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21st October 2010

Pig s blood
I hate pig s blood, I couldn t eat it since I was young!
10th October 2010

In response to your 4 hour bus trip where a gentleman later pucked on your back-pack. I remember in Korea when you almost pucked on my back-pack on a bus ride. I am very thankful you never did. Miss ya
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26th September 2010

While exploring trajectory, has the feeling of movement where there isn’t any come up? What I’m really asking is... Do you feel like you’ve been moving through life quickly, growing by leaps and bounds, and then find out when you stop moving, you’re still the same person you’ve always been? When we go through life, experiencing new things and finding new ways to connect with ourselves and the world around us, do we falsely feel like we’ve come a long ways from where we started? Meaning, if we looked hard enough, would we see that we’d always been that way? How much do we really change throughout our lives? Why am I thinking about this stuff right now and is it making any sense? Not sure. :) Love you! Julia
16th September 2010

I didn't realize how fatalistic I was sounding until I re-read my entry. I do believe that desire steers one's trajectory, in ways that we can't even comprehend. That's what makes it so interesting to this science brain of mine :)
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6th September 2010

oh ho! the student parade looks ways more fun and fancy that i'd envisioned. i thought everyone was going to be in jogging suits. also, the thing about the word trajectory is the implied teleology, or a fatalism. the implication that the that the direction and velocity of the go point determines everything. perhaps trajectory should be meditated upon in combination with "desire".
6th August 2010

True, P'Nid does evoke those "I can be sensitive and childlike" emotions a bit more than you do :) Honestly though I think I was sooo sick that I couldn't have cried even if I wanted to. Probably too dehydrated! That's it, we can blame it on dehydration.
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6th August 2010

Haha! There really is no end :) Well this time round there was, thankfully. I still can't eat anything spicy or sour! Basic noodles, rice, a bit of fruit and veggies now. On a different note it was so wonderful to chat for a bit this morning! It's been sooo long. I'll be curious to hear how the cleanse ends. Is it a reunion on your side or Ashley's? Love you!!
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6th August 2010

Hey! You weren't crying when I was taking care of you. You were being very brave. Is it because I'm not your aunt?
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5th August 2010

enough already!
One would have thought you'd already had enough puke and runny poo to last you at least three lifetimes. Apparently, there's really no end, or, said another way: perhaps there's always more to come...out of and around you. :) I was so sorry to miss you today and was sad that our facebook chat was so brief the other night. Let's connect! PS I'm up to a few new things, (other than nesting)...a 5-day cleanse and a family reunion. Stay tuned for more... :) Love you! Julia
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22nd July 2010

She's stylish pretty much everyday! I should give her money and have her go shopping for me. And yes, lets go to Mandalay!
22nd July 2010

The world would rock! That's what it would be like :)
22nd July 2010

I know what are the chances...from vegan to congealed chicken blood! The taste wasn't bad; it came in a wonderful green curry. When I first popped it in I was surprised that it tasted a bit salty and curry-like. My face here is when the reality of the fact that I indeed had a glob of chicken blood in my mouth hit me!
22nd July 2010

Well, when I do make it back to the states I'll bring some new found Thai cooking skills with me. Maybe then we can get some green curry that's hot enough for us!
21st July 2010

P'Nid is so stylish! Also, let's go to Mandalay!
20th July 2010

Energy bcomes action.
Maybe you and Burma need each other. I wonder what the world would be like if we allowed ourselves to be so touched by places or people and actually chose to get closer to them instead of further away. What a different world we might create around us. Thanks for the inspiration!
20th July 2010

I love it!
So, I'm curious about this congealed chicken blood face. Can you describe what you're feeling here? Are you grossed out and about to barf? Slightly surprised by the lack of disgust you feel? I can't say I think you look delighted by your sensory experience, but who knows, maybe the flavor and taste will grow on you... what are the chances? Can't wait to see what exciting food and experiences come next, and what wonderful new things you will bring back to us here in the states. Love you!
13th July 2010

Miss Yun and so much Fun
Sabrina darlin' What a wonderful display of your journey we have before us. Keep it up sister. It is such a warm delight to learn about the people, food, and culture you are experiencing. It sounds like you are never coming home?
1st June 2010

We love you!
I'm sorry it's been so long since I checked your blog - I'm happy that you've been writing more often than I've been checking. Your adventures never end, do they? Things are busy and good and sunny and rainy and full of flowers and grass and freshly painted walls and boxes. Pizza calls me - I'll write more soon! Ashley says hi. Love, Julia
28th April 2010

Girl! Amazing stories so far! :)
27th April 2010

Its great to hear from you! Hah it has been a while since I had a good one. Although walking back and forth between the Thai and Malaysian border yesterday wooped my legs :)
26th April 2010

Love it.
You know Sabrina, sometimes we all need a good ole fashioned ass woopin. :-) I'll bet it's been a while since you had a good one huh?
2nd April 2010

Thanks for the comments!
I was thinking of you and your trip to India when I was writing this past blog! For sure the same humbling and fulfilling emotions. It is a big world out there with so much to see :) Thank you for the comments and emails everyone. It makes me so happy when I login and see them. A wee bit of home right here at the internet cafe!
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1st April 2010

Hi - i'm so happy to read of your journeys; I see in your words (hear in your voice) that the greater wider bigger form of life is what you are living. Makes me happy to know you are seeing, feeling, touching, smelling, tasting, and truly experiencing the world. I experienced some similar things when I went to India- humbling and fulfilling at the same time. Thanks for the update. Be well
From Blog: Gratitude
27th March 2010

Sweet goodness of life
You look so happy and it sounds like you're having some really incredible times. A new sense of peace and calm too? I'm emailing you - more to say than I want to here. Love you! Julia
From Blog: Fishermen Queens
13th March 2010

So amazing! It looks like you're having a wonderful time!
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