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7th August 2011

Frickin amazing
Wow. What a great writer you have turned out to be. Can't wait to see you again little bro. I've missed you and been amazed at every step of your journey. Looking forward to hearing more about it. Lots of love and pretty soon hugs! Cass x x x x x x
5th August 2011

There's more than one Cathedral? It's as good as Coventry!!
31st July 2011

Aha- a technicality!
I checked and there are in fact two cathedrals- one catholic and one anglican. Having said that, the anglican one is a bit rubbish and not very spectacular. I win on technicality but I think yours is the moral win because to be honest I think the catholic one is the only "proper" one. x p.s. I still can´t be arsed to edit the blog :D
31st July 2011

Looking forward to that hug and to seeing all you guys again- I can´t believe it´s almost been half a year! Lots of Love xxxx
31st July 2011

Thanks bro!
Haha, my only rebuke to your quibble is that I was talking generally about what there was in Lima, so when I say "full of baroque cathedrals, colonial buildings" etc I was emphasising that there´s alot of that stuff there. Tbh, I dunno, there could be more than one. But as nitpicking goes, you´re right I think! Much love back! Lookng forward to seeing you and everyone when I get back!
31st July 2011

Seriously bro, your writing is becoming exceptional. If I picked that up and read it without knowing who it was I'd assume it was a professional author. It's a shame you haven't written more because it's a joy to read. My only quibble would be your observation that there is more than one cathedral in Lima - is that correct or were they churches? (Come on! It's me! I have to pick you up on something!!). Can't wait to have you back dude, but I also want your adventure to continue. I can honestly say I'm ridiculously proud of you and the man you've grown into. Big love from your big bruv. xx
31st July 2011

Hey- sorry it took so long!
I´ll get the pictures up as soon as I get myself a USB cable! xx
26th July 2011

hey little bro - we can see the pics fine, glad to see you are too busy and happy to be on here too much, its the way it should be. I am looking forward to seeing you on your return and giving you a great big hug. love you always Big sis xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
7th July 2011

Send me your email address when you get time, and let us all know how you're getting on too - we're hungry for news. Hope you are well little bro. x
13th June 2011

Can you guys see these photos at the bottom? I´m wondering whether there´s been an error or something cus I can´t.. hmm...
9th June 2011

And there was me thinking you were dead. Looks like you're having an awesome time dude. Stay safe, and I'll follow you.
7th May 2011

Thanks guys!
Love you guys!! Chris- sorry to hear about your arse shot dude, it was indeed an epic fail. Yet after an epic fail, come an epic win, I feel it in the winds... And that wasn´t me being organised, that was Dad. I wudda´ve just sent you a jibber-jabber card or something! But Happy Birthday! Cass- Love you too! Glad you like the blog- next week, ´fun with horses´ (not THAT type of fun...) :P xx
6th May 2011

Hey Little Bruv
Thanks for the birthday card Bro - I can't believe you and Rich were so organised that you managed to write my card before you went - I'm deeply impressed. You'll be interested to know that my appearance on DIY-SOS consisted of a 1 second shot of my arse, followed by a 2 second shot of the top of my head. And no mention of the floor we restored or the work that we did. It was, in the parlance of our times, an epic fail. Hope you are doing well - and mind your manners around the ladies, and they shall be sure to swoon., you handsome bugger you . Big love from your Big Bruv x
4th May 2011

Whaddup little bro!
Hey you! Awww I missed you at the family party :-( I'm glad you have a nice new home and that you're meeting lots of peeps. I really look forward to reading your updates. Love yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou! Cass x x x x x x x x x
13th April 2011

Hi there Mikey
Lovely blog!!! (Nan said Blob but what the hell...auntie Pat typing here:) ) Enjoyed reading it very much..watch your toes and the dogs!!! Looking forward to seeing your photos when you sort it out. You write a good letter and made me laugh. Lots of love and kisses, Nan...Look after yourself and keep up the blogging xxxxx
6th April 2011

nice to read
Hey Frankie boy ....lovely to read your musings!!! keep itup.xx
5th April 2011

from me
"bequest" should say "behest" - sorry!
5th April 2011

love you lil bro
LLLLLLLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEE you! Stay safe lil bro and keep on with the writing xxxxxxxx
23rd March 2011

Good to hear you've settled in a bit - and that you have already managed to get lost at least once. Nice work. Get some photos up too, especially of the hot chicas. ;-)
20th March 2011

Love reading it. Fantastic. Have a great trip.
17th March 2011

you are a legend in the making - keep the blog going, it stops me worrying and makes me laugh!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
17th March 2011

Good to hear you arrived safely sounds like you are having a good time but try to avoid bathrooms while you are there, although it was very funny!!! Looking forward to your next blog
15th March 2011

Funny stuff cuz! Can't wait to read the next one:)
14th March 2011

Well in Bruv
I, quite literally, lol'd. Techno Viking likes this.
14th March 2011

Oh my god I haven't laughed so hard in a very long time. Love you little bro. Keep having fun it sounds amazing so far x x x

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