Polovtsev Vlad and Amandine


Polovtsev Vlad and Amandine

Long-anticipated journey to Africa begins. Let's see where it gets us, for now we freewheel down South.

Africa » Morocco » Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zaer » Rabat November 11th 2011

So, we're in Morocco! Inexperienced first-time-in-africans. Salam Aleikum! From Algeciras to Tangier, ferry trip is supposed to be the easiest way of getting in Morocco and take something around 35 minutes. Somehow it takes us two and a half hours, and the customs officer is just there on board with us, continuing to stamp the passports - mostly green Moroccan, purple European, blue, and, apparently, the only red - mine. The port of Tangier-Med, said to be one of the largest in Africa, is still some 50 kilometers away from the city. It was already past sunset when we arrived in city center and picked up, or, let’s put it right - got picked up - by a local guy who walked us to the Medina, the Old Town, where we found a tawdry room in ... read more
Bread seller in Sale
In Malika's family during the Greater Eid
Those Avocado shakes

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga » Cuevas de San Marcos October 29th 2011

We couldn’t, and shouldn’t have stretched it any longer, if we wanted to get to Spain at all. Eventually, after ten days that passed like one, we left for Carcassonne to spend the easiest two days on the road along Canal du Midi. Sooner than expected, since we found the shortcut that again was not on the map, we arrived in Villegailhenc, where until now Amandine’s aunt Sophie and her husband Patrice live. Well, Pat, who as the time passed, happened to be nicknamed Poune, deserves a special story, and I wouldn’t be the one to write it all. As he himself says, his job in Carcassonne is to test the sun tanning lotions, and his golden brown skin proves his success, meanwhile in the house, as the only man, along with the choice of movies ... read more
reached the Mediterranean
And over the Pyrenees!
Classic Girona view

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Toulouse October 3rd 2011

Voyage en velo Nort Sur Erdre, France - Guadix, Spain, which started on the date of 11/09/11, barely keeping in itself the smallest part of symbolism. The first part of the trip is done - by the 29th Sep, we made it to Toulouse. 17 days of biking have taken us through almost 900 km, sliding places and faces some of which will remain in the memory much longer than the others. Now that I'm trying to recall the fragments, let me flashback for a moment. Day 1, Nort-sur-Erdre – Bouaye , 42.5 km, 3.5 hours Day 2, Bouaye – Prefailles , 54.5 km, 7 hr. Early morning of the 11th September in Blanchetière - Amandine's Father's house. Woken up and discouraged by the rain. Still not packed. Shambles. Excitement about something we've been waiting for ... read more
Amandine has the dinner ready
And the sunset as a compliment
Gâches, the specialty of Vendee

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