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DAY 12-13 Los Angeles After a two hours drive from Mojave I made LA on Saturday. It was supposed to take me less than that but the traffic getting into LA is crazy. It’s like an amalgamate of motorways and exits and roads, and if it wasn’t for the tomtom I really would have struggle to find the place. Anyway, for my 2 days in LA I chose to stay in a private apartment using airbnb. basically allows people to rent their house or a room in their place. They put a price and you basically rely on the reviews of people who have stayed there before. It’s not necessarily cheaper than a hotel or a motel but it allows you to interact with the host and sometimes to stay in a real neighbourhood where ... read more
Venice Beach
Downtown LA

DAY 11 I got up at 8 30 and packed my stuff ready to leave Vegas. Checked out through the tv system which allows you to skip the long checking out queue in the lobby and got a taxi for $13 to Dollar rent a car where I had to wait an hour as they guy in the front office spent 45 minutes sorting two British couples who had messed up their reservation. Finally I got my car, I just went for the cheapest 5 door car this time because I wasn’t planning to drive a lot really, so I got a claret Nissan Versa. Not a very appealing car but does the job. I put the Death Valley address in my tomtom and set off towards the Death Valley. As soon as you get out ... read more
Zabriskies Point
Badwater Basin
Artists Drive

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas July 20th 2011

DAYS 8, 9 and 10 Las Vegas Henar and Ozy dropped me at San Francisco airport and after saying goodbyes I started the part of the trip when I am going to be on my own. The checking in was extremely smooth and the flight to Vegas with Virgin America too. The plane was brand new and you can buy your meals or drinks through the in-flight entertainment system which is quite handy. Also there is a inflight chat which was quite funny as someone from a few rows behind me started chatting to me. Never found out who she was! San Francisco domestic terminal was also very nice, quite small but modern and with FREE internet provided. Anyway, I landed in Vegas after 1h and 40 minutes flight and proceed through security and to get ... read more

North America » United States » California July 18th 2011

The last day in San Francisco was the quietest one in terms of things done. The truth is that we were all quite tired as we had done lots over the last few days. We had to get up really early as our only chance to get some tickets for Alcatraz was to get there before 8 and see if there were any cancellations. So we got up at about 6:30, got showered and dressed and caught the SF cable car from just in front of our hotel. The cable car is fun although quite expensive, $6 one way. It gets extremely busy with queues of up to 1 hour or more so my advice is to get there very early in the morning, we didn’t have to queue at all, or late in the evening. ... read more
Henar and Ozie. Alcatraz
Golden Gate Bridge
Lombard St

North America » United States » California July 17th 2011

DAY 6 Well the day after a long night out it’s always hard, moreover after 6 days of early wake ups, non-stop sightseeing, driving and walking, so yes we did struggle a lot in the morning. In fact, I’ve had this sore throat for a few days and I felt really really rough in the morning. My throat was hurting a lot so I decided to take it easy and sleep in. Henar and Ozy went out for a morning of shopping and I stayed in bed until 1ish. It did help as I felt much better after a good sleep. I had a shower and got ready to go out again when Henar and Ozy return to the hotel. We decided to go to see the gay neighbourhood of Castro and we took the metro ... read more
With Henar in Castro
Intersection of Haight and Ashbury
Our Japanese meal.

North America » United States » California July 16th 2011

DAY 5 After a good night sleep at the Comfort Inn in Oakland we woke up to get ready for San Francisco. I had a quick run in the gym at the hotel and after a decent complimentary breakfast we set off for San Francisco. We had planned to go to the Muir Woods first a natural reserve north of the Bay, with superb sequoias. The weather was awful, foggy and rainy but again it was worth it. The trees are amazing and the whole place is an oasis of peace and tranquillity. The trails are also very easy and accessible. After an hour and a half we set off towards Sausalito, a charming town opposite San Francisco Bay. We went for a little walk and had a hot chocolate in one of the coffee shops ... read more
California day 5 036
California day 5 077
California day 5 045

North America » United States » California July 15th 2011

Day 4 I got up at 7am and went for my morning run. Decided to go to my left which was a mistake as after a few hundred yards the road turned into a steep hill which I really struggled to run so I decided to turn around after 1.5 k and ran downhill instead. Anyway, whatever goes down…goes up so I had to run uphill again on my way back. I still managed a 4.8k although I must admit I struggled a lot. At about 9am we drove through Tioga Pass, by the east entrance of Yosemite national Park and made our way up and down the Yosemite Valley. Needless to say it is amazing. The views from the different viewpoints along the road are stunning. The Tuolumne meadows, the Tenaya Lake were incredible. We ... read more
Bridevail fall
El Capitan

North America » United States » Texas July 14th 2011

DAY 16-17-18 San Antonio – Bandera - Austin I arrived at San Antonio’s airport at about 10ish after a 2.40 hours flight in a very small plane, just of about 50 seats. Collected my bag and went to the Alamo rent-a-car office at the airport where they sorted out my car rental in a very speedy and efficient way. Then I got the shuttle bus from outside for a 5 minutes ride to the car depot where I could pick my car. As I had a full size car, I had 3 option, a Chevy Malibu, a Nissan Almera or a Toyota Corolla. I thought that since I was going to be driving from San Antonio all the way to Chicago, I’d need a good car, not that much for the room but for the power ... read more
San Antonio's Riverwalk
San Antonio's downtown
Texas Capitol

North America » United States » California July 14th 2011

DAY 3 I got up at about 7 but Henar and Ozy were still sleeping so stayed in bed a bit longer as I didn’t fancy going for a run this morning. Had a shower and waited for the couple to wake up before starting packing up getting ready for the day at Yosemite and Bodie ghost town. We set off at about 9 and made our way towards the Park. As we are staying at June Lake tonight we are planning to spend two days in the area, one visiting Bodie ghost town and Mono lake and the other day visiting Yosemite. Instead of going into Yosemite the way most people go, we decided to go by the Sonora Pass through the 108 instead of the 120 and man, we got it right. As you ... read more
Sonora Pass
California day 3 056
Sierra Nevada

North America » United States » California July 13th 2011

DAY 2 I got up about 7:45 and despite feeling quite tired I went for another fun. Ran 5k along Cambria main street from east to west. Saw quite a few interesting eateries in the west part of the village and a typical old American dinner caught my eye so I mentioned to Henar and Ozy when I got back and we decided to go there to have breakfast. It was a very cool dinner very popular amongst the locals. Since pancakes seemed to be everywhere in the menu I decided to have the Pine tree special which consisted of 2 pancakes, two strips of bacon or sausages and eggs. I decided to go for the bacon and scrambled eggs. They were massive and I really struggled to finished the second one but I did thinking ... read more
Cambria dinner
At Piedra Blanca beach
Big Sur

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