United States » Oklahoma » El Reno May 9th 2013

Yesterday afternoon we carefully watched the northwest skies, hoping for a glimmer of what might be expected once the sun went down. As with the rest of Oklahoma, once the sun sets and cold and warm fronts collide, it's anyone's guess as to what to expect. There was lightening early on in the evening. It was somewhat difficult to see as our location was rather low in the canyon and the cliffs did serve to block some of the view. However, after dark, the northwest skies lit up! Had we been top-side, I am sure the show would have been spectacular. As it was, we had our nightly s'mores and headed in to bed. No movie -we were beet from the "strenuous" activities of the day. ... read more
Mother Goose with her Babies - Goslings
Cynde was Mesmerized by the Canola
Rigged Out Headin' Home

North America » United States » Oklahoma » El Reno May 8th 2013

Some places demand a return visit. Roman Nose State Park is one of those places. Although we visited in March, May provides an entirely new perspective and definitely new experiences! Rather than being bundled up to face the cold north chill, our attire is shorts and tees. After all, when you go paddling, you have to dress for the occasion! Our trip out from the City mandated a lunch stop at Eischen’s for chicken and okra. In case you have not been to Okarche in a while, the rumors on the internet are not true. Eischen's has not closed, as noted on Urban spoon. For $14 you can get a whole chicken, cut, breaded and deep fried. Throw in about two quarts of fried okra, and you are set for a walking coronary! The okra was ... read more
Settled in for the Night
It's a Long, Hard Trail
Water Sports

North America » United States » Texas » Turkey April 25th 2013

We pulled out of the Carlsbad KOA and headed north to Artesia where I planned to have our last New Mexican breakfast. When we visited Roswell earlier in the week, we found the Chaos Cafe for breakfast, and it was great. So it seemed fitting that we have our morning meal at the Chaos again! After breakfast, we moved toward Roswell, again. This time, only to pass through. However, one does need the occasional diesel fix and Sam's did have the best price. So we had a side-tracked episode of shopping at Sam's. We certainly did not realize that in New Mexico, Sam's has liquor for sale. Well, you know that Sam's beats everyone's prices, and liquor prices are no exception! I had to have a bottle of Yellow Tail ($9.00 vs $12 in Oklahoma) and ... read more
Caprock Canyon Camp Site
The Canyon
More Canyon Views

North America » United States » New Mexico » Carlsbad April 23rd 2013

Our final day in New Mexico began with a great breakfast at a local cafe frequented by the local oil-field workers, as well as the town's professionals. The menu was exactly what we were looking for - good country cooking and lots of coffee. We had plenty of time as our plans for the day included hitting the local antique stores and a mountain tour of the Lincoln National Forest. There were four primary antique stores in Carlsbad, our favorite was more of a conglomeration of "stuff". We were able to find several treasures that were worth hauling back to Oklahoma. The shop merchants were extremely hospitable and inquisitive of our "virtual" store. Of course, we did not really expound on the "virtual" aspect of The Prairie Schooner. Most shop owners seem to detest those who ... read more
On the Mountain Trail
Cynde Found Otherworldly Love
High in the Mountains

North America » United States » New Mexico » Carlsbad April 23rd 2013

We left Lubbock on Saturday after a quick trip to the Lubbock Lake National Historic Landmark where we viewed an amazing archaeological site - the only one in North America that has a complete record of nearly 12,000 years of human history located in one place. Wow, those prehistoric armadillos were so big you could ride them! Arriving in Carlsbad, NM, on Saturday afternoon, we went to bed early so we could awake at 7 am and make the trip to Carlsbad Caverns for a 9 am tour of the Left Hand Tunnel. What an experience! Our tour group included 8 individuals led by our Park Ranger "Anita". The tour was advertised as moderately strenuous- it was that- but at least no crawling on our bellies! We started with Anita giving us a firm talk about ... read more
Kenny and the Mammoths
Hello Carlsbad Caverns
Caving by Candlelight

North America » United States » Texas » Lubbock April 19th 2013

We have headed back out on the road to a destination that we all remember visiting as children - Carlsbad Caverns in southeastern New Mexico. Due to the storms predicted for Wednesday evening in OKC, we could not pack up Stormy until very early Thursday morning. After last May's hail storm, I am very reluctant to have the motor coach out in the un-predictable Oklahoma weather. So, that meant that I got up at 4 a.m. for the short drive to Edmond to retrieve Stormy for our voyage! All the while, Cynde slept snuggly awaiting my return and eventual departure. After fueling up, I got to the house about 5:30 and called for Cynde to "get up"! We hurriedly loaded the coach and got away from OKC around 6:30 a.m. I chose a south and south-west ... read more
Buddy's Big Glasses
When in Rome!
Cynde's Rather Unique Look

North America » United States » Missouri » Branson March 26th 2013

We spent the last few days in Branson, MO, celebrating our son, Jeffrey's, 29th Birthday! Most of you know Jeffrey is our only child and was born with special needs and .... that he is the light of our lives! Jeff loves music and dancing so we decided on a trip to Branson and took him to four shows. He was recognized at all of the shows when they announced his Birthday. Since he inherited his love of the spotlight from his Mother, he loved all of the attention. The 70's Show starring Barry Williams, better known as Greg Brady from the Brady Bunch, was the first show we saw. Not the greatest technically, but very entertaining and, as a huge Brady Bunch fan, Jeff loved it. The second show definitely lived up to it's name, ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Fort Worth March 14th 2013

Yep, we are on board the Heartland Flyer making our way to OKC with many stops between. Did I say that this is a great short trip!! Today we had a lite breakfast in the hotel then on to the Cattle Merchant's Building. There is a great museum in this historic building. There is no admission, but a nominal donation is expected. The museum is well worth the time and donation. The docents are great - taking great time to share their knowledge of local and state history. One point of interest is a lightbulb that has actually been burning for over 100 years! That is correct, and this is well documented. It has not been turned off, ever!! There is one bulb in California, manufactured by the same company, that has been burning a few ... read more
Headin' 'em Up

North America » United States » Texas » Fort Worth March 14th 2013

What a great overnight trip!! You get to ride the train and spend time in a culturally-rich area the we usually tend to overlook. Ft. Worth is just down the road to our south. The Chisolm Trail came right through what is now downtown Ft. Worth, and of course, the Stockyards area. Fron the train station, we boarded a city bus for a short fifteen minute ride through downtown to Stockyards. The bus dropped us only two blocks from our hotel, the Hyatt Place just across from the historic coliseum. After checking in, we headed down the street to Riscky's BBQ for lunch. Great ribs, slaw and potato salad for $10. Our next adventure was attending a historic re-enactment of Pawnee Bill's Wild West Show. While Pawnee Bill's original show had three separate performing troups with ... read more
Lil Reds
Nothin But Bones

North America March 13th 2013

The Heartland Flyer is great! We are now south of Purcell on our way to Ft. Worth. The cars are very comfortable - I could easily travel to California by train! We are in the cafe car. The cafe is on the lower level off the car with seating on the upper level. Large windows offer great views of rural Oklahoma from perspectives not often seen. Green fields of winter wheat with cattle lazily grazing - not knowing their eventual fate. Life is good- full belly, sunshine, room to stretch! The route to Ft. Worth has five stops. All stops are very brief. Just long enough to board what few folks there are at each station. The Ardmore stoop will be long enough to de-board for a quick leg stretch. Life is an adventure!!!... read more
Kickin' Back
South OKC
Just Passing Through

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