Sabrina Chartier


Sabrina Chartier

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok May 8th 2011

Michael Franti, morning rain, pancakes and my newest accessory, a half cast up to my knee, have all motivated/slowed me down enough to blog. My life changed immensely when I moved to Bangkok. To this day I'm still finding my rhythm in this city. When I first came here last September I had no idea what the universe had in store for me :) Simply put I was overwhelmed beyond words! From bursting into tears after my second day of teaching to wrestling with the fact that I was surrounded by concrete to listening to empowering poetry at a favorite hangout, it's been a trip. This morning I did something that I'd been putting off for a year...organizing my photos. As Franti says, "The more I see the less I know." As I saw my life ... read more
There Be Elephants Here
First Class Toilet

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Tak September 13th 2010

So here I am, done with teaching. Crazy! This morning when I arrived at school P'Nid invited me to sit in the same makeshift, removable van seat couch in the main office of the school that we sat in four months ago when we first met. As our conversation carried on the reality of how much has happened really began to set in. This past Friday night she had James, Karen and I over to her house for an early farewell dinner. At one point in the evening she asked us what we had learned during our semester at Phadungpanya. I said learning to let go of control. From day 1 to today I'm constantly reminded of how little I control in my world here. I chuckled a few days gto when, during my last class, ... read more
Thanking the Monks
Blessed Water
Dance Competition!

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Tak August 22nd 2010

Trajectory, as wiki says, "is the path a moving object follows through space as a function of time." The word has been seriously innundating my world for the last two weeks. Popping up in dreams, conversations, pulling and pushing me toward what will probably result in me sequestering myself off in my room studying more about control theory. Nomad is the other word that's coming around a lot too. James and I were discussing the similarities and differences between nomad and vagabond. I'm a nomad. James is a nomad. I love being a nomad. What is it with trajectory and the percieved control we have upon it. What does influence or direct it? Do we, ultimately, if we're in tune with our soul...our deepest wants and desires direct it? If each of us is on a ... read more
Rainy Season
Taksin Maharat National Park
Super Big

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Tak August 4th 2010

Today I laughed so hard at my students. They never cease to amuse me! Imagine a room full of 13 year olds staring at a long rational expression addition problem and listening to me explain everything IN English. It's quiet for a moment, then breaking the silence you hear one emphatic Oh My God! Laughter broke out followed by more Oh My God's and many kids just simply saying O.M.G. Speaking of Oh My God, let me take a moment to back up two weeks. That was the day I like to call The Beginning. The Beginning was the first day that I got sick. Now, I got sick a few times on Apo Island and most people didn't even know. In other words, it wasn't that bad. Yes, it was traveler's diarrhea, but my immune ... read more
I'll know this...
Wai for the monks
Monk visit at school

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Tak July 20th 2010

All week the students had midterms. Thankfully that meant a break from teaching, but that also meant proctoring exams. Monday and Tuesday I co-proctored with none other than our landlady (she's an English teacher). I don't know what changed or shifted but the Thai teachers seemed more relaxed. Perhaps it was my blundering hula hoop display that broke down some walls. I'll have you know that P'Nid (my new aunt here) and I were both hooping with the best of them by midweek! It was so much fun to see them lower their guards and play. Wednesday rolled around and I was stuck proctoring outside for half the day. That was less than fun as I was pretty sure the flies were going to eat me alive. All of a sudden it was Thursday! That night ... read more
Mmm good
You make what with those leaves?
Call me Miss Grace

Asia July 13th 2010

Wow, I didn't realize that the last time I posted a blog was so long ago. I had only been in Tak for 10 days! Well, I'm doing things differently now. Shakin' this whole blog thing up. The days have certainly turned into weeks, which have ultimately blended into a type of fruit smoothie of months. The kind that explodes with so many flavors that you are quite possibly tasting a little piece of just don't know what pieces those might be once all are blended together. That's what my life is like here. I ask you, how would you summarize your lives? The interactions, food, work, play? It's hard. Try to remember what you had for lunch last Tuesday. And three weekends ago, what did you do? Most of the time I can't recall ... read more
Power Line Antics
Morning Market
Sweet Ladies

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Tak May 23rd 2010

For two days now I've been trying to formulate a blog entry. What I've ended up with are sentences jotted down in random places, of random events, emotions and fleeting thoughts. My desire was to explain the last month, to summarize my experiences. As I've said before I usually don't write about things. So, my struggles to convey a months worth of living in SE Asia is as real as my struggle to speak the language here. Then it hit me this morning! Living here is all about appreciating the little things and welcoming the blissful, if not frustrating and refreshing, constant change. This may sound obvious and coming from me even a bit redundant, but allow me to elaborate. I arrived here in Tak, Thailand 10 days ago. I had just finished an eye opening ... read more
Bangkok Panorama
Temple and Flowers
Don't question the hand written #

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Hat Yai April 26th 2010

I really can't believe that I've been in Thailand for 3 weeks now! The time flew by. Well in the middle of last week during our student teaching it wasn't flying by. It was intense! We would find out what our teaching topic would be and what school we'd be at mid-afternoon the day before. Then we'd all be up until the wee hours preparing all our materials and lesson plans, get up and be on the road by 7am, teach and then repeat. It was a great challenge and super fun. My favorite place was at an orphanage. The kids had a ton of energy and although I think they may have learned very little English, we had a blast together :) I feel more like an artist and actress than a teacher, getting up ... read more
The mosque
Dog and Me

Asia » Philippines » Manila March 31st 2010

I arrived in Manila this past Saturday and saw Aisa for the first time. The one that dreams cannot fathom and books try to beckon tourists with. The extremes between classes here are unmistakable. One minute my friend Chris and I were crashing a wedding in an opulent Chinese Catholic Chrurch and the next I was staring in disbelief at the scene layed out before me. My tear filled eyes were greeted by outstretched hands from the street children who lept off their rotting, curbside trash piles for the opportunity to beg for something, anything from me. Each time I said no and kept walking I think a part of my soul was left in each pile. Will they stumble upon it some day while brushing aside a plastic bag or over-turning a styrofoam plate? I ... read more
Learning to cook from the experts
Students become teachers

Asia » Philippines » Negros Oriental » Dumaguete March 10th 2010

I went through my photos this morning and selected a few that I wanted to post here. My thought was I would pick some pics and then build my blog around those...the folder has 46 images in it... Right now I'm marveling at the wonder of electricity and praising the person who thought it would be a good idea to attach a few blades to an electric motor. Prior to 6:30 am its comfortable outside. Thats when the temperature hovers around 75 degrees F, after that its a steady and rapid increase to 90. Not, that I'm complaining...ok maybe just a bit. Last night I came back to Dumaguete City for a day or two in order to finish some business. A fellow traveler from Italy joined me and for the first time I got to ... read more
Pimpin' It
Front Porch Surprises

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