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Fiesta Island earns its name come July with a two-weekend party and competitive bat-and-ball game at the 64th Over the Line Tournament (July 8-9, 15-16), hosted by the Old Mission Beach Athletic Club. This game has a truly unique set of rules with teams of three, wooden softball bats and no bases, just lines drawn in the sand. This is the beach scene you’ve always imagined — a party island in Mission Bay where everyone gets together for two weekends of fun. And it’s easy to attend with free admission, a bike valet and free shuttles. To participate, sign up in person on May 6 at the Beachcomber and Pennant bars in South Mission Beach or online starting May 8. Follow @ombac on Twitter for updates. Now for some rules: The No “B”s: No Bottles, No ... read more
The home run queen!
Looks like fun!!!!

North America » United States » California » San Diego July 26th 2017

How many of you know how to pronounce victuals? I know you former English and literature instructors know the answer. It is pronounced vittles. And we plan to try many of the local victuals in the San Diego area, starting with Mexican food. Proximity to the border and to the Pacific Ocean makes San Diego an ideal place for eaters. After watching Andrew Zimmern of "Delicious Destinations", and having visited a similar shop in Mexico City, our first stop is Lucha Libre Tacos. This is from their website: Our gourmet tacos are made with the freshest ingredients, and we are proud to have been voted Best Burrito in town. Only at Lucha Libre you can get the famous “TJ” dog: an all beef hot dog wrapped in bacon and topped with grilled vegetables. We do not ... read more
Poppa is the place for UNI!!!!
Time for some ramen
The famous California burrito at Lucha Libre

North America » United States » California » San Diego July 26th 2017

How many times have you been to San Diego, often called America's city? I once had an office down here, in Mission Valley, back in the 70s. But I really never had much time to explore the area, as I do now. Back in the day, we took the kids to Sea World and the world famous San Diego Zoo. And I have made numerous golfing trips down here to famous Torrey Pines. My youngest sister lived here and graduated from San Diego State back in the 70s. And my other sister raised her family here during their boys' high school days. But now, we visit during the summer, when the Giants are in town. Though our Giants are tanking, San Diego still retains its charm for us. First, the weather is great! Second, we have ... read more
Port of SD Building at night
Petco Park for 3 Giants-Padres games
Always time for a cold one in the Gaslamp

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow July 10th 2017

I usually stay away from danger, at least obvious danger. For instance, I would like to visit Turkey this fall, but everyone, including the US State Department, says to stay away. But these countries and places below are rather surprising to me, since I have been there. Thailand (southern) Yes, the south of Thailand is known to harbor terrorists, with a large Muslim population. Well, we have terrorists in San Bernardino too. I have been to Thailand about 6 or 8 times, and have always felt welcomed and safe. The Thai people are friendly and know how important the American tourist is to their economy. Bangkok makes the ideal base for travel throughout SE Asia. South Africa Thanks to Barry the V, and Mrs. V, we had a great two weeks in Cape Town. However, we ... read more
Ordinance found in Laos
Changing of the guard in East Berlin, 1971
Ta Prohm, Cambodia

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle June 19th 2017

We are here in beautiful and sunny Seattle. Locals have complained about an extremely long, dreary and wet winter and spring. It is goreous here this weekend, in fact, on Sunday morning at 8am, the sun was already out! We got very lucky wih the weather, as I had to buy a pair of Bermuda shorts yesterday, to wear today. What is the most obvious thing about Seattle this weekend besides the sunny weather? It has turned blue, completely blue, and it is not even Seahawks season. The blue belongs to the Toronto Blue Jays MLB team, in town for a three games series with the hometown Mariners. Why so many Toronto fans? Blue Jays fans outnumbeed the Mariner fans last night by at east 2 to 1!!!! Why? It turns out most of these fans ... read more
Gai Lan from Uwajimaya
Seattle Public Library
Great pizza at Serious Pie

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle June 19th 2017

I have experienced the good fortune to visit all fifty of our states. Some were great, some not, some in between. But here is something memorable from each one, just off the top of my head. Alabama 0 Alaska-the Aurora borealis, of course! Arizona-Antelope Canyon, Sedona, Spring Training, Los Sombreros, Café Elote, and the Grand Canyon Arkansas-Slick Willie California-Napa Valley, Carmel, San Diego, Tahoe, Pebble Beach, Disneyland, Yosemite, the beach, the wine, home Colorado-Aspen, Red Rocks, Continental Divide, Boulder, ski trips, Coors Field Connecticut-Yale DC-Newseum, Ten Penh, cherry blossoms, National Gallery, Capitol Fourth, National Symphony Delaware-what did? Florida-Everglades, Key West, Little Havana, stone crabs, cigars Georgia-the Masters, Merri Macs Tea Room, the Varsity Hawaii-Loco moco, dear friends, golf, Sam Sato's, Kintaro,... read more
Alcatraz Island, former Federal prison
Moab and Arches
Santa Fe's St. Francis Cathedral

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow June 13th 2017

I did not write much about the famous Moscow Metro. I rode it several times when I visited Moscow in 2014. Here is more information about it, if you are interested. One thing for sure, Russian engineering is outstanding, as you will read. Moscow's metro is one of the busiest and most visually stunning underground systems in the world. Created as a showcase for the Soviet Union, its elaborate, spacious stations are adorned with mosaics, marble statues and stained glass that tell the story of the communist state. When it opened in 1935, the metro had just 11 stations and attracted 285,000 curious riders on the first day. Today there are 206 stations and up to nine million passengers a day. The stations were designed by various architects, reflecting different styles, going from art deco ... read more
Russian engineering is great!!!
And the stations are quite artistic!
I touched the dog's nose too!!!!

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan June 13th 2017

Why airplane food taste so bad Airplane food has a bad reputation, but the food itself isn’t entirely to blame—the real fault lies with the plane. A 2015 Cornell University study, reported by Time, found that the environment inside an airplane actually alters the way food and drink tastes—sweet items tasted less sweet, while salty flavors were heightened. The dry recycled air inside the plane cabin doesn’t help either as low humidity can further dull taste and smell making everything in a plane seem bland. According to a 2010 study from the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics in Germany, it’s about 30 percent more difficult to detect sweet and salty tastes when you’re up in the air. Next time you fly, skip the meal, and maybe url=http... read more
This says it all!

North America » United States » California » Clovis May 31st 2017

Save all to OneDrive - Personal I know the Nifty Fifty Club has only a few members among my readers. The Barnes couple have done all fifty, and many of you have achieved well into the forties, like Denise, Susie, Sandy, Denny, Maria, and others. I saw this story today, and thought it would be interesting to get someone else's take on the idea. From reporter, Trevor Hughes: "The rules of my visits were pretty simple: I couldn’t count a simple drive through or airport stop. Instead, I had to either sleep there, visit some sort of monument or point or interest, and, if possible, eat and drink something local. From cheese curds to Navajo tacos and lobster... read more
Michigan was my number 50!!!
Many of my friends have made 50!

South America » Chile » Atacama » Cerro Paranal May 31st 2017

Enjoy the open road? Jack Kerouac might have said it best in his famous novel On the Road: “I was halfway across America, at the dividing line between the East of my youth and the West of my future.” His words serve as a testament to the power of a road trip; how the process of packing a car and driving long distances has the ability to transform us. Yet, what about the roads themselves? What makes this form of transportation more life-changing than, say, flying in an airplane? Or taking a url= The answer could be in the old chestnut: It’s not the destination but the journey that matters I always think of the old Willie Nelson song, "On the Road, Again... read more
The road less traveled?
Love our National Parks

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