globaltrekker's Guestbook

1st February 2016

Love your blog
Keep updating! Living vicariously through you at present lol
30th January 2016

Yay for 'throws'!!
I do love a party where people throw things at you!! How about that cocktail boot? Was that a boomerang or did you souvenir that?
24th January 2016

If all your friends decided to jump off a cliff.........
Should have read this post before commenting on the previous one... At least with your 7 metre waterfall you had the support of a boat..... A ten metre drop into the ocean... Really?? So proud of your determination to leave no experience wondering whether you should have just done it!!! xxxx
24th January 2016

Safe? Safe? You call that safe? Which part of that was safe?? Oh yeah... The bit where you're all still in the boat after going over the waterfall. Love you Mel. Thank you for still being alive xxx
7th January 2016

Bon voyage!
I will enjoy hearing about your travels--thanks for including me. You are coming to the US again!--if for any reason you need a place to to go, you will always be welcome with us. I'll be looking forward to your next report!
7th January 2016

Love that you have coordinated friends fun challenges and bucket list items in one wonderful package xxx we will be with you every step of the way (from the comfort of our armchairs). You go girl xxx

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